In tough times like these, brands must show consumers can trust them: Arijeet Talapatra

Arijeet Talapatra, CEO, Transsion India, talks about the way forward for the global premium smartphone brand, Tecno

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Updated: May 20, 2020 9:53 AM
Arijeet Talapatra

As we clock over two months of lockdown, brands are re-evaluating their marketing strategies, readying themselves for the next phase of dealing with the crisis. Arijeet Talapatra, CEO, Transsion India, talks about the way forward for the global premium smartphone brand, Tecno.

As a premium smartphone brand whose sales were bound to get affected during the lockdown, what was your strategy to deal with the crisis?

Brands are for the people. For Tecno, its employees and consumers are its biggest priority. It is important to look after their wellbeing. And that is what we have tried to do: our digital initiatives like the #FindTheNewYou to engage, connect and motivate people and Tecno Rakshaks game launched during this time not only to engage people but also to make them a part in our support to the govt to fight this situation. To use our know-how to find ways and means to help and support the government and reach out to more and more people. In tough times like these, it is important for brands to show that they belong to its people and its consumers can trust and rely on them for support.

Do you see smartphones sales going up considering that digital consumption is increasing and more people are hooked on to their mobiles for communication, shopping etc in the era of social distancing?

Consumption of online content continues to spike up to a new level; with social distancing, with the new mandate and the norm, people will communicate more through technology and we expect the offtake of smartphones as a primary communicating device – voice or data – to become significant. People’s dependence on smartphones will increase. People will also use their device to learn, read, gain knowledge as online courses become more and more popular.

How are you communicating with your consumers right now, and what are the steps you are taking as a responsible brand?

As we’ve shared earlier, the safety and wellbeing of our consumers and stakeholders are our utmost priority. In keeping with that belief, we are avoiding any form of brand-led activities that involve big public gatherings in line with our efforts to support the government of India during this lockdown period. It is now more important to be responsible; show that we are a helping and caring brand post this lockdown period that assesses and understand the emotions of its stakeholders at a time like this. So it will be important to integrate data across online, social and offline channels to improve micro-segmentation of customers and drive more personalized and relevant communication with them.

As an advertiser will you increase your spends on Digital medium here on?

Today the general appetite for consumption of digital content has surged to an all-time high across all sorts of content platforms and social listening has become a powerful tool to help keep a track of the new changes in consumer perceptions, preferences and development of new behaviour. So while we are more of an offline brand, it does not mean we have not focused on digital. Digital will continue to play a big role in our business mix.

What are your takeaways from these two months of lockdown?

As we fight through the unprecedented nationwide lockdown, we need to stand united as a nation and support the entire task-force including Doctors, Essential-service providers, the Government officials, and our security forces in their efforts to control this pandemic and emerge victoriously. As the lockdown is lifted, Tecno India believes in providing and creating best value for our consumers. India first approach will continue to be our go-to mantra in providing the best value for money products and offerings. In this time of adversity, we want our customers to know that as a brand we are always there for them in every way.

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