Print is Proof: Newspapers highlight the power of integrity in joint campaign

In the light of the controversies rocking the TV news industry, bigwigs Times of India, Hindustan Times & Dainik Bhaskar launched a campaign highlighting why print is all about unbiased perspectives

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Published: Oct 23, 2020 8:06 AM  | 3 min read
Print is Proof

After a gruelling week of debates and discussions on rigged ratings and toxic content, print biggies -- The Times of India, Hindustan Times and Dainik Bhaskar -- ran a campaign taking a dig at TV news. 

In a fresh initiative of ‘Print is Proof’ campaign under the header of ‘News to inform not to entertain’,  the newspapers sent out a strong message through their publications earlier this week. 

The note on the campaign read: "We’re committed to creating an informed society. It in involves presenting verified facts, well-researched data and unbiased perspectives. We think they’re enough to draw your attention to stories that really matter. No clickbait-esque headlines. No sensationalism. No dramatic anchoring. No name-calling. No number ringing. Because we’re fully aware of what you expect from your news source: integrity."

Talking about the campaign, Kaacon Sethi, Chief Corporate Marketing Officer at DB Corp Ltd., said, “Print is Proof is a Dainik Bhaskar Group initiative and Dainik Bhaskar Group has always had the participation from all the leading publishers in the country. This round too is going countrywide with all editions of TOI, HT and Dainik Bhaskar Group.  Dainik Jagran has also joined as a participant now.  So the initiative continues to grow as more publishers join in.”  

“In today’s environment, more than ever, along with the performance of ROIs, trust and credibility of a medium is of utmost importance. We must remember that medium is the message. Advertising messages placed in a medium which is trusted by its consumers have a positive impact when received in a trusted medium. The Print is Proof initiative, has across its campaigns, supported by the leading publishers of India, highlighted how Print continues to lead on credibility index. Our entire work process and ethos is geared to provide credible news and information to our readers. Our mission is to create an informed society so we take integrity very seriously,” she added.  

Reiterating Sethi’s perspective, Sanjeev Bhargava, Director – TOI & TIMS Brands, Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd., said, “In addition to the proliferation of fake news on social media, the latest developments around TRP and sensationalism created are serious threats to the credibility of the 4th estate itself. News media should be committed to creating an informed society while maintaining its integrity. And that’s what newspapers do every day – we present researched data, verified facts and unbiased perspectives, straight up, as our readers expect it. And as an industry, “Print is Proof” campaign reaffirms our commitment to our readers. 

 In the last phase of the campaign, the newspapers targeted digital media by highlighting the importance of the printed word.

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