Packaging: Faced with the threat of insurgent brands, how can established brands adapt?

Guest Column: Rashi Goel, VP Consumer Communications & e-commerce, Nestlé India and Dominic Twyford, Business Director, FITCH explain how It’s time to redefine packaging

Rashi Goel Dominic Twyford

Packaging: Faced with the threat of insurgent brands, how can established conformists adapt?

By Dominic Twyford, Business Director, FITCH

In India, for too long packaging has been the most overlooked and underutilized marketing tool, a perverse statement when you consider its vital importance.

The pack is the best-owned media that a brand could wish for, delivered directly into a customer’s hands when they are in a buying mind-state. There is no intermediary or third-party involvement, it is purely a connection between brand and consumer. An effective pack is next in importance only to the product itself. Yet, for most, it’s a mere container, with its true value and effectiveness ignored. It’s time to redefine packaging, for starters let’s call it a marketing channel, not tool.

Enter ‘Insurgent’ brands.

With typically less budget to spend on brand building, these are new brands that are willing to challenge and fight traditional ‘conformists’, or more established brands and are choosing to do it through packaging.

Insurgents look and act differently

While bigger brands might initially attract shoppers to the aisle via multi-crore marketing campaigns, insurgents are backing themselves to come into consideration at the actual point of purchase - the ultimate moment of truth for a brand.

This thinking is liberating. Gone is the obsession with category conventions and what the competition is doing, instead, the new focus is single-minded and wonderfully selfish. The end results are clearly targeted propositions and genuinely disruptive designs.

Bira 91 is proof that thinking like an insurgent brand can create significant value. Bira has single-handedly established the craft beer category in India by creating a brand that resonates with India’s young, aspirational urbanites.

The brand identity and packaging doesn’t obsess with cueing provenance or traditional brewing techniques, instead, it concentrates on promoting fun and proving its accessibility by using a very funky monkey as its identity. Not only has the brand created a new category, but it has also raised millions of dollars of investment and according to press reports intends to enter five new international markets.

From a global perspective, take for example Van Leeuwen, artisanal ice cream in the US. Faced with increased competition the brand took the bold decision to de-clutter their packaging, removing all superfluous graphics. What remained was a statement in total confidence, a perfectly crafted identity and a sumptuous colour palette that dials up taste and communicates the purity of the product.

Proof of their success

A new metric, that identifies great packaging? Instagram posts. Whether by accident or design, when worthy, consumers are now taking pictures of their packaging and posting them on social media. Given the fact that consumers are now directors, editors, and publishers in their own right, and that the content they generate is a reflection of themselves, their status, beliefs, and values it stands to reason that brands become part of their personal narrative. Forget functional packaging, or even an emotional response to packaging, their packaging transcends both to become self-promotional.

It isn’t only about social media likes, research numbers support the success of insurgents. A recent Nielsen study discovered that from 2011 onwards, the biggest food and beverage companies have driven just 3% of the total growth in the industry. The largest contributors, by far, have been the small insurgents, adding to 50% of the growth.

How are traditional conformists reacting?

Scale, larger marketing budgets and more developed supply chains used to protect big brands from smaller challengers, but these advantages are being eroded. Social media and digital channels provide the means to create buzz and establish reach cheaply, and online shopping provides a sales platform irrespective of a physical retail footprint.

Some big brands understand the threat and are reinventing themselves or rethinking how they operate. Casting a view across the globe, Unilever are choosing to acquire new brands by prolifically spending on disruptive brands like Dollar Shave Club, The Vegetarian Butcher and the T2 gourmet tea brand.

Other big brands are choosing to masquerade as smaller, more artisanal brands. Fever Tree have turned the mixer market upside down by placing as much focus on the mixer as the premium alcohol that it accompanies. In response, Coca-Cola-owned Schweppes has created the 1783 range of mixers inspired by the “alchemy” of founder Jacob Schweppe. Diageo owned Guinness is confronting the popularity of new craft beers by launching new experimental beers that use low key branding to promote traditional brewing credentials.

But, a long term solution?

Takeovers and pretense seem to be working for now, but are these sustainable solutions? Brands need to start looking beyond the current horizon and focusing on ‘inside out’ solutions. This is something that Nestlé India has understood very well. They are finding ways to become proactive rather than being merely reactive like other conformists.

