RAW Pressery sets aside 7-8 per cent of revenue for marketing

Smritika Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer, RAW Pressery, talks to e4m about the company's media spends, brand strategy and more

e4m by Venkata Susmita Biswas
Updated: May 2, 2018 8:56 AM
RAW Pressery

Homegrown cold-pressed juice brand RAW Pressery is only four years old, but it has given us some crucial marketing lessons along the way. RAW Pressery opened up a new category in the FMCG space and began by calling itself the clean label beverage brand. From clear bottles which show the world the natural and ugly side of juices -- pulp and water separate, to educating consumers about what goes into the juice, RAW Pressery has stayed true to its brand purpose over the past four years.

Now RAW Pressery is not just about cold-pressed juices; it also offers smoothies, soups, and nut milk. The company which is present in markets like Qatar, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi, will also hit Saudi Arabia in May. Assisted by the new product lines, and entry into the international market, the company is eyeing a revenue of Rs 100 over the next two years.

Apart from building a great product, how does the company plan to achieve that goal?

Smart marketing. Smritika Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer, RAW Pressery, said that as digital first company, RAW Pressery will drive the majority of its marketing initiatives via digital. Influencer campaigns are at the core of the company’s social media strategy backed by strong content marketing in the form of blogs on the RAW Pressery website.

“Only 30% of our media spends go into traditional media. We focus hard on digital as a platform,” said Sharma. Currently RAW Pressery is running an OOH campaign across seven cities. This summer campaign is one of the very limited traditional media spends by the company. For 2018, the company’s marketing spend will be limited to 7-8 per cent of its revenue. This is down from the 12-13 per cent that it had set aside for marketing activities in the past.

Although RAW Pressery exists in a category of its own, it competes with leading juice brands that are backed by huge media spends. How does RAW Pressery take on competition?

“It is important for us to have maximum attention in the moment of truth - which is the point of sale.” The company uses clutter-breaking communication and innovation to address the consumer. It has promoters in retail stores where RAW Pressery products are sold. These representatives inform consumers about how other juices are different from RAW Pressery products. “The only traditional way in which I am fighting competition is at the point of purchase. We are spending a lot of time, effort and resources in doing so.” “We cannot fight competition with budget. We do not use television because the spillover will be unnecessary,” Sharma said.

The juice which is priced at around Rs 100 for 250 ml is no doubt a premium product. But Sharma hopes that once consumers realise the difference between juice made from concentrate and RAW Pressery’s juices, they will associate the brand with the value it delivers and not the premium price range.

Here are some more takeaways from Sharma’s marketing strategy for RAW Strategy

Brand Philosophy: All Good No Bad

Unlike a lot of traditional brands that lose sight of what they stand for, we are still very close to the original idea of why RAW Pressery came into existence. The idea was to provide consumers with something that is free of anything that is harmful and not natural. Our entire conversation on the product weaves into the brand philosophy very seamlessly.

We want to push forward world of trust and transparency.

Cheeky Taglines: It’s only natural to settle down

When our products are placed on shelves, we have communication on the shelf asking people to ‘shake and take’.

Our juices are kept out for a long time, and the pulp and water segregates. So we ask users when they make juice at home, what happens? The same separation takes place at home too. But we have now come to accept a world where juices have preservatives and emulsifiers that don’t allow the pulp and water to separate.

Hopefully going forward people will understand that if the pulp and water separate, there is nothing wrong with that and start questioning products that don’t settle and wonder if that product is healthy for them.

Influencer Marketing

As a completely bootstrapped company, our only way to reach customers was to get them to try the product. We had to put the product in the hands of potential consumers.

We have a very solid social media influencer strategy. We continuously send juices to people from the fashion, fitness, lifestyle, food, and health communities. We only send the product across; there is no caveat attached. We have been blown away with the kind of responses we have received from these communities. Celebrities like Alia Bhatt speaking about the product on their social media channels helped us a lot, it added credibility to the brand.

Chief Juice Officer, Jacqueline Fernandez

Interestingly, she approached us to invest in RAW Pressery. She is not an endorser but an investor. So it is not as if she takes the message of the brand forward, but she and the brand stand on the same platform when the brand values are concerned. That has help build credibility and none of it is push content.

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