Understanding the young and the restless

exchange4media Youth Marketing Summit, presented by UTV Bindass and powered by Mudra Concrea, in association with Tuborg, is bringing together youth brands, global and Indian thought leaders and the youth of the country at one forum in Delhi on January 28, 2011.

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Updated: Jan 19, 2011 8:44 AM
Understanding the young and the restless

“Why would I go aboard? India is where the world wants to be” – Aprajita Kulkarni, 24
“In the coming decade, the capital of the world will move from New York to India” – Suraaj Kapoor, 19
“If it’s not original and unique it’s not worth my time” – Pooja Kulkarni, 20

We stand today at a dynamic point in the history of our country. Our greatest contribution on a global scale has been the skilled professionals that carry the mantle of their home country proudly abroad. Back at home, it’s not the old, but a vast number of an increasingly growing youth population (15-25 years) that are calling the shots on how their India will look.

The signs of their willingness to evolve a cultural identity that is uniquely their own is visible in every facet of pop culture today from movies to music to art. The young and the restless are here to claim this decade as their own. Their rebellion is in their own space and time which they create riding on the success of corporate India.

exchange4media Youth Marketing Summit 2011, presented by UTV Bindass and powered by Mudra Concrea, in association with Tuborg, seeks to understand this vast youth population. The event will bring together global and Indian thought leaders and the youth of the country together at one forum. The Summit, which is scheduled for January 28, 2011, will be a nexus for pioneers in the field of youth marketing, both within India and globally.

Let’s pause for a minute and examine the spending patterns of the youth of this country. While nightclubs are brimming over on every day of the week, luxury brands such as Diesel and Vero Moda are amazed at how the age of their consumer is dropping by the day.

Most urban families today have two working parents who aim at giving their children the world. Couple this with the fact that this generation is the most media exposed generation, along with the flow of easy information on the Internet with regards to products and brands. The final icing on the cake is the phenomenon of the urban youth taking up part time jobs to supplement their allowances to match their lifestyles. The end result of this combination is an extremely evolved consumer at the age of 17. Their spending patterns don’t conform to standard SEC classifications and their lifestyle is as different from their parents as chalk is from cheese.

A celebrity holding a product will just not cut it for this generation, which is focused inward. “Me” is the new celebrity. It’s not so much about purchasing a brand because of its stature as it is about finding something that is a natural extension of one’s personality. The chosen few that have understood this have survived while a large number have perished in this process of natural selection.

Campaigns such as Puma’s “Pimp My Sole” and Tata Tea’s “Jaago re” have worked for a very basic reason. They provided a platform for the youth to express their identity. Their execution and tone was brilliant, however it’s this one simple trait that has helped them stand apart. There are a few brands who are trying to go beyond merely understanding this change and moving to a level of becoming enablers of sorts for this change.

The exchange4media Youth Marketing Summit aims to be that one platform to understand and engage the ‘Screenagers’. For more information, please visit: http://exchange4media.com/yms2011/index.html.

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