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Fujifilm MD Haruto Iwata & Public Relations & CSR Lead Tribuhuwan Joshi, share valuable insights around brand's new innovations, upcoming initiatives, marketing strategy & more

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Updated: May 6, 2021 10:42 AM
Haruto Iwata & Tribuhuwan Joshi

With people confined to their homes, on account of the ongoing pandemic, content creation in India has witnessed a boom last year, therefore, creating demand for advanced technology and innovative camera gear.  On the other hand, even in the healthcare sector, there is a constant demand for medical imaging solutions that are high in resolution and magnification. Fujifilm India has stepped up to provide these sectors with the necessary solutions with the launch of imaging all-rounders GFX 100S, X-E4 and innovations in DSLRs and instant cameras. According to Haruto Iwata, Managing Director, Fujifilm India, the brand is continuously creating new technological innovations that inspire customers everywhere. Along with Iwata, Tribhuwan Joshi, Lead - Brand Communication, PR & CSR, Fujifilm India also shared insights around the brands marketing initiative.

Talking about the new launches and tech innovations, Iwata said “With the launch of our top-of-the-class GFX 100s, X-E4 and our new line-up of Fujinon lenses, we want to deliver remarkable excellence in innovation in terms of producing images with incredible details, smooth gradations and accurate colours. For our Instant camera category, we are coming up with new and improved variants of Instax cameras and printers.” Iwata shared that Fujifilm has been working to deliver technology that is designed to make patients feel less intimidated by the prospect of an X-ray, and provides the feasibility of being used from the comfort of one’s home. Explaining the technology that will further enable this idea, he added “We expanded our medical technologies with two unique innovations i.e. the FDR Nano and the FDR Xair. These provide ease to healthcare professionals, with options for various movements such as intuitive arm handling, free spin and slide, virtual grid software decreases the image contrast resulting in high-resolution images, noise cancellation circuit, and energy saving.”

Fujifilm recently launched two campaigns named “Never Stop Innovating for a Healthier World’ and ‘Never stop Creating Memories’. Through these campaigns, Fujifilm aimed to create brand awareness and highlight how Fujifilm is creating impact through its medical and imaging solutions. Sharing the insights behind the campaign, Iwata elaborated “In line with our global campaign, through the first campaign we wanted to highlight our long-standing relationship with Indian consumers and our constant focus on revealing new technologies while cementing its position as a market disruptor. While serious diseases may seem to limit an individual’s capabilities, innovative new medical technologies can help empower people. The campaign on Creating Memories highlights the joy of making memories and spreads the message of being in the moment, capturing and creating shared experiences of culture, tribe, and belongingness.”

The brand has also collaborated with ace photographer Raghu Rai and will be coming out with a special edition on the Ajanta and Ellora. He said “With this association, we aim to marvel at the world of photography through the stalwart Raghu Rai’s eyes and the lenses of Fujifilm’s mirrorless camera. This amalgamation truly resonates with our shared goal of inspiring innovation, maintaining authenticity, and creating new values through the World Heritage Sites. This association will not only bring out the architecture and landscape of India but will also showcase our excellence in mirrorless cameras and powerful lenses. With Fujifilm GFX 100Ss camera and Rai’s intellect and intrinsic details, the contrast and mood of the sculptures that are hard to witness through naked eyes were brought to light. We collaborated to bring out the glory and splendour of the marvelous magnificent Ajanta Ellora caves.”

Focus On Offering Healthcare Solutions

India is among the best-performing regions for Fujifilm, and the company’s primary focus is on offering healthcare solutions through AI and IoT. The medical imaging technology business forms the company’s core growth driver in the country, contributing more than 60% to its overall business. Commenting on how Covid-19 affected Fujifilm’s journey in India, Iwata shared “Fujifilm has been reimagining its imaging offerings and businesses to provide the best products and services for the fastest growing Indian market. There has been an enormous impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on brands across all industries. A drop in consumer confidence, restricted mobility, and loss of jobs has caused a recession, like the situation with subsiding consumerism. At Fujifilm, we have endeavoured to ‘NEVER STOP’ enhancing the lives of our customers by providing the best products and services in the imaging space.” Apart from these lucrative steps to minimise the impact of Covid-19, the brand has also been continuously initiating health check-ups across cities, especially in remote areas, and introduced various online workshops to help customers utilize their time and give the brand a chance to forge an instant connection with them.

According to Iwata, rebirth and innovation—the story of instant success is an example of how Fujifilm fulfils its mission of protecting and advancing photographic culture. Commenting on the impact of the booming content creation in the country on Fujifilm’s business, Iwata added “Photographers in India are experiencing dramatic growth in their market with the advent of DSLRs, mirrorless and Instant cameras. The market has grown exponentially with the proliferation of mobile apps and printing technology. This growing shift in consumers is bringing newer forms of capturing moments and cherishing them in a more creative and personalized way. Leveraging this opportunity to the fullest, Fujifilm India has witnessed double-digit growth each year and will continue with the same momentum this year.”

Sharing insights on how Fujifilm endeavours to leverage different mediums to reach out to the consumers, Iwata added “We have focused on building a robust online as-well-as traditional approach to reach out to our customers. We follow a 360-degree approach for our campaigns and the spending and budget for each campaign depends on multiple factors such as the audience, message that we want to put across, and more. Hence, our budgets differ from campaign to campaign and the approach adopted.” 

Shedding more light on how the brand’s marketing strategy has evolved after the pandemic, Joshi shared some learnings from 2020 and added “The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, shop, and communicate with individuals more than any other disruption. With a push towards a digital world during the pandemic, it has resulted in making the human connection even stronger. Understanding this important aspect of building human connections, empathy is the new aspect that every brand is working on. The brands are listening to their communities, customers, partners, and employees. At Fujifilm, as a customer-first company, we have been adapting to the ever-evolving behaviour of the ‘new normal’ consumer. We are persistently curious as a brand and committed to creating change by offering innovative products and solutions for a sustainable society.”

Further sharing the core of the brands marketing strategy, Joshi added “Covid-19 has led to a paradigm shift in consumer behaviour. While some of these changes are temporary, some will be permanent like adopting a digital approach in all our communications. We have been organising various virtual training workshops both internally & externally and staying connected with our consumers through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We will continue to focus on leveraging our advanced and unique technologies like AI and IOT to create valuable innovations and contribute to solving real-world challenges.”

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