FB campaign lets consumers visualise instead of only listening to the brand: Ajay Kakar

Ajay Kakar, CMO of Aditya Birla Capital, tells us about their interactive Facebook campaign #InteractWithTheFuture, the brand's marketing strategy and the new corporate tax rate

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Updated: Oct 4, 2019 9:28 AM
Ajay Kakar Aditya Birla Capital

Ajay Kakar, CMO, Aditya Birla Capital has carved new milestones across his portfolio of brand, customer data and analytics, customer experience, corporate communication, and corporate social responsibility. Kakar shared his vision to bring all the subsidiary groups of Aditya Birla Finances under one umbrella- Aditya Birla Capital.

Kakar spoke to us about the newly launched interactive Facebook campaign- #InteractWithTheFuture, the brand's marketing strategy and views on the new Corporate Tax Rate.

Speaking about the brief of the Facebook campaign that they shared with the agency Foxy Moron, Kakar said, "All financial service players reach out to their consumers as per their budget or strategies. All of us end up having similar propositions because the consumer has similar needs. We are all preaching about the consumer's future and we are speaking one way. TV and print allow us to speak to the consumer but don't allow us to engage. It speaks in a linear manner and tells one story. We wanted to do something different, digital allows us to do that. We went to the agencies and told them to think of a technology that is creatively driven to tell an engaging story. The campaign allows the consumer to visualise instead of only listening to the brand."

The campaign showcases a young couple who are celebrating their 5th anniversary. There are two buttons at the bottom of the video that is there throughout the ad film: Option A and B. The moment the viewer presses option A the exact same narrative is going on but the actors are older. And option B showcases the same older couple in a different class of society. The campaign reaches out to two different target audiences.

About 20% of the social media campaign budget went behind the shooting of the three storylines and developing creative technology.

Explaining whether there will be a TV or print ad for the same, Kakar commented, "This campaign is designed for engagement and therefore it will be restricted to engagement platforms."

However, they will be soon rolling out an intriguing influencer campaign with the interactive asset, where retired influencers will share their retirement experience along with the interactive film.

Talking about their brand strategy and how they disrupted their organisational structure Kakar stated, "Our Industry of financial services has been structured around products rather than the needs of the consumers. We were also like that until 2017. We had 8 different logos, which went to the market separately. We stepped into the shoes of the consumer. We launched one brand that has one name and identity which is Aditya Birla Capital. All our solutions are behind this. We have undone what we ourselves had done for 30 years. It was difficult to make this change happen because our industry is so manufactured and category-specific. The customer was bombarded with messages from different categories. We have put ourselves in the hat of the consumer in terms of our communication."

This one brand strategy allows a consumer to share their budget and ask for a solution they need. This will help build deeper relationships with their consumers.

Kakar stated that their strategy lies in provoking the consumer to self-realize their needs. Medium, timing, and location are key. For instance, the ADs of Aditya Birla Capital at an airport is again asking questions. Therefore the brand is looking for message-specific media. The idea is for the consumer to remember a brand that kept telling them what's in his/her best interest.

Lastly, sharing his views on the new Corporate Tax rate, Kakar commented, "If banks raise money with a lower interest rate they should provide the consumer with a lower interest rate. But they don't. This time brands will decide the savings they make because of the new tax. Will they give discounts to the consumer? That is the question.

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