For the last three years, they have partnered with FITCH and together, we have created the first of its kind, ‘Nestlé Design Lab’. The Design Lab consists of a FITCH team working within Nestlé India’s HQ on brand, packaging and POS briefs from across all of their business units.

This arrangement is developing a culture of creativity at the heart of the business by providing an inspirational place where brand and marketing managers can collaborate on a daily basis with design industry experts.

Why this works

The result is a flatter structure and a narrowing of the gap between business strategy and design. New opportunities can be quickly identified, tested, prototyped and launched into the market. The relationship between client and agency is no longer based on a brief, and design is no longer a linear process, instead, briefs are co-created, ideas freely shared and brand teams are now equipped to be more responsive.

The end result is a multinational benefitting from the power of established global and domestic brands (with huge brand equity and valuable histories) employing more nimble practices, more at home in a startup culture.

Just remember

When assessed individually, insurgents remain small in size, but as a whole, they now pose a problem far greater than the sum of their parts. Their approach is redefining the design process and challenging conventional wisdom about category rules and behavior.

Like Nestlé, rather than shy away from the challenge, big brands need to fundamentally rethink how they operate and redefine their rules of engagement.

The first priority should be to build an environment and culture where new and agile thinking can flourish, enabling brands to move quickly and decisively. The second priority involves loosening the shackles of the big brand playbook where restrictive processes and conventional thinking can easily kill fresh ideas. Instead, this needs to be replaced with an entrepreneurial zest that focuses on bold but considered decision making.

Conformists can’t become insurgents overnight and nor should that be their goal, however, rather than fear insurgents, there is plenty that can be learned from them.

Domestic and international brands are benefiting

A good example of such a project would be the recent Munch emoji “Crunch Macha” campaign. The Munch team wanted to find new ways to capture the attention of India’s youth. Quickly, with the Design Lab we were able to rapidly prototype a wide range of themes and ideas that would connect with young India, ideas that we didn’t believe in were just as swiftly cast aside.

The campaign was brought to life on-pack through a limited edition run, the solution that was born from packaging design then went on to influence our social and digital brand communications.

The work is a perfect example of how an initial idea can be turned in to a tangible piece of on-brand work that quickly gets to market. In this case, we were able to showcase Munch’s understanding of how India’s youth communicate with each other and prove the relevance of Munch to this audience by Indianising the global phenomena of emojis.

The effectiveness of the Design Lab has also been felt on Maggi. Unlike Munch, Maggi is a global brand with guidelines that come from Europe. A global shift has seen Nestlé reposition Maggi, moving it from a snacking brand to a cooking brand. Our on-site design facility and expertise meant that we had the ability to redesign the Maggi portfolio while looking at it through the lens of India’s consumer. The end result is a range revamp with a single point of view that balances global requirements with local nuances.

The advantages of creating a common vision between business and agency partner.

By Rashi Goel, VP Consumer Communications and e-commerce, Nestlé India

The creation of the Design Lab within Nestlé’s office has provided our organisation with a number of benefits. Being under one roof has a number of practical advantages including improved turnaround times, greater access to designers and simplified operations. While these are helpful, removing the physical divide with our agency partner is of deeper significance to the wider Nestlé business and our design outcomes.

Consolidating and formalising our relationship with FITCH means that we have created a partnership in the truest sense. The FITCH team that work on our brands are fully invested and over time have built up a considerable understanding of our brands, our business priorities, and Nestle’s culture. Crucially, their presence in the same office means that marketing and brand teams have greater access to the creative process and strategic design and this infuses more creativity into the brand building culture for Nestlé.

Standardised briefing processes have improved the clarity of our thinking and greater participation in collaborative brainstorms and creative discussions have led to a growing number of breakthrough projects.

Design, whether it be for packaging or POS has traditionally been viewed as a bolt on to the marketing function. Finding a home for design within our organization has elevated its importance, the Design Lab is now part of the fabric of Nestlé and how we operate. While we’ve narrowed the gap between our business and design, more importantly, by focusing on how our brands appear in the hands of our consumers we have narrowed the gap between ourselves and our customer.


(The authors, Dominic Twyford, is Business Director, FITCH and Rashi Goel is VP Consumer Communications and e-commerce, Nestlé India)


Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author and do not in any way represent the views of

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Finance Minister Arun Jaitely felicitated at The BusinessLine Changemaker Awards

Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences was awarded Social Transformation award for providing education in Naxal­ affected hinterlands; Digital Transformation award went to eNAM for empowering farmers


The BusinessLine Changemaker Awards in its second year now gave away five awards. The award categories for the night included Changemaker of the year, Iconic Changemaker, Young Changemaker, Changemaker-Social Transformation and Changemaker in digital transformation.

The flagship Changemaker of the Year Award was presented to the GST Council and the petitioners against Section377 of the IPC. The Iconic Changemaker award was given to Bezwada Wilson, The Young Changemaker award was shared by Anju Verma, and Kush and Arjun Pandey. While Verma won the award for using education as a tool to improve the social mobility of under-privileged children, the Pandey brothers started the ScoutMe platform to scout for football talent. The Social Transformation award went to the Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences, which provides quality education in Maoist and Naxal ­affected hinterlands. The Digital Transformation award was given to eNAM for enabling farmers to directly sell their produce in the market.

The event was attended by high profile guests that included the likes of ex Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Finance Minister Arun Jaitely and Commerce, Industry and Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu.

Jaitely who accepted the Changemaker of the Year award on behalf of the GST Council said “It is the GST Council’s ability to evolve a consensus that helped it reap rich dividends. GST was a long overdue reform and had been recommended 18­19 years ago.”

Pointing the priorities of the government in the days to come Jaitley said they’d mostly be rural India, clearing the backlog of defence purchases, healthcare and education and infrastructure.

Prabhu on the other hand talked about taking the country’s growth to double digits. “Change has to happen at the macro as well as the micro levels. We are taking steps to ensure growth levels in every district in the country go up by 3 to 4 per cent. When this accumulates at the macro level, India’s GDP growth will move from 7 per cent to 10 per cent,” he said.

The BusinessLine Changemaker Awards are powered by Volkswagen. Other sponsors for the event included Tata Sons, Qualcomm, Dell Technologies, Anand Prakash, Oriental Bank of Commerce and Casagrand.

MS Dhoni challenges Virat Kohli to show his game this VIVO IPL

Chennai Super Kings to play Royal Challengers Bangalore on March 23

Vivo IPL 2019

The 12th edition of VIVO IPL will begin in a week’s time with two heavyweights - defending champions Chennai Super Kings (CSK) take on Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the blockbuster opening match of the season. The TVC builds the anticipation as we get closer to the opening – who will succeed when Kohli and Dhoni’s men take on each other. With both the sides looking good on paper, it’s time to show their game - #GameBanayegaName. 

Fans from both sides are gearing up as the army of yellow and red decent to Chennai and millions more will tune in to chant ‘Kohli’ and ‘Dhoni, but at the end who will prevail? 

Just like in the TVC, Captain Cool MS Dhoni and world’s best batsman King Virat Kohli engage in a bit of banter. Dhoni and Kohli are just names, let’s show the game - the fans are also waiting with bated breath as the season opener is just days away.

The magnum opus VIVO IPL 2019’s opening match between CSK and RCB will reach out to the length and breadth of the country. Star India, with its robust network will broadcast the ‘Southern Derby’ in Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi and Malayalam in addition to Hindi, English, and the Select Dugout feed. 

The VIVO IPL 2019 will be broadcast on GEC/movie/kids channels like Star Gold, MAA Movies, Jalsha Movies, Hungama, Vijay Super, Star Suvarna, Star Pravda and Asianet Plus on all Sundays, Opening and Finale starting March 23, 2019. 

Agency- Taproot Dentsu India
Co-Founder and CCO: Agnello Dias
Creative Director: Neeraj Kanitkar
Account Management: Gargi Raju and Abhishek Kalzunkar
Production House: Equinox Films
Director: Nitin Parmar
Executive Producer: Manoj Shroff
Producer: Annum Waris
Music – Adnan & Joel

Lufthansa inspires India to travel with its new campaign #LifeChangingPlaces

As part of the campaign, Lufthansa has introduced a ‘Mobile Inspiration Tool’ that uses Artificial Intelligence to recommend ‘life-changing places’ basis users’ surroundings

Lufthansa Life Changing Places

Building on the global success of its latest brand claim ‘Say Yes to the World’, Lufthansa today launched a new cross-media brand campaign in India, namely #LifeChangingPlaces. Following the brand’s legacy of promoting open-mindedness, this campaign celebrates five real-life explorers who were rewarded with enriching experiences on their travels.

Through strong visual storytelling, #LifeChangingPlaces invites global travelers to explore the limits of who they are and find out who they can be. First launched globally in 2017, the campaign has now come alive in India with the story of Somnath Haldar. An IT consultant based in India, Somnath turned to music after he stumbled upon New York’s vibrant Jazz scene on a trip to the city. The journey transformed his life, leading him to leave his job and pursue his passion as a music teacher back home in India.

Commenting on the strategic thought behind the campaign, Michael Knapp, Director B2C Marketing Asia Pacific, Lufthansa said: “Places can change people. They can inspire and motivate them to become more of who they are by opening them up to new experiences. At Lufthansa, we want to enable such experiences for everyone. That is the main goal of our brand campaign. As a premium international airline and a proud driver of globalization, Lufthansa remains committed to being a preferred travel partner to the global Indian who values quality, reliability and a sense of adventure.”

With the India story launched, the thought behind #LifeChangingPlaces now resonates with five incredible travel stories set in New York, Mexico, Lofoten, France, and Cape Town. The video highlights of these powerful journeys can be viewed at

Speaking on the launch of the latest phase in India, George Ettiyil, Senior Director Sales, South Asia, Lufthansa Group Airlines said: “As a travel market, India is constantly evolving and expanding at a tremendous pace. A growing number of travelers, from different industries, demographic groups and parts of the country, are now choosing international destinations in search of enriching experiences. Our latest marketing campaign lends support to our sales activities in India by reaching out to a new generation of would-be explorers to go on inspirational journeys with Lufthansa. We wish to serve as an enabler for a travel savvy Indian nation to pursue newer adventures and horizons in their quest for self-discovery.”

Strong cross-media focus and launch of ‘Mobile Inspiration Tool’

Backed by powerful audio-visual content, the roll-out of #LifeChangingPlaces in India will differentiate itself on its strong cross-media interlocking and engagement across online, social media, TV, print, OOH and cinema. The campaign will further leverage innovative tools, creative formats and localized content to enhance delivery of the brand message to target audiences.

One such innovative tool launched for this campaign is Lufthansa’s Artificial Intelligence-led ‘Mobile Inspiration Tool’, which recommends potentially ‘life-changing destinations’ based on photos of where users are. One simply needs to log on to on a mobile device, click the photo of any surrounding object, and allow the tool to search through a database of several object-location combinations to suggest a ‘life-changing place’ for the user.

Over the coming months, Lufthansa will take the campaign further through a strategic BTL campaign backed by a creative social media concept, specialized targeting, contextual advertising, user experiences and engagement, long-format podcasts, relevant platforms and partnerships, and much more.

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ICICI Lombard partners with MobiKwik to offer an affordable online fraud protection policy

The partnership aims to provide protection against unauthorised and fraudulent transactions online, across bank accounts, debit/credit cards and mobile wallets

ICICI Lombard Mobikwik

ICICI Lombard, a private sector non-life insurance company in India, and Mobikwik, a digital financial services platform, announced a strategic partnership to provide cyber-insurance cover. 

The relationship aims to provide protection against unauthorised and fraudulent transactions online, across bank accounts, debit/credit cards and mobile wallets. MobiKwik users can avail the commercial cyber insurance policy underwritten by ICICI Lombard and enjoy the benefit of a stress-free and secured transaction. The cyber-insurance can be availed at only Rs 99 per month and with a sum insured of Rs 50,000.

Digital wallets aka e-wallets or mobile wallets, are in vogue currently given a growing population is going ‘cashless’. With the adoption of cashless transactions on the rise, it is but natural that the cyber threat landscape also magnifies. There are millions of transactions that take place every month on the MobiKwik wallet. 

This strategic cyber insurance product has been designed to provide the users with 360 degree insured security of their multiple bank accounts, debit and credit cards and mobile wallets. MobiKwik users can enrol for this group insurance product at the time of loading money into their wallet or in a standalone format, as per their wish. They can avail the cover digitally with an instant policy issuance. Additionally, the claims can be lodged digitally online. 

On the tie-up, Sanjeev Mantri, Executive Director, ICICI Lombard said, “We have always been ahead of the curve and introduced unique solutions at attractive price points. With the introduction of mobile wallets, transactions have become far more effective and convenient. But, these online transactions expose users to a new class of risks. Cyber-insurance thereby becomes imperative to provide customers protection against any kind of data security breach. This relationship with MobiKwik further strengthens ICICI Lombard’s endeavor to provide innovative and unique products against the new-age risks and cater to the needs of the customers of our business associates.”

Commenting on the launch, Upasana Taku, Co-founder and Director, MobiKwik said, “We have always been a trendsetter and launched innovative products in line with the customer requirements. We are the first mobile wallet company to provide cyber insurance for its customers. This product was the need of the hour in today’s digital era wherein a number of individuals prefer doing their financial transactions online. This is a category that has been untouched upon and is a promising one, with the rise in the adoption of digital payments, across cities and towns. We are committed to offering stress-free transactions not only on MobiKwik but also across all other banking and non-banking platforms, used by our customers. We have partnered with ICICI Lombard General Insurance for this product and are confident that this differentiated product will further enable more users to trust digital payments and will use them more actively, without any fear. We are committed to bring in many more innovative and affordable products to address the requirements of millions of Indians.”

Amway launches #EatHardEatSmart campaign promoting regular balanced diet

Amway will be launching a series of initiatives to further educate their direct sellers and consumers on the need of the daily requirement of nutrition in their regular diet

farhan akhtar

Amway India, a direct selling FMCG company, has launched #EatHardEatSmart campaign to promote and support the benefits of balanced nutritional intake for a healthy lifestyle.

Based on the concept of right and optimum nutrition, the #EatHardEatSmart campaign focuses on addressing the nutritional gaps that may arise since the regular diet may not be a balanced one. The resulting shortage in required amount of daily nutrition by the body can be managed through appropriate supplementation. 

Owing to changes in lifestyle and eating habits over the past few years, the nutritional gap has widened which might adversely affect the health and wellbeing of people. In line with its philosophy of helping people live better lives, Amway is strengthening its efforts to create awareness regarding proper nutritional intake and its positive impact on leading a healthy lifestyle. As a part of the #EatHardEatSmart campaign, the company will be launching a series of initiatives to further educate Amway direct sellers and consumers on the need of the daily requirement of nutrition in their regular diet. 

Launching the campaign, Sundip Shah, Chief Marketing Office, Amway India, said, “Eating a healthy and balanced diet every day is key to optimal health. However, considering the realities of today’s fast paced life and the irregular eating habits that have impacted the nutritional intake among Indians, I believe nutritional supplements along with regular diets can go a long way in improving the health of our nation.

According to various researches done over the years, 9 out of 10 Indians are protein deficient in their diets. Your regular diet may not contain the adequate amount of nutrition required daily. With this campaign, we are creating an awareness on the importance of protein, essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and omega-3 in regular diet.”  

He further added, “Amway has been leading not only the protein dietary supplement segment but also the vitamin and dietary supplements market in India.” 

Commenting on the campaign, Ajay Khanna, Category Head, Nutrition and Wellness, Amway India said, “At Amway, we believe in promoting good health and wellness for all. A nutritious, healthy and balanced diet along with physical activity is the foundation of good health. We are excited to launch #EatHardEatSmart campaign which creates an awareness on the importance of protein, essential nutrients vitamins, minerals and omega-3 in your regular diet. The initiative is also aligned with our continued focus on enhancing the lives of our consumers.”

Offering protein, essential vitamins and minerals, Amway’s Nutrilite has a strong legacy of more than 80 years of pioneering and perfecting the approach to supplementation. Nutrilite is one of the renowned vitamins and dietary supplements brand. Amway has signed actor Farhan Akhtar as the brand ambassador for the Nutrilite range in India to further promote the brand. 

Kurkure rolls out consumer connect programme ‘Caravan Talkies’ 

‘Caravan Talkies’ will travel across over 1,000 towns and villages of UP and deliver thought-provoking stories in an interactive way


As part of rural expansion plans, Kurkure has announced the roll-out of ‘Caravan Talkies’, a consumer connect programme in Uttar Pradesh. ‘Caravan Talkies’ will travel across over 1,000 towns and villages, reaching out to the rural population of Uttar Pradesh.

As part of this initiative, Caravan Talkies will conduct street plays in these towns and villages followed by movie screenings for the consumers. The Nukkad Natak, written exclusively for ‘Caravan Talkies’ will be performed by a team of professional artists, highlighting Kurkure’s new positioning “Khayaal toh chatpata hai” that focuses on progressive ideologies that the homemaker holds today. 

The Nukkad Natak will be delivering ‘thought-provoking’ stories in a fun and interactive way across various cities and districts in UP namely Lucknow, Kanpur, Meerut, Moradabad, Bariley, Gorakhpur, Ghaziabad, Kheri, Bahraich, Balrampur, Kannoj, Unnao, Rampur and Baghpat among others, starting this March till May. 

In addition, the Kurkure team will travel in a branded caravan to designated villages meeting with retailers and educating them about the brand and helping them in setting up with displays and branding. 

Dilen Gandhi, Director Marketing, Foods Category, PepsiCo India said, “Rural market represents the next phase of growth in India. As Kurkure accelerates its rural expansion, our initiative is designed to connect and engage with consumers and retailers through relevant brand experiences. This expansion is timed perfectly, as we embark on a new journey with our brand mantra, ‘Khayaal Toh Chatpata Hai’. The new positioning underlines the brand’s continued efforts to recognise the Indian homemaker, who has been the center force in bringing families together. We are confident that Caravan Talkies will help us in taking this thought forward amongst our consumers.”

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Samsung India launches Triple Inverter Technology powered ACs 

The new series will also have Triple Warranty benefits and will allow consumers change cooling capacity as per number of people in the room


Samsung India has announced the launch of its 2019 line-up of Air Conditioners. The new ACs with Triple Inverter Technology have been designed carefully keeping in mind the consumers’ needs and expectations, which are faster cooling, less electricity consumption and uncompromised cooling even in hot summers of upto 54 degree Celsius. 

The latest ACs will come with ‘Convertible Mode’ that lets a consumer change the cooling capacity basis the number of people present in the room. 

The new series will also have Triple Warranty benefits such as 10 years warranty on compressor, 5 years warranty on Durafin condenser and newly introduced 2 years warranty on PCB Controller on both Indoor and Outdoor units. 

The 2019 Series is a complete package of what consumers today expect from their Air Conditioner, be it in terms of energy efficiency, cooling capabilities, durability, innovative technology and contemporary design. 

“Energy efficiency is one of the primary parameters for consumers while making purchasing decisions for air conditioners. Our latest offering with cutting-edge triple-inverter technology and best Warranty proposition makes us one of the most energy efficient and durable brands in the industry,” said Ankur Kapoor, Deputy General Manager, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India. 

“Besides cooling comfort with optimum energy efficiency, the consumers will also enjoy offers like unlimited gas recharge free of cost for five years; 2 year warranty on PCB and reduced cost of installation among others,” he added.

ZEE5 and Nestaway come together to offer premium subscription to Assure customers 

This offer is available for Nestaway customers who choose to avail Nestaway Assure services


ZEE5 has joined hands with Nestaway Technologies to offer a bespoke gift of ZEE5 premium subscription to Nestaway Assure customers. Nestaway Assure is India’s first professional home maintenance subscription service, which aims at making the living experience in a rental house stress-free. This offer is available for all Nestaway customers who choose to avail Nestaway Assure services. 

Manish Aggarwal, Business Head, ZEE5 India, said, “Over the past year, we have been able to grow our subscriber base via associations with like-minded partners and brands. We see great synergies between the Nestaway customer and ZEE5 viewer. We are confident that they will enjoy the rich content repertoire and seamless viewing experience that ZEE5 offers today.”

Speaking on the partnership, Chirag Heda, Head of Customer Experience, Nestaway, said, “At Nestaway, our key focus is to eliminate the inconveniences in day-to-day living. Through Nestaway Assure, we help remove the uncertainty and hassles in home maintenance through proactive house checks and regular deep cleaning. We are extremely glad to be partnering with ZEE5 for the same and hope to bring their incredible on-the-go entertainment experience to all our valued customers. In the next few months, we will also launch Assure across 10,000 houses outside our own Nestaway network.”

Nestaway Technologies was started in 2015 and has more than 55,000 tenants and 25,000 homes in their network. Nestaway till date has raised $94.2 million in funding by investors such as Tiger Global, IDG Ventures, Ratan Tata, Yuri Milner and Goldman Sachs. With the acquisition of Zenify in May last year, Nestaway also entered the family rental solution business. 

Nestaway has its presence in 12 cities - Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Noida, Pune, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Navi Mumbai, Thane and Mumbai and is planning to launch in ten other cities, including Mysore and Chennai.

RSH Global assigns media mandate to Initiative

As part of the mandate, Initiative will handle integrated media planning and buying for JOY & X-MEN brands


RSH Global which owns Joy Personal Care and X-Men has announced the appointment of Initiative from the house of IPG Mediabrands as its Media Agency of Record.
RSH Global, headquartered in Kolkata, with three brands under its umbrella JOY, X-MEN and Karis, offers quality personal care products at affordable prices. 
Poulomi Roy, Chief Marketing Officer, RSH Global said, “We at RSH Global are gearing up for the next phase of growth and have adopted a multi-fold strategy to achieve our business objectives. Since serving Bharat continues to be our major focus area, we wanted a media agency with a strong understanding of the cultural diversity in a country like India. Innovation and breaking the stereotypes are at the core of whatever we do and we are confident that Initiative from IPG Mediabrands will add great value to the brand journey.”
RSH Global has recently announced their entry into the mass premium segment with “JOY Revive” and has roped in Mithila Palkar to promote the sunscreen under the Revive range of products.
The RSH Global account will be jointly handled by Initiative Kolkata and Gurugram offices. As part of the mandate, Initiative will handle integrated media planning and buying for JOY & X-MEN brands.
Talking about the new association, Vaishali Verma, CEO, Initiative, said, “We are extremely thankful to RSH Global for the trust they have shown in us. This win further strengthens our Kolkata and Gurugram offices. We are excited to partner RSH Global which is a significant player in the growing, dynamic category of personal care. It definitely expands our client portfolio further.” 
Arun Sharma, COO, Initiative, further added, “Personal care is a fast growing category in India and RSH Global is charting out a new trajectory in this space. I am extremely happy that they have chosen us to partner them in this new phase of growth. This association is truly meeting of minds. Both RSH Global and Initiative are extremely entrepreneurial in spirit. They particularly liked our FMCG credentials, passionate team spirit, our insightful and strategic thinking and tools and solutions.”

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L'Oréal’s offline-to-online campaign enables women to customise hair colour suggestions

The campaign by Wavemaker & mCanvas, engages users through mobile ad and through a QR code at salons to launch L’Oreal Professionnel’s latest hair color trend collection - Parisian Cool

LOreal Mobile Campaign

mCanvas, the experiential storytelling ad platform for small screens, has created an interactive ad campaign for L'Oréal to launch its new hair colour trend Parisian Cool by L'Oréal Professionnel. Users can also access this campaign offline, which is connected to a unique QR code that is printed on table-top announcers at 3,000 L’Oréal Professionnel salons in India. Using their mobile phones to scan the QR code, users are then directed to the digital experience.

To captivate the audience, users are asked about their lifestyle preferences and personality which in turn gives them the perfect corresponding Parisian Cool look from the assortment of 3 unique looks created as part of this collection. To amplify the campaign reach, Wavemaker and mCanvas conceptualized the experience for L'Oréal’s offline (salon) as well as online (digital) users.

Guiding them towards their ideal look, the creative posed 5 different questions to the user, each having three options to choose from. After answering all 5 questions, the ideal Parisian Cool look is revealed on the basis of the user’s answers. A small description explains why the featured hair colour is the perfect Parisian Cool shade and encourages users to get the look at a L’Oreal Professionnel salon.

Reaching close to 2.3 million users, the campaign is seeing a massive 2.5% click-through rate - beating the 0.20% industry average for mobile banner ads. The mobile ad campaign saw 7% of users visiting the landing page to learn more about this hair colour trend. For both the experiences - salon and mobile ad - users are spending over 60 seconds on average engaging with the brand narrative.

“Engaging the user with a personal touch through the creative is exactly what we were looking for to launch our new Parisian Cool hair colour trend collection, and the Wavemaker and mCanvas team have executed it flawlessly.” said Binaifer Pardiwalla, General Manager, L’Oreal Professionnel India She further added, “This combination of online and offline platforms has helped us set higher standards in personalized marketing to connect better with our audience.”

Commenting on the campaign, Mehak Rampal, Business Group Head, Wavemaker said, “The creative is generating curiosity about the new trendy looks by making the entire experience about the user discovering the perfect Parisian Cool look for themselves. Having the creative run on an offline and online platform is bringing out the best results of the campaign.”

Speaking about the campaign, Vishal Rupani, Co-founder & CEO, mCanvas said, “It is a first for mCanvas to run a creative on two platforms in such a manner. Getting users to scan a QR to experience the creative allows them to better engage with the brand whereas the ad run through the ‘Scroller’ format is generating interest about the product and driving new users to the salons to try the new Parisian Cool look.”

mCanvas Storytelling Ads | L'Oréal Professionnel | Offline (Salon) + Online (Digital) Experience

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