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Warrier, Vice President Sales, India - Mirriad on content marketing and the key performance indicators for a content marketing campaign

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Updated: Sep 21, 2018 8:53 AM

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Neha Singh Warrier, Vice President Sales, India - Mirriad spoke to exchange4media about how engaging the consumer must be at the heart of everything related to content and how smart content marketing can significantly help reduce brand’s overall marketing costs.

How has the media around content- marketing evolved?

It’s very important to measure what people are doing. We are not into product placement model because a brand could decide to get into a movie or show two years in advance but you don’t know whether that particular platform will be successful in terms of rating, whether it will be released at all or whether the brands will get enough visibility for what they really set out to do; and if they are placing all their money on one particular content it’s too much to resist. So, when we partnered ourselves with a content partner, we are basically offering hundreds of shows where a brand can contextually get in using our technology. OTT ventures are growing by almost 35 per cent, within that, the maximum growth is coming from the non-metro cities. Brands need to know the ROI, the money they put behind the platform.

What are your thoughts on the detailed content-marketing strategy required for the success of most organisations?

In- video advertising is going to be a very strong leg as a marketing strategy, if they want to reach out to their consumers because the trend is not just seen on the OTT platforms but on TV as well; that’s why you see movies that are aired with just one-break because brands do not want people to move on to another channel/platform. In- video advertising and branded content are going to be a very important marketing strategy going forward, but it has to be non-intrusive and most importantly the turnaround time has to be quick.

What according to you are the key performance indicators for a content marketing campaign?

There are very important factors that a brand should seek. I think the biggest challenge that some of the brands that we interact with is the messaging that they are trying to do; whether the recall is there, new brands have the challenge of becoming the awareness quotient. I think it’s important to do a case study after running a successful branded content.

Content marketing can help reduce your overall marketing costs. Do you agree?

I would say smart content marketing can help reduce. Brands are forced to put lot of money in traditional form of advertising. If you do smart content marketing and compliment it with traditional marketing, it will become an important tool to save your cost and put your money where people really consume your brands message in different ways, not just one.

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