We want people to be part of a good change through Jaago Re: Rishi Chadha, Head Marketing, Tata Tea Global Beverages

Chadha on why Tata Tea is heavily focussed on relevant social issues

e4m by Dolly Mahayan
Updated: Jul 14, 2017 8:46 AM

Rishi Chadha, Head Marketing of Tata Tea Global Beverages, was present as the jury member at exchange4media’s Pitch Top 50 Brands.  He talks about why Tata Tea is heavily focussed on relevant social issues thereby making a strong presence in people’s minds. Edited excerpts:


Why has Tata Tea taken the route of social issues for its campaign?


The answer goes back to when we started the Jaago Re Campaign in 2007. It’s not an instant approach which we are working on.  We realised everybody in the tea category was promoting their product in a very normal manner.


However, we actually believe that tea has much bigger role in people’s life and we tried to connect people over this premise. In the last couple of years Tata Tea brought about social awakening among people through the Jaago Re Campaign, that too through issues that are very important to the country whether it is about women empowerment, encouraging the youth to vote or even corruption.


Is it an important aspect of marketing strategy- to bring social issues to the forefront?


It’s a Brand Strategy that we are doing as a company. It is not a CSR Campaign. We believe Tata Tea is a leading tea brand in the country and being the leader, it is our responsibility to also talk about larger social issues and awaken people rather than just letting things remain as they are.


It has been 10 years that Tata Tea is working on ‘Jaago Re’, any plans to expand it?


Yes, absolutely, it is a long term campaign and a property that we have created and built with people. Hence, we will continue to make it relevant and keep reaching out to people in newer ways. We don’t want ‘Jaago Re’ to only be a message through a communication in the form of TVC or print ad. We want people to adapt and be part of a good change.


A couple of weeks ago, Tata Tea launched the ‘Jaago Re 2.0’ campaign and aims to reach 1 miilion pre-activists. How will your team manage to reach out to such a large audience?


We are looking at two important issues which people can actually facilitate change through Phase 2 of ‘Jaago Re-’ one is women’s safety and the another is sports encouragement. 

We will reach primarily through the digital medium because it has a large footprint in reaching out to people through our websites and other social media channels. Secondly, we are conducting ground level outreach and travelling to other cities as well to seek support from people and we are also reaching out through a partnership that we have with one of the leading channels, who will help us in spreading the message.


How Tata Tea ads different from its competitors?


I think Tata Tea is different from its competitors as we provide the best quality to our customers and somehow we are emotionally connected to our customers with the Jaago Re Campaign. So we can say that Tata Tea is in the customer’s heart.


There are many tea brands in the market. How does Tata Tea tackle competition?


We have a very strong distribution network in the market to reach out to consumers and ensure our availability across the country and that’s how we compete and very effectively at that.


What are the typical challenges you face in reaching out to customers?


I think every brand or business market has its own challenges and as a company we believe that a brand should be consumer-centric and focus on consumer needs and therefore offer great products and services to its customers.  Having said that, we have very effectively been able to deal with the challenges that are present in the market place.


How much do TV and digital feature in your ad spends?


I would refrain from sharing specific numbers. TV has a very different role, it is mass media, and larger set of people use TV while digital is a rapidly growing medium and our investments in digital has significantly increased over the past few years. We believe that a right balance is required between TV and Digital.

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