We are fighting a drought of attention: Viral Oza

With the kind of competition that exists now, the only way brands can survive is to let their consumers take control, says Nokia India’s Mktg Director

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Published: Mar 7, 2013 8:05 PM  | 3 min read
We are fighting a drought of attention: Viral Oza

Smart consumers and cutthroat competition are changing the dynamics of marketing radically. Upcoming trends challenge more or less every marketing axiom, leaving marketers with no option but to adapt and change the rules of the game.

Viral Oza, Marketing Director, Nokia India explains that the audience has now been pushed to the unknown from the cozy 30-second television commercial corner. With the arrival of digital, consumption of content has increased voraciously from various sources. Thus, the new challenge that marketers face is making the brand available at every touch point so as to gain customer attention.

“We fight the drought of attention. With the kind of competition that exists now, the only way brands can survive is to let their consumers take control. Brands that are not afraid of giving power to consumers will be successful,” said Oza.

While marketing now has no specific definition, there are some traditional truths that continue to remain the same. Oza pointed out that what every brand seeks is relevance and that shall not change. By staying relevant, brands intend to make their presence felt in the consumers’ life space and that requires engagement.

Nokia India has experienced an eventful journey in the last 18 years. Oza stressed that at every stage in this journey, Nokia’s aim has been to stay relevant. “18 years ago when mobility was new, we had to establish the category as necessary,” he recalled.

Mobile then became the product enabler that allowed consumers to perform a number of functions and was promoted accordingly. The next stage was moving to ecosystem and its benefits (applications and services). At all the levels, the brand managed to sustain relevance with its target audience through content and engagement.

While marketing continues to be a pillar for a brand, entertainment has emerged as another strength that a brand can bank on.

Oza pointed out entertainment has four Cs – content, conduit, consumption and convergence. He further explained that content plays a very important role in creating engagement with consumers and engagement is a sign of commitment. It signifies that the brand is relevant in a consumer’s life and there is to and fro of communication between the brand and the target audience.

Nokia launched an application named Citylens, which helped users explore the locality through augmented reality. To promote the application, Nokia organised various activities inviting consumers to try out the application. “These activities created content for the digital medium,” added Oza.

Through campaigns such as Nokia Lumia S10 – Trendify and IPL live stream, Nokia managed to create a connect with the consumers at various touch points.

While content and conduit have proved to be very significant in brand and consumer relations, consumption has also redefined its position. The new pricing of a product is determined by how much a product is consumed. Convergence is the new distribution.

To simplify the role of the 4Cs, Oza said, “Conduit relates to the product, convergence to place, consumption to price and content to promotion.”

Oza concluded by saying that it is necessary that brands now tie up all the elements to function smoothly. He explained that all the elements will now have a different place in the room.

Viral Oza was speaking on the topic ‘Marketing & the 4Cs of Entertainment: Content, Conduit, Consumption and Convergence’ at the Mumbai leg of Pitch CMO Summit 2013, held on March 6, 2013.

The session was chaired by T Gangadhar, Managing Director, MEC India

The Summit was presented by Colors and partnered by MEC India.


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