How Family Man 2 could boost Manoj Bajpayee's brand value

The marketing world should think of benefitting from the actor's newfound image of a family man and reliable spy, opines the industry

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Published: Jun 17, 2021 9:14 AM  | 4 min read
Manoj Bajpayee

It has been two weeks since season two of Manoj Bajpayee’s ‘The Family Man’ has dropped and the chatter around the show hasn’t died even a bit. From memes to brands riding the moment marketing tide, the show has prompted a barrage of publicity for itself, as well as its lead actor. National award-winning Bajpayee, who has been a part of the television and film world for close to three decades now, is getting praises from all across and is tasting fame like never before with this role. But has the show upped his brand value as well? 

Brand-Nomics MD Viren Razdan feels that it’s too early to show that the season has jacked up his brand value but “he has made a dent with this purely because of the superb first season and excellent marketing of round 2.” 

On the other hand, brand strategist and Brand-Building Founder Ambi Parameswaran is quite confident that the show will give brand Manoj Bajpaee a strong boost and it will stay for a long time.

He says: “I think the success of Family Man 2 will definitely give the MB brand a big boost. But we have to realise that an actor’s following is derived from their larger than life image; from movie screens. This is the reason that a TV star never commands the kind of endorsement fees that a film star commands. Given the fact that we have had no movies on the big screen, for over a year, this equation may change.”

Kofluence Founder Ritesh Ujjwal agrees, “The Family Man has definitely rocketed Manoj Bajpayee's brand value. Strong script supplemented by his unique delivery has really struck a chord with the audience. One striking aspect is the way the OTT platform has also gone about its content marketing; ATL/BTL mediums getting well integrated with outreach across social media especially business-oriented ones like LinkedIn.

“While the recent push has certainly led to increased popularity along with brand recall which has been followed up with endorsements, what is critical is that this entire positioning expansion has the potential to do wonders for Bajpayees' relevance amongst the audience.” 

POKKT AnyTag India Lead Shuchi Sethi is of the same opinion. “OTT sometimes is short-lived, classic example Radhika Apte but if Manoj Bajpayee is seen often with strong characteristics in each show that he chooses this might not die soon, it will be registered in people's mind for a long time, we have another cult, Pankaj Tripathi, as an example who is here and stayed like nobody's business. People like Manoj Bajpayee are veterans, they have a cult and people with cult don't leave the recall soon.” 

All of them agree that the show has the potential to make Bajpayee a more prominent name within the brand marketing industry as well.

Sethi says, “Versatility is his (Bajpayee’s) forte. These days brands don't look for actors or celebs who are of a particular genre but what is the resonance they can create with a brand and Manoj Bajpayee works well with any brand that resonates versatility and strong characteristics.”

Razdan continues, “Manoj Bajpayee has over time created a straight-talking honest brand persona around him. He has curated his brand authenticity without the fuss well and brands would leverage that direct connection that he’s able to make with the audience.” 

Ujjwal thinks that brands from EdTech/ BFSI/ D2C categories could leverage his credibility and reliability as his positioning in the show was that of “relatable professionals in a working-class environment” with which “the show has significantly widened the appeal towards the Urbane population.” 

Parameswaran adds, “Since he is seen as a common man in the same league as say, Irrfan Khan, he will attract the kind of products that fit that image. So a premium shoe or premium apparel brand or premium car may not want him. But a VFM brand will see him as a good fit.” 

In the past few months, Bajpayee has been associated with brands like Piramal Pharma’s Tetmosol,, and Bail Kolhu.

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