Pitch CMO Summit: Individualisation is a journey to becoming consumer-centric: Experts

Our panel of experts discussed how adopting individualisation is the marketing mantra to follow

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Updated: Mar 8, 2019 8:28 AM
Pitch CMO 2019 Panel 2

Personalization is an attitude, it is a long journey: At the 11th edition of the Pitch CMO Summit held in ITC Maratha, a panel of experts from McCann World Group India, Haier India, JetPrivilege, Nykaa, Syska Group, HT Media shared valuable insights into how adopting personalization and individualization is the marketing mantra to follow.

In the era of technology and having extremely tech-savvy consumers, personalization has become the key not only to establish the brand but to be known by the consumer who would carry forward the brand name. With user habits becoming increasingly available to marketers through IoT, individualisation is definitely reshaping the future of the global marketing landscape and ‘data-driven individualisation’ is becoming central to a brands’ marketing strategy and redefining the ROI for the business.

The panel discussion was chaired by Partha Sinha, Vice Chairman & MD, McCann World Group India, who gained insight from the panelists which included Satish NS, Senior Vice President - Sales & Marketing, Haier India; Zameer Kochar, Head – Marketing & Member Engagement – JetPrivilege; Hitesh Malhotra, Chief Marketing Officer, Nykaa; and Rajan Bhalla, Chief Business Officer & Group CMO, HT Media.

Satish N S, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Haier India said that individualisation is extremely important for a company.

He explains, “Apart from the regular exercise we do in marketing, individualisation has really helped us to tap into what the consumer actually wants; like what they have chosen, or why they haven’t chosen a particular product. After analysing that we get a clear picture of where we have to improve or what the consumer actually wants.”

The second is the valuable feedback from the consumers. For example, consumers leave a comment asking to improve, add or remove a certain feature from the product. It also helps the company to personalize or customize the product in a manner to help the consumers feel that it has been crafted for them,” added Satish N S.

Hitesh Malhotra, Chief Marketing Officer, Nykaa said, “When it comes to individualization it is divided into elements with the first being the mass purchase. In mass purchase the module would take you to where the consumer is visiting, checking which product, etc. While the second would take you to the inward journey where we would see how many times the consumer opened the app, revisited on that interface. The third surface would have the summary, the cart.

The discussion further threw light on how the brands or the organizations have upped their ante and made a shift by first targeting the mass, to gradually concentrating to personalized or individualized marketing, hence giving the consumer an unparalleled experience. Being one of the trendsetters in terms of personalization or and individualization, Zameer Kochar Head – Marketing & Member Engagement – JetPrivilege; said, “JetPrivilege has been one of the pioneers in being more consumer-centric than brand-centric. With time, the concept of personalization or individualization has only grown better and has evolved much, with the help of rewards and loyalty programs, we have.”

Taking a cue from an analytical read online, Rajan Bhalla, Chief Business Officer & Group CMO, HT Media, shared how technology by it-self is not the disrupter, not being consumer-centric did it. Emphasizing on being more consumer centric than brand-centric, Rajan Bhalla added, “Serve the right content to the right audience”.

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