We are focused on providing a seamless digital journey: Ankur Kansal, Jaguar Land Rover

Kansal, Brand Director, Jaguar Land Rover India, spoke about ‘The Above & Beyond Tour’, how Land Rover uses experience to communicate its brand story and driving strategic brand objectives

Misbaah Mansuri 18-October-2018


Land Rover recently completed its 70th anniversary globally. Throughout its journey in India, the brand has gained quite a following in the country and is only stepping up its game, as we go foward. At the helm of the brand's growth is Ankur Kansal, Brand Director, Jaguar Land Rover India who chatted with exchange4media on ‘The Above & Beyond Tour’, how Land Rover uses experience to communicate its brand story, driving strategic brand objectives and how it leverages CRM system, social media channels, and digital targeting. 

Edited excerpts below: 

What was the starting point of ‘The Above & Beyond Tour’ and why is it of the essence?

‘The Above & Beyond Tour’ is a series of drive experience events that are organised with Land Rover vehicles and allow customers to test the true capability of the vehicles under challenging off-road conditions. As such, these events allow us to bring the brand closer to our customers. For any brand to have a sustainable future it is important to build trust and credibility and we do this by delivering the experience events in a safe, authentic, relevant and engaging manner. This also helps us in differentiating the Land Rover experiences. Further, the experience is highly engaging as the customers actually get to drive the Land Rover vehicles over the chosen terrain, while the Land Rover Experience Instructor only guides the customer.

The most important factor, however, is relevance. Given, the road conditions one encounters in India on a day-to-day basis and the unpredictable weather systems that may result in water-logged city roads, ‘The Above & Beyond Tour’ demonstrates the capability of Land Rover that lends itself perfectly to overcome these challenges. The first such drive experience event was conducted in India in 2013. When we started in 2013, of course, it was limited to a few events in the top cities in India. Since then, we have expanded the reach of ’The Above & Beyond Tour’ to Tier II and III cities across a variety of formats. We have smaller formats that we use via mobile terrapods, training programs where customers get to drive several models of Land Rover and then we have international expeditions. The main objective is to maximise reach and take our brand as close as possible to the customers.

How does it impact the brand funnel?

‘The Above & Beyond Tour’ has the potential to positively impact the entire brand funnel i.e. from creating awareness, building brand appeal to driving consideration. As such, to check the effectiveness of our experience events, we not only seek to measure the sales conversions but also measure impact on the brand, and we are convinced that ‘The Above & Beyond Tour’ has effectively conveyed the Land Rover brand story to our customers, thus providing a positive impetus to the brand. To further maximise the impact from these events, we curate content and leverage it across social media platforms, thereby extending our reach to a larger set of customers. As highlighted earlier, we closely monitor inquiries and customer feedback that we receive post the events as well.

Is there any activity specifically to promote‘The Above & Beyond Tour’ and ‘The Art Of Performance Tour’?

We rely on our CRM system, social media channels, and digital targeting to promote our events. Further, we leverage our strong network of retailers, who have built strong and engaging relationships with our current and potential customers. On-ground amplification via PR and social media is also deployed to popularize and maximize the reach of our experiential events.

In terms of prominence, which of the two mediums holds more importance for Jaguar Land Rover – television or digital?

The choice entirely depends upon the objective of the campaign e.g. at the launch of a new product, driving awareness might be the objective and hence use of television, if done appropriately, will help meet the objective. However, in case the objective is to build immediate demand, then certain targeted digital actions will provide a more cost-effective solution. Having said this, the relevance of Social Media channels must be acknowledged, regardless of the objective of the campaign, even though the social media channels lend themselves better to driving strategic brand objectives rather than tactical ones. Overall, the media mix will depend upon the objective of the campaign and of course the available budget.

 What distinguishes brand Land Rover from its competitors?

Land Rover is known for its ‘go anywhere’ spirit – designing iconic vehicles with genuine capability and composure at their heart.

What is your digital marketing strategy?

For us, digital and social media are very significant; we are focusing on providing a seamless digital journey, from the discovery of our brands and products to booking vehicles online. As such SEM, SEO, programmatic targeting, etc. are part of our digital strategy and we have a well-defined action plan for each of these. We also have extremely engaging online booking platforms, findmeacar.in for Jaguar and findmeasuv.in for Land Rover, which may be used to search and book, a Jaguar or a Land Rover vehicle of choice. Further, you would have seen our latest campaigns on social media, ‘Discovery with a Purpose’ and ‘Land of Land Rovers’. Such content is extremely effective in delivering the relevant brand stories and we do intend to continue our focus on this aspect.

