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Guest Column: Leenet Satish, Digital Media Strategist at Jio, shares her top 3 picks from 2019's digital media trends for festive advertising

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Updated: Jan 2, 2020 4:15 PM


Leenet Satish, Digital Media Strategist at Jio

Festival season generated the highest media spends especially for retail and e-commerce businesses. This trend is in line with the consumer’s spirit of shopping during the season. More than 89 per cent of the people are willing to spend higher on shopping as per the Festive Shopping Index 2019 survey done by Retailers Association of India and LitmusWorld.

The consumer preference to shop apparels and electronics has gone up in 2019. Also, the most influential advertising media platform for consumers this year have been online and social media platforms.

Like the previous year media trends, more than 40% of the annual advertising spends is invested in this season alone.

With so much happening coupled with high investments, one can easily identify top performing and popular media approaches done this season.

I have put together my top 3 picks for the 2019 digital media trends for festive advertising. (These trends are picked basis the unique and fresh opportunities they provide marketers during the festival season.)

Multi-creative Advertisement Format: In 2019, campaigns during the festive season were ruled by ads using group of images or videos on social and Google platforms in order to let the brands share their festive stories and product specials with its audiences. Through use of the newly available patterns of ad templates, advertisers rolled out their festive communication to deliver different objectives of awareness and sales based on the ad pattern they choose. Not only this, it also gives the advertiser the opportunity to custom target the ads basis the devices the ad was shown on. There are ads with mobile optimised experience allowing engaging viewers to instantly experience the brand story and product catalogues without visiting the brand website or app. The most amazing highlight of this format is its ability to showcase different patterns and creative to viewers based on their most likely response. Thanks to machine learning, optimisation of ads on digital is on a real time, with razor sharp targeting and presentation of the right brand creatives to the right audience instantly. These ads, with this optimisation feature are now available on social platforms FB, Instagram, Google and also on YouTube with the brand product feed.

Few examples of these ads are given below:

Source: Facebook

Source YouTube (Product feed Ads on YouTube)
Courtesy: Google

Content Marketing by publishers: For advertisers many new contents for discoverability and product stories have been delivered via publisher marketing. While this format of marketing is not new, what is unique this time was the fresh approach in which it was done. Publishers create new content from the existing assets adding their ideas to the brand stories or they have repurposed the assets given to create a new and engaging content. Other than the regular post, sponsored article, videos, publishers now create new formats of trending assets like the SWIPE-UP stories in the form of GIFs and vertical videos for the advertisers. These are shared with the publisher network of viewers and followers. These assets can be created to generate KPIs such as awareness, views, engagement, registration, or to purchase products. One such example of Inst Story given below: 

Platform: Instagram (Stories)
Courtesy: Vogue Paris

Marketers setting multiple KPIs from same campaign: Festive ads on digital are no longer optimising a campaign for one objective.

With many new social and digital engaging ad format, easily available campaign performance tracking tools and instant analytics insight has led marketers to plan multiple objectives from the same campaign.

This festive season it was noticed multiple kind of different objectives were set for the same campaign.

Festive season comes with the high expectation of delivering multiple objectives of new reach, impact and conversions at the lowest cost and all at the same time. This approach of setting well-planned multiple KPI for the festive goal let the brand reap the benefits of holistic advertising to their new and existing consumers.

With digital marketers clearly knowing the strengths of each platforms and ad formats, they have easily with the guidance of planners able to segment them in the right category of objectives. Objectives varied from reach, impact, awareness, discoverability, sessions, new users, leads or conversions.

All of these were planned for a single campaign.

Now that we head another decade, I expect complex yet engaging strategies to unfold.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not in any way represent the views of exchange4media.com

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