Why your next buy should be a Wi-Fi enabled washing machine this Diwali?

Explore the many benefits of bringing home Miraie-enabled appliances by Panasonic

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Published: Oct 28, 2021 11:00 AM  | 4 min read
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Smart appliances incorporate modern technology to improve our lives in a better way. We have been using washing machines for decades, but with the launch of smart washing machines, the dilemma we are faced with is this – should we buy a ‘smart’ or ‘standard’ model washing machine? Here’s a blast from the past that will help you understand the difference between ‘smart and ‘standard’ - flashback to a 2010 when smart television were introduced or 2008 when smart phones changed our life. Could you have watched Netflix on your standard old television or used WhatsApp on your standard old phone?

So the key point of difference between ‘standard’ and ‘smart’ is Wi-Fi connectivity and this one quality makes way for a world of difference, ease and comfort.

Imagine this- you are in a hurry to head out, and forget to start the wash cycle, having a sensible washer like Panasonic’s wi-fi-enabled washing machine allows you to begin your laundry remotely via the smartphone app. You'll even be able to track the progress of the wash from your phone and receive a notification when your laundry is done.

There are many other benefits of bringing home Miraie-enabled appliances by Panasonic, like washing machines, Televisions, air conditioners, etc.:

  • Comfortable: One click and your job is done
  • Convenient: Works across all your Panasonic appliances and switches
  • Connected: Very Hands off, stay up to date with MirAIe 

Key features of a Wi-Fi enabled washing machine:

  • Remote Wi-Fi Controlling & Automation Program choice

The washing machine can be remotely controlled by the smartphone app or even voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant. The MirAIe application also helps a user to set a delayed start of wash cycle and also has features like Time remaining to start wash, Cancel, Start Now, Change delayed time to earlier / later and many more. It also helps to create multiple custom programs and mark multiple programs as favorites.

  • Wash Wizard

The smart washer senses and suggests wash programs according to type of fabric, weather, dirt level, etc. No matter how dirty your clothes are, the washing machine will recommend an appropriate wash program. It’s not just your assistant but also your advisor!


  • Preset Wash Programs

The user has the luxury to choose from an array of 16 kinds of wash specialty settings that have been tailored for different kinds of fabrics, from gentle infant wear, to synthetics, to denims.

  • Remote Diagnostics

The Miraie-enabled Panasonic washing machine can self diagnose issues and help you with troubleshooting options via the app. The standard service method is old-fashioned and cumbersome. Without remote diagnostics, appliance repair would be a two-part method. First, you've got to schedule an appointment, trust your electrician to properly diagnose the problem, and then hope that the technician can fix the matter. A wi-fi enabled washing machine can help you book service appointments with a tap.

  • Remote Activation

Remote activation is the new “delay start” option through which you will be able to place your garments in and set the washer to start before your evening commute such that they are freshly cleaned when you get home.

  • Cycle Customization & Zero- Hassel Wash

With sensible laundry, you'll be able to transfer cycles and tailor them to your exact and specific needs. Now a days, washers come with “load sensing” which means that the AI can assess the clothes and adjusts the washer movement accordingly. Another advantage of MirAie’s smart sensing is that you can just add clothes any time in between a wash cycle. So if you remember an item after you’ve started the wash, just pause and pop it in and the AI will reconfigure the settings accordingly.

  • Auto-dosing, Capacity & Use of Energy

Smart washing machines have a sensible feature called auto-dosing. It weighs the load and adjusts the quantity of detergent suitably. Laundry machines are typically associated with a capability of 6kg to 18kg. Smart washers are able to sense the burden of the laundry and use the right quantity of water and energy. This prevents wastage of detergent and water, resulting in cost savings.

  • Health & Safety

Not only does the washer regulated temperature in order to remove the stains, oil, sebum completely but the built-In heater also sanitizes clothes by eliminating germs with a 99.99% accuracy. As for dirt, no manner of dirt can escape from The Active Foam System.  This expert dirt removal technology creates fine, high-density foam before the washing cycle starts. As the foam washes away, it takes the fine and stubborn dirt with it. 

So now that you understand the perks of owning a smart or wi-fi enabled washing machine, can you even imagine going back to the troubles and headache of your older ‘standard’ appliances? 

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