Trends that can help marketers connect with customers better

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Updated: Jun 10, 2019 6:03 PM

Digital marketing is ever changing. Innovation is playing a key role in opening avenues and opportunities for marketers to reach better to their consumers. All good with innovation and development and ever changing marketing trends, but the hitch here is: Are we prepared? Are marketers today aware as to how to accept this innovation and reach to their consumers? Do we have our strategies in place?

Here are the latest trends of 2019 that could help marketers reach and connect better. Implementing these can become a lot more easy with master classes and workshops at #TechManch, a two-day digital marketing conference.


Virtual and Augmented Reality 

Smart companies are leveraging mobile cameras to improve their customer experience. Through VR and AR, you can improve brand engagement and help with pre-purchase decisions by bringing your products to life. By allowing customers to engage in more profound ways through immersive experiences, they are better equipped to find what they are looking for and be delighted in doing so.

Consider Amazon, which set up Oculus Rift VR booths around Prime Day, allowing shoppers to experience a wide range of products from nerf guns to refrigerators as they would in physical reality. By empowering potential buyers to literally picture themselves owning products and simulate this potential reality, VR preemptively addresses needs and pain points, greatly enhancing the customer journey.

When getting users to a specific physical location isn’t possible, augmented reality can provide greater flexibility and reach through integration with mobile apps. By deploying virtual or augmented reality strategically, you have a unique opportunity to supply consumers with the depth of pre-purchase information they crave, while minimizing the effort they must take to obtain it.

Visual and Voice Search

Search is evolving beyond its text-only origins, meaning that visual and voice search deserve serious consideration now. Think of visual search as a sort of reverse search, using images to find text-based info instead of the other way around. Google, Microsoft, and Pinterest have all jumped into the fray, and it’s only going to get bigger over time. Marketers can gain an edge here by preparing tailor-made content to await potential customers after their image searches, while also gaining even more insights into their preferences.

Voice search also continues to grow as a way for consumers to find more information without even having to lift a finger. Allowing people to interact with you via voice search makes their life easier, and offers a chance to incorporate brand personality and tone in the way you respond. The dynamics of voice search also present a challenge for digital marketers, who must figure out how to optimize for both humans and devices.

Vertical Video

With the shift from desktop to mobile a consistent digital marketing consideration, it should come as no surprise that mobile video ads continue to be hot. Savvy marketers are using videos to both engage their audience’s in-app between tasks and on social platforms.

The success of these videos on platforms is worth keeping an eye on, as it could cause a major shift in favour of vertical video. If this is the case, marketers will need to create horizontal and vertical assets to reach their audience fully.

VR, AR, Voice searches and vertical videos are all booming and mark a new beginning in reaching technology. The question here is how are you going to implement? Is it ideal for your kind of business?  

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