Vikatan Group revamp to offer a better experience to users: B Srinivasan, Vikatan Group

Revamping to changing reader topography has always been the secret for Vikatan’s success: B Srinivasan, Vikatan Group

e4m by Akshata R Murthy
Updated: Dec 19, 2017 8:51 AM

Vikatan Group brings out a wide collection of Tamil magazines and online platforms catering to the various age groups of Tamil readers across the world. It recently revamped their brand which was aimed at retaining the best practices of the old while updating and adapting for the millennials today. B Srinivasan, Managing Director, Vikatan Group, spoke to exchange4media and gave more insights on the same.


Why did you choose to revamp now?

We firmly believe that competition is no longer from other media houses but from our own consumers. Revamping to changing reader topography is always been the secret for Vikatan’s success. The current revamp is planned on this belief.

What changes can we see after the revamp?

Content is in abundance. The task of the magazine medium has always been that of a curator’s role and no one knows that better than Vikatan. What’s changing is the reader profile and expectations of our role as the curator. We will retain the best practices of the old, while adapting to the expectations of today’s consumers and that’s what keeps Vikatan forever young.

The changes are in the mix of content aimed to provide value to the time, attention and money that readers invest with us.

How is this revamp going to impact your advertisers?

Vikatan Group delivers audiences across media and platforms. From print, television, digital and social, our audiences consume content served in context of their needs, across medium and platforms, and that is the engagement we wish to share with our clients. The revamp in print is aimed at increasing the window of engagement with the customer and will go a long way in enhancing the reach and efficacy for our clients. In fact, we have been attempting to map client challenges and devise appropriate one-on-one solutions to client needs in respect with the TN market and Global Tamil’s as distinct audiences, rather than simply sell our clients the pages, time, banners or events that we have on offer.

Are the readers going to have an impact through this?

The idea is to bring in versatility to the content without changing the soul of the brand. Content is driven by new sections, ease to read layouts and increasing the engagement with the readers and our endeavours to reach out to the readers at the doorstep is adding up to these revamps.

What are your plans for the group post the revamp?

As a group dominating the Tamil magazine topography, we are constantly reinventing ourselves.

Driven by our mission to be part of Tamil Diaspora by delivering quality content and deliver quality audience engagement to our advertisers, we believe that the current initiative is a step ahead to achieve our mission and these initiatives will continue to dominate our strategy.

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