I want to be careful about ‘engagement’: Shashi Sinha

Quantitative analysis should be considered an important aspect to attract media planners & advertisers, says Lodestar UM’s Shashi Sinha

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Updated: Jul 11, 2012 7:17 PM
I want to be careful about ‘engagement’: Shashi Sinha

“I am a great believer of the print medium and magazines, but I want to caution you guys,” was the opening line of the presentation by Shashi Sinha, CEO, Lodestar UM, at the presentation of the AIM Engagement Survey on July 9, 2012 in Mumbai.

The presentation was primarily held for the media and advertising industry as well as for the clients to highlight the importance of investments on advertising in magazines and help them realise the importance of magazines as an important medium.

Stressing on the importance of the word ‘engagement’, Sinha remarked, “Though it’s a great endeavour, I want to be careful about the word ‘engagement’. All of us have varied engagement stories and it could very well mean various things to various people. Engagement could be considered content integration as well. But that’s not our purpose. The bread and butter of any magazine is advertising primarily.”

Elaborating on the same, Sinha explained how it is important to quantify numbers. A comparative analysis between two mediums such as newspapers and magazines in terms of ratio would help the media planners understand the importance of magazines in a much better manner. It is crucial to know how to present the numbers when one talks to the clients and media planners. It is not about engagement alone, since engagement could be of different things. “We should be more focussed on delivering numbers and connecting with people,” Sinha maintained.

He further said that sometimes the number of advertisements is varied in the magazines, but the crux of the matter is that there is a build-up of brand connect through this. Not only the qualitative aspect, but the quantitative analysis is also very important. There is a huge opportunity and a strong quantitative factor would help build a strong rationale for magazines.

Commenting on the importance of quantitative analysis, Tarun Rai, CEO, WWM, stated, “We aren’t shying away from measurement, but actually trying to obtain a representative sample which covers and captures the target readership. Multiplication factor comes from the recall engagement. Since you are giving undivided attention to the magazine the chances are that the communication Is better. We should work towards a currency which we can then use with media planners to say that this is what we believe in a quantitative way.”

Sinha concluded by saying that there is a lot of juice in advertising and this should be seen as a holistic form. “One needs to be aggressive in measurement and the numbers would certainly work for us,” he added.

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