Online and offline commerce should be seamless to derive profit: Markus Noder, Serviceplan International

Markus Noder, Managing Partner, Serviceplan International, shared innovative tools, ideas and methodologies to generate tangible business values

e4m by Anam Khan
Updated: Nov 22, 2017 8:49 AM

Serviceplan India is one of the leading creative agencies in the country. Based in Gurugram,with the headquarter in Germany, they’re a fully integrated agency model that works under one roof and where brand strategists, creative professionals, media, design and online specialists, