Patrika launches hyper-local editions in Bhopal and Indore

Patrika has launched hyper-local editions in Bhopal and Indore cities on 15 January, 2011.

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Updated: Jan 19, 2011 9:46 AM
Patrika launches hyper-local editions in Bhopal and Indore

Patrika has launched hyper-local editions in Bhopal and Indore cities on 15 January, 2011. Apart from strengthening its reader base in these two major cities of the state, with these hyper-local editions, Patrika is also targeting local advertisers. For old and new part of these cities, the newspaper is divided into two parts – Golden and Metro editions.

Speaking on the content strategy for the divided editions, Bhuvnesh Jain, Editor, Patrika Group, stated, “We took this step to raise the local issues of old and new parts of both the cities. The issues related to civic amenities, law and order, education, municipal works, general administration etc, in both these two sections of the cities are very distinct. The Golden Bhopal and Golden Indore sections of the newspaper are dedicated to the older parts of the cities, the Metro Bhopal and Metro Indore editions of the newspaper, on the other hand, are exclusively for the newer, modern areas.”

He further added that although, the Golden and Metro editions in both these cities will focus predominantly on the areas they cover yet, a judicious mix of the news from all over the town will also be maintained so that the readers in both the parts of the cities are aware of the major happenings of the day.

Meanwhile, speaking on the changing pattern of the advertising with the introduction of hyper-local editions, Arvind Kalia, National Marketing Head, Patrika Group, remarked, “With the Bhopal and the Indore editions now appearing in their new ‘Golden and Metro’ avatars, we will also witness a significant change in the advertising patterns of both the old as well as the newer parts of these cities. By introducing this advertising split, we have facilitated localised as well as community reach of the advertisers and at the same time on the part of the readers, much necessary updates of the neighborhood are available to them. Thus, we are enhancing the 'connect' factor.”

Kalia also remarked that such changes at the micro level bear a huge impact on the overall advertising trends of the city. “The positive results of the same are already getting evident to us,” noted he.

Though the old and new parts of the cities have distinct lifestyles and consumption habits, there were various other factors too which have provided Patrika with the base to come out with two separate and exclusive sections of the newspaper in the form of Golden Bhopal/Indore and Metro Bhopal/Indore.

The old parts of the cities have their own set of issues and problems that need a representation before the administration and the government bodies. The modernised parts of these cities on the other hand have their own stories and highlights which need an exclusive medium to get communicated. The civic and the corporate system of the cities too have exclusive area centric issues. Golden and Metro sections of Patrika in Bhopal and Indore is aiming to voice, campaign and seek resolution of such issues by communicating the problems of a particular ward or locality. 

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