‘Technology & data prowess, swift thinking made our campaigns stand out at IDMA’

We speak to Amardeep Singh, CEO, Interactive Avenues – A Reprise Network Company, in part eight of our interview series with the big winners of IDMA 2021

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Updated: Aug 20, 2021 8:44 AM
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The 12th edition of e4m Indian Digital Marketing Awards (IDMA) 2021 was marked by some momentous wins. A slew of brands managed to shine through the storms with clutter-breaking work in a rather difficult year. Despite the odds, brands and agencies displayed resilience and stole the show. Recognizing these champions, our ongoing series will feature chat with the big winners from IDMA 2021. Today we speak to Amardeep Singh, CEO, Interactive Avenues – A Reprise Network Company, on their spectacular victory at the event, staying on the top of the digital game and more.

Edited excerpts below:

What do you attribute the brand’s/agency’s big win at IDMA to? What according to you made the work clutter-breaking as it managed to fetch the accolade contesting and cutting through reams of entries?

Our approach has always been, one size ‘cannot' fit all! We focused on sharp targeting and making messaging relevant to the current times and environment. Our teams are well versed in tapping into the pulse of the client and their target audience to extract the right data and convert them into successful campaigns. Our campaigns for Unacademy, Tanishq, Honda, and other brands focused not only on promoting the brand and products but also on making them accessible to the right audience at the right time and place, amidst a market situation that has never been encountered before. IA's technological and data prowess, along with the teams’ swift thinking, made the campaigns stand out. This is what translated into staggering results.


What according to you are the elements that make award-winning, clutter-breaking digital campaigns and what is the right approach to reach out to consumers during these trying times?

The gamut of data at marketers’ disposal nowadays puts them in a highly profitable position if harnessed well. In current times, we know our target audience by their location, age, gender, data usage, preference of personal interests, economic standing, etc. Marrying this consumer data with a fitting media mix is the essence of unlocking opportunities.

Identifying and crafting topical messaging is crucial in a brand’s customer target strategy to create a fruitful impact. For example, Coca-Cola’s Ummedon Wali Dhoop campaign was an existing property created with extremely contrasting emotions. However, when the world was in need of hope and the strength to remain resilient, Coca-Cola gave it a whole new meaning – An ode #ToTheHumanRace. It brought optimism and reassurance that we will overcome this, together. This is a classic example of staying relevant to customers and the current environment.


In such uncertain and turbulent times, how has Interactive Avenues ensured that it stays ahead of the game when it comes to the digital marketing space?

Digital is a dynamic environment experiencing rapid evolution by the minute and we are at par.

We launched Caliper, a hyperlocal marketing product suite earlier this year to help businesses embark on their digital journey with ease. Caliper aims to solve endemic business problems like local asset readiness, last-mile optimization (offline conversions or digitally attributable sales), centralized or de-centralized modules for a business generating demand pan India, unification and optimization across digital platforms, store/dealer level SEO, generating and measuring store walk-ins and many other category-specific-use cases.

Our recent partnership with Affle’s Mediasmart platform to enable solutions for programmatic and connected TV (CTV) advertising in India is another initiative to aid our partner brands, so they can benefit from this exciting opportunity. With this, IA also becomes one of the first agencies in India to offer measurable programmatic CTV advertising solutions to its clients.

Our teams are focused on creating solutions with reduced execution efforts and time, while ensuring high-quality outcomes.


What are the trends in the digital marketing space that you see gaining momentum as we go forward?

While the Covid-19 pandemic has been ruthless beyond measure, it has also turned the tide for good on certain fronts.

First and foremost, non-digital brands boarding the digital bandwagon since 2020. While the transition happened in the face of an unprecedented circumstance, it has only been beneficial for marketers.  Being a digital-first brand contributes towards being a customer-first brand. Screens are where customers are looking at and for brand stories.

The consumption quantity of OTT platforms has seen a staggering rise, since March 2020. After observing the scope of growth on this platform, we are encountering regional streaming apps catering to non-Hindi and non-English markets/audiences mushrooming at a rapid pace.

Advertisers are crafting ideas based on audience behavioural insights as the demand is for interactive experiences and the market for innovation is highly competitive.

Smart targeting. We discussed Mediasmart’s offering in the same context. Mediasmarts proprietary Household Sync technologies enables brands to make CTV ads more engaging by syncing CTV ad campaigns with ads on other connected devices within the same household. 


As the competition in the digital space heats up for brands, what would be your advice to brands and agencies when approaching the digital space?

Come with an open mind and an adventurous attitude to unlock opportunities in the digital ecosystem – it is vast and ever evolving.


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