 What according to you are the challenges with operating in the luxury auto segment?

The size of the luxury auto segment in India is fairly small in comparison to the overall passenger vehicle market, and hence finding a luxury customer is like finding a needle in a haystack – extremely challenging. Besides the media landscape, relevant to the luxury auto segment, is changing quite rapidly, especially in digital. And thus, it is imperative to keep the marketing plans dynamic and flexible. We are continuously seeking to create new brand touch points via digital and on-ground initiatives, evaluating them and then tweaking our plans for optimizing the output.

Unified digital communication is a big challenge, so how are you measuring your digital campaigns and their effectiveness?

In today’s cluttered media space, understanding the impact of any campaign or communication is extremely crucial. For any campaign to be successful, it is important to define the objective and success measures e.g. if the objective of a campaign is to achieve a particular sales number, then it is extremely pertinent, to look at sales conversions. However, if the objective is to drive awareness and familiarity, then we focus on parameters such as reach, website visitors, time-spent, etc. We have a very robust CRM system and complete integration of our CRM system with our digital channels. This enables us to track the impact of any campaign that we undertake.

 What would be the way forward in terms of the brand's marketing and communication plans?

We have campaigns planned to meet the various brand and sales objectives; specific details of these will be known as we activate these campaigns. At the moment, we have our festival season campaigns on and we do intend to continue focus on ‘The Above & Beyond Tour’. In terms of content, we have had success with ‘Discovery with a Purpose’ and ‘The Land of Land Rovers’ and are in the process of exploring new content opportunities along similar lines.

Misbaah reports on advertising industry. Based in Mumbai, she interviews industry leaders in the creative, advertising and marketing space, reports news updates in the ad space. She drives the ‘Chillout’ section, and regularly reviews ad campaigns. In the past she has reported on mainline news, travel and lifestyle.

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Daily Hunt to provide election coverage on Digital: Malika Kutub, Daily Hunt

At the DAN-e4m conference, Kutub, Director Sales, spoke about how the coverage would be transformed on the Daily Hunt app

exchange4media Staff 12 minutes ago

malika kutub

The third edition of the Dentsu Aegis Network-exchange4media Digital Advertising Conference unveiled the Digital Report at the Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai.  

At one of the speaker sessions held during the event, Malika Kutub, Director Sales, Daily Hunt, spoke about the company’s strategy for the upcoming elections and how the content aggregator app will transform the whole election coverage on Digital, for the first time in India. 

“We have always seen News Broadcasters doing special packaging and content before the elections, but this time audience will witness a seamless and personalized content on their smartphones,” Kutub said. 

In her opening remarks, Kutub said, “The faith of this general election will not be decided by those residing in the Metros. It is people coming from tier 2, 3 and 4 cities and rural India who will decide which party will come to power in 2019.” 

“At Daily Hunt our attempt is to ensure that the masses residing in across the length and breadth of the country make an informed decision. We will be reaching out to 50 per cent of the first-time voter base in India. Also, there is around 30 per cent second-time voter base in the country. So we are ensuring that this large user base knows about the parties, sources, agenda and so forth,” she explained. 

She stressed on two points: First what kind of content it will be providing to the users, and secondly, how it will be served to the users. 

Malika further added, “Live interactivity, Online & Offline sharing, original content across formats and AI-powered personalization are the five basic principles through which we will design the content. We will have a network of stringers across the 516 constituencies. The content will be live-streaming, immersive in nature and completely personalized. Consumers want 24x7 live video coverage of specific parties, leaders and constituencies, so they expect the platform to understand them and recommend relevant content.” 

“The youth are no longer satisfied with one-way speeches. We make sure to make it interactive in nature, where we have discussion forums as well. The entire experience is going to be non-linear. Users don’t want one-way communication. We made sure that we allow the users to choose the topic that they want to follow,” she added. 

Speaking about content transformation, she asserted, “Being an aggregator of content, we work with around 1,500 different partners. We have built an entire network, so users will have the option to pick and choose the source or party they want to follow. They consume information as far as elections news is concerned. We have ensured that all content, video channels and stringer network will be in 14 different languages.”

“A great combination of technology, product and content has come together and we’re extremely excited to cover the elections on Daily Hunt, ensuring that it is done in a personalized manner, which has never been done in India before,” she concluded.

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NEON Awards: Time to witness a huge transition in OOH: Stuart Taylor, Kinetic Worldwide

The ninth edition of NEONS Awards & OOH Conference 2019 will be held on March 8, 2019 in Gurugram with the theme 'Scope of innovation in order to transform OOH: Signs of Tomorrow'

exchange4media Staff 24 minutes ago

NEON awards

Last year, exchange4media celebrated the eighth edition of NEONS Awards for outdoor advertising and digital signage. OOH Conference and Awards was established in 2011 to reward excellence in outdoor media. The awards recognise exceptional work done in the OOH advertising and digital signage between January 2017 and December 2017.

One of the key note speaker was Stuart Taylor, CEO, Kinetic Worldwide. He underlined how the shift to Digital OOH has unleashed a new set of opportunities and challenges for the domain. He said, “We think digital is an opportunity as well as a challenge. Over the years digital has become the driving force of our industry but it is bringing bigger challenges too and overcoming those challenges will be the key to aim for a larger market share in the coming time.”

“If we look at UK, almost 50 per cent of ad spends are purely digital. This has created a digital mindset among clients, brand managers and agencies as they think digital first. Now we need to make a case of how outdoor can fit into that. So outdoor has to move to digital to survive. At the same time the complexity of the digital world is working against it rather than for it,” he added.

Citing the advantages of OOH that makes the medium a preferred choice for brand marketers, Taylor said, “The biggest factor that works for outdoor across markets is that it creates impact and is thus an unavoidable medium for marketers. Moreover, unlike other forms of advertising, it cannot be blocked and most importantly it’s not interruptive.” 

Underling that the outdoor industry is gearing up to become future ready by combining new technology with better insights, Taylor said, “Our mission is to bring creativity, insights, intelligence and technology to connect audiences out of home. Digital OOH has already become an integral part of the larger digital spends and there is need to bring more transparency into the industry. I also think it’s time to witness a huge transition and unprecedented change in the outdoor domain so that it can stay relevant in this age and time.”

Also, Kinetic India was the big winner of the night, gaining 7 Gold and 3 Silver medals for a total tally of 10 medals. 

That’s not all, we are coming back on March 8, 2019 in Gurugram with a theme -  Scope of innovation in order to transform OOH: Signs of Tomorrow'. So, watch this space for more updates on NEONS Awards 2019 - https://e4mevents.com/ooh-awards-2019/

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FunFoods unveils digital campaign #NothingLikeHomemade

Conceptualised and developed by Dr. Oetker and Publicis India, campaign aims at changing perception about home-made food

exchange4media Staff 18 hours ago


FunFoods by Dr. Oetker has launched a digital campaign #NothingLikeHomemade based on an everyday insight that children prefer ‘Bahar Ka Khana’ over ‘Ghar Ka Khana’. 

The video went live on FunFoods’ social media pages recently and has reached over 10 million people and been shared over 6,000 times. 

Conceptualised and developed by Dr. Oetker and Publicis India, the video is available for viewing on the brand’s Facebook page. 

On the encouraging response to the video, Devarshy R Ganguly, VP - Marketing, Dr. Oetker India said, “In the last ten years of being a helping hand to Indian women in the kitchen we have come across multiple challenges they face. One challenge that stood out through this time is that they struggle to make their children relish food prepared at home. As the leading brand in the category, we realized that mayonnaise plays a meaningful role as a versatile ingredient in households to help prepare tasty food with ease.” 

Amit Shankar, National Creative Director, Publicis Capital said: “Kids love eating food from outside. It’s a common problem that mothers face in India and across the world. In fact, it becomes deeply upsetting for mothers as they prepare food with such love and affection. They often experiment with new recipes but convincing their children is nearly impossible. So, to tackle this problem, we came up with a simple idea in partnership with FunFoods by Dr. Oetker and called it #NothingLikeHomemade. 

The idea was aimed at changing the perception about home-made food. It was done in a manner where in the end, children were positively surprised to see their mothers as chefs. This made our product the perfect choice for mothers and influenced kids to eat “Ghar Ka Khana”.

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Pond’s ‘Jhappi Van’ campaign based on social experiment that asks youth to hug loved ones

‘New set of digital films talk about different relationship dynamics’

exchange4media Staff 18 hours ago


Pond’s Cold Cream  has launced a new campign ‘Jhappi Van’. The social experiment conducted by Pond’s aims to nudge young people to go over and hug those they love. 

In Indian parlance, ‘jhappi’ means much more than a simple hug.  It’s the embrace and protection that only a loved one can provide. 

On the occasion of International Hugs Day celebrated every year on the January 21st, this campaign aims to remind us that nothing really compares to the warmth and love in a real hug.  Just the way Ponds Cold Cream provides skin with a nourishing and shielding hug against the harsh winter. 

Zenobia Pithawalla, Senior Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy Mumbai said, “'Pond's ki jhappi' embodies the warmth, love and care that Pond's Cold Cream gives to your skin. We decided what better way to build brand love, than by spreading the joy of a real hug. 

So, we came up with the Pond's Jhappi van. This 'hugs' van gave you the opportunity of returning the love and care you got from those who showered you with theirs. Bringing alive all the attributes and emotions that Pond's Cold Cream stands for.” 

Prabha Narasimhan, Vice President, Skincare and Colours, Hindustan Unilever Ltd. said: With the launch of #PondsKiJhappi in 2017, we were looking at ways to taking it forward and building on the same thought. Interesting consumer insights helped us understand that it’s relationships even beyond the mother-daughter bond (which is what we’ve shown in our TVC) that hold value when it comes to ‘care’ - which is what led to the idea of the ‘Pond’s Jhappi Van’. Our new set of digital films talk about different relationship dynamics and how a ‘jhappi’ is a great way to show that you love and care. 

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P&G’s Gillette unveils new campaign We Believe, sparks debate about gender

New Gillette men portrayed as a community that is concerned about who they are than what they can acquire

exchange4media Staff 19 hours ago


Procter & Gamble, the maker of Gillette, has come up with a new campaign "We Believe", challenging the image of masculinity as it was once promoted. 

The ad has sparked a debate about gender and cultural branding, and the power exercised by multinational corporations in shaping ideas about family and relationships. 

“Boys will be boys”? Isn’t it time we stopped excusing bad behavior? Re-think and take action by joining us at https://t.co/giHuGDEvlT. #TheBestMenCanBe pic.twitter.com/hhBL1XjFVo

- Gillette (@Gillette) January 14, 2019

"Bullying. The #MeToo movement. Toxic masculinity." The headlines resound as men - black and white, young and old - peer at themselves in the mirror. "Is this the best a man can get?" asks the narrator of the ad. The scenes that follow show the answer will be no and talks about "The Best Men Can Be". 

The new Gillette men have been portrayed as a community that is concerned more about who they are than about what they can acquire. 

However, in some adverse reaction, Piers Morgan, the TV presenter, criticised the ad saying, "This absurd virtue-signalling PC guff may drive me away to a company less eager to fuel the current pathetic global assault on masculinity.
I've used @Gillette razors my entire adult life but this absurd virtue-signalling PC guff may drive me away to a company less eager to fuel the current pathetic global assault on masculinity.

I've used @Gillette razors my entire adult life but this absurd virtue-signalling PC guff may drive me away to a company less eager to fuel the current pathetic global assault on masculinity.
Let boys be damn boys.
Let men be damn men. https://t.co/Hm66OD5lA4

The nearly two-minute spot has been created by New York-based agency Grey and directed by Kim Gehrig of Britain’s Somesuch. 

On Twitter, the video drew about 70,000 likes and 19,000 comments by early Tuesday. 

As per media reports, the video was accompanied by a pledge to donate $1 million per year to a non-profit organisation working in the US. 

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BIG FM’s #IAmNotSorry campaign aims to celebrate people who think differently

Celebrities like Ayushmann Khurrana, Nargis Fakri also share their #IAmNotSorry stories

exchange4media Staff 20 hours ago

Big FM

BIG FM has launched #IAmNotSorry campaign with the aim to encourage people who think differently. The campaign wants to help these people get acceptance by the society at large. 

With the onset of the New Year, BIG FM has embarked on a new journey of being an agent of positive change and promoting the idea of tuning into a new perspective among the listeners. The campaign revolves around the concept of breaking barriers and inspiring listeners with stories of individuals who are not afraid of making difficult choices. 

Speaking about the campaign, Manoj Lalwani, Chief Marketing Officer, Big FM said: "BIG FM has time and again reflected upon the important aspects concerning day-to-day lives. The '#IAmNotSorry' campaign is aimed at encouraging listeners to be forthcoming about their brazen choices and promoting an equal acceptance by the society. Radio is the only free to consume medium that is accessed by the masses and we intend to leverage our unparalleled reach to communicate with the audience and bring about a positive change through the campaign." 

The radio network throughout the duration of the campaign will air stories of people who have gone out of their way and stood by their decisions. An open letter format has been adopted where the network plays short yet meaningful messages about brave choices by an individual for a mass audience. The campaign within the few days of its launch has gained momentum on social media with BIG MJs, eminent personalities and Bollywood celebrities supporting the concept. 

The artists are sharing their real life 'I am not sorry' stories on social media platforms and inviting or challenging their friends from the industry to share more such stories. 

RJ Dilipp, RJ Nilanjan, RJ Guddi, RJ Rajiv and RJ Rafat have encouraged listener participation by sharing their unapologetic stories. The #IAMNOTSORRY videos of actor Ayushmann Khurrana for doing films around taboo topics, Nargis Fakri for her life choices, Sonu Sood for cleaning up his surrounding despite challenges have garnered a huge positive response from the on-air and digital audiences. 

Other celebrities who will be sharing their #IAMNOTSORRY includes actor Ali Fasal, singer Shankar Mahadevan, actor Sunny Leone, actor Richa Chadha and lyricist Prasoon Joshi. 

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Vivo Pro Kabbadi 6 league pushes forward with innovative brand collaborations

Over the 3 months of Vivo Pro Kabaddi, the matches provided a perfect platform for brands such as VIVO, Thums Up, Gillette, Tata Motors and Honda

exchange4media Staff 1 day ago


The Vivo Pro Kabaddi league in just a short duration of 6 seasons, has been pushing boundaries in creating brand collaborations and partnerships that resonate invaluable outputs for brands and the sport alike. This season, witnessed innovative integrations in comparison to run of the mill advertising. The scope for integrations during a live game are several and the league wanted to bank upon this opportunity to integrate brand solutions using live television as a medium to amplify brand promise.

Throughout the three months long season of Vivo Pro Kabaddi, the matches provided a perfect platform for brands such as VIVO, Thums Up, Gillette, Tata Motors and Honda, giving an opportunity to not only advertise but also integrate brand messaging into LIVE content to drive stronger impact. The fan favourite jumbotron (a graphic that appears on the screen) evolved this season to further drive the editorial narrative of the game, be it building the key battles to watch out in each match or driving hero performance traits. And, in a technological first, the jumbotron was used innovatively wherein the TVC was seamlessly integrated during the broadcast without taking a commercial break.

Furthermore, Thums Up, became a brand that integrated their brand proposition in gameplay verbiage during a high impact LIVE match moment. All Super Raids during the season were “Toofani Super Raids” – across all broadcast graphics, commentary and on-ground platforms, this gave the brand stronger recall for their messaging through the three months.

Honda wanted to build recall value for their corporate anthem, VIVO Pro Kabaddi League provided them an opportunity to build the anthem across 13 cities on-ground and on live television. The teams worked together to seamlessly to integrate the anthem in hero player stories during the Pre-Game Show. VIVO Pro Kabaddi League offered multiple options to create this recall as touchpoints where eventually a fan could connect with the anthem.

Brand Launches

For the first time, VIVO Pro Kabaddi was used as a platform to launch the new Honda X-Blade bike, this enabled the brand to reach out to their target audience. Apart from these innovations, Tata Motors and Dream 11 contextually built their association with the league by creating customized brand specific commercials leveraging well-known kabaddi players.

Gillette launched the new MACH3 START using VIVO Pro Kabaddi as a platform, with an interesting campaign, during the countdown to start the game, ‘On your mark start’ was replaced with ‘On your Mach Start’ this clearly highlighted brand messaging. Gillette after a long duration launched a new product in the market and bet on Kabaddi to reach a younger audience that the product was targeting.

Other innovation integrations included the Gabbar of Indian Cricket team, popularly known for his Kabaddi 'thigh-five' action and twirling of moustache during Cricket matches, starting a new trend for moustached men on the Kabaddi mat. Shikhar Dhawan shaved off his bearded look to keep his symbolic moustache with a clean-shaven face. His mooch look was an encouragement for VIVO Pro Kabaddi League top players as well and taking his love for the game higher, Shikhar attended a kabaddi match and posed with the players, sporting the moustached look.

Over the past few seasons, VIVO Pro Kabaddi League has provided the perfect platform for amplification of a brand promise both on-air and on-ground because of the nature of the sport. As the league continues to grow and is a platform for younger players to emerge, it is also turning out to be a platform where brands look at innovatively telling their story.

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ZEE5 unveils new #ShareTheLove campaign for Pakistan and Bangladesh markets

In collaboration with Publicis Capital, the campaign is themed around the similarities that we share with Pakistan and Bangladesh in terms of culture, food and entertainment

exchange4media Staff 1 day ago


Three months after its soft launch across 190+ countries, digital entertainment platform ZEE5 is now zooming in on specific priority markets. Close on the heels of the launch of its brand campaign Dil Se Desi in APAC, MENA and Africa targeting the Indian and South Asian diaspora, ZEE5 today rolled out a customized campaign, aptly titled ‘Share the Love’ for two important neighboring markets, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Exuding the same playfulness and pep as #DilSeDesi and crafted by ZEE5 with Publicis Capital, the campaign #ShareTheLove is themed around the similarities that we share with Pakistan and Bangladesh in terms of culture, food and of course entertainment. Bringing in a strong bouquet of content which resonates with audiences in these markets, including Hindi and Bengali original shows like Rangbaaz, Kaali and the upcoming Sharate Aaj, original movies like Aranyadeb and Tigers as well as digital premieres like Namaste England and Praktan; ZEE5 ‘shares the love’.

Amit Goenka, CEO, ZEE International and Z5 Global said, “Indian content, especially our TV shows, movies and music gets tremendous love across the globe, and especially so from the sub-continent due to the relatability. We are glad to announce our availability in Bangladesh and Pakistan vide our new campaign #ShareTheLove and we look forward to getting a tremendous response from these markets’.

“Good content transcends borders and especially so with Pakistan and Bangladesh where there is so much shared context of culture and language. This high energy TVC captures our innate similarities and showcases the content that we all love to watch, which is now available on ZEE5. With this message at its core, #ShareTheLove is sure to resonate beautifully with audiences in these markets.” adds Archana Anand, Chief Business Officer, ZEE5 Global

ZEE5 offers 1,00,000 hours of Indian Movies, TV Shows, Cine plays, Music, Videos and a slew of exclusive Originals, across 12 languages - English, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, Oriya, Bhojpuri, Gujarati and Punjabi. It also offers 60+ popular Live TV channels.

Bangladesh TVC

Pakistan TVC


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Tata Mumbai Marathon campaign revolves around motto of 'Be Better'

Campaign values inspiring stories of people from all walks of life

exchange4media Staff 1 day ago


The Tata Mumbai Marathon’s campaign revolves around the motto of inspiring people to 'Be Better'.

A better son, a better boss, a better Mumbaikar, and so much more. It is this sense of inspiration that brings back people year after year to this iconic event.

The #BeBetter ethos is not just a catchy line but is a core truth that has emerged from a robust research exercise conducted with Mumbaikars from different strata of society.

The Tata Mumbai Marathon 'Inspire to Be Better' campaign values the inspiring stories of people from all walks of life and recognizes those who inspired them to be better.

Given that Tata Mumbai Marathon is an event that appeals to people from all walks of life, the campaign is an integrated one, and will use print, radio, digital, and on-ground innovations to get people to thank the ones who inspire them. 

The campaign will feature real people and stories of real inspiration. Kick-starting this campaign is a letter from the Event Ambassador, MC Mary Kom to her husband, Onler Karong, thanking him for the inspiration he has been to her. The other two inspiration stories are about Meera Mehta, one of our young fund-raisers and one of the first ones to raise funds at TMM. There is also Krishna Prakash IPS, super cop, avid runner, and the first Indian Civil Servant to complete the gruelling Ultraman World Championships.

As a closure to the print campaign, the event is running a contest and requesting individuals to share their inspirational stories and one story will be featured in The Times of India Front Page Ad.

Vivek B Singh, Joint Managing Director, Procam International said: “We are proud to launch the innovative 'Inspire to be Better' campaign, leading up to the 16th edition of the prestigious Tata Mumbai Marathon. While a record number of runners participate on Race Day to gain glory, there are millions more who are part of the event in various avatars. This campaign will evoke a sense of pride amongst all those who have in their own unique way inspired to be better.”

Chitresh Sinha, CEO, Chlorophyll Innovation Lab, said: “Given the turbulent times we live in today, the world needs positivity more than ever before. Given the inspirational role that Tata Mumbai Marathon plays in people’s lives, we focused on bringing alive this spirit in a totally unique way. We believe that gratitude is a great tool for inspiration itself. Rather than focus on the brand, we have focused on the people of Mumbai and have created a unique platform for them to thank the ones who inspire them.”

In addition to the campaign, the #BeBetter gratitude ground activation will also be conducted simultaneously in various offices, city spots, running community and the event expo.

For our digital platforms, there is a #BeBetter Microsite on the Tata Mumbai Marathon website that will help us showcase stories on the page and it will also have an application that will enable people to send thank you notes digitally, to people who have inspired them to be better.


This will be driven by a sustained push on social media to encourage people to talk about their inspiration. The email id that people can send their inspiration stories to is: bebetter@procam.in.

These activities will support the Inspiration Medal, the first-of-its-kind in sporting history, which has been created by the Tata Mumbai Marathon for all the people who have inspired the runners to #BeBetter. The Inspiration Medal is a unique symbol of victory and inspiration together. Every 42K finisher will receive this dual — finisher & inspiration — medal.

'Inspire to Be Better' campaign is a creative outcome of the collaboration between Procam International and Chlorophyll Innovation Lab, the Innovations Partner for the event.

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KFC India's new digital film highlights how value meets variety

Conceptualised by Ogilvy India, the film announcing the launch of the product aptly brings out the 'Ultimate Excitement for the Ultimate Savings Bucket'

exchange4media Staff 1 day ago


Colonel Sanders has given KFC fans another reason to rejoice in the New Year. KFC India has launched the Ultimate Savings Bucket with 16 pieces of your KFC favourites in one bucket priced at INR 599/- only. The digital film announcing the launch of the product aptly brings out the 'Ultimate Excitement for the Ultimate Savings Bucket'.
Conceptualised by Ogilvy India, the film opens with a luxury car and as the door opens, a stylish celebrity, perhaps a rapper, dressed in funky black and metallic gold steps out. Swaying to the music in full swagger, he looks towards the crowd that seems super excited to spot him as they rush towards him. But what we see next is truly shocking. The swarm of people rush right past him, towards something even more exciting and attention worthy – a large billboard that shows the Ultimate Savings Bucket. The next shot shows the awestruck rapper indulging in a piece of KFC’s golden fried chicken.

Talking about the product and its film, Moksh Chopra, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC India said, “We love surprising our consumers with value and variety and what better start to the year than offering a fantastic deal on the iconic KFC chicken Bucket - with the launch of the new Ultimate Savings Bucket. The digital film rightly brings out the excitement around the product; after all it is both the ultimate saver and the best party starter.”
Shailender Mahajan, Senior Creative Director, Ogilvy India said, “16 pieces of KFC favourites in just one bucket could spark great excitement amongst chicken lovers. The idea was to bring the product into spotlight and highlight it as an ultimate combination of value, variety and savings together.” 

Account Management:
Kapil Arora - President - Ogilvy Group Companies, North
Amarinder Butalia – Managing Partner
Kankana Ghosh – Client Services Director
Joanna Grover - Group Account Manager 
Konika Dastidar - Sr. Account executive
Shailender Mahajan - Senior Creative Director 
Krishna Mani - Senior Creative Director
Neha Bhatia – Associate Creative Director
Deepak Malhotra - Creative Controller
Hardik Trivedi - Associate Creative Director      
Director: Ayan Das
Production house : MALDA Unltd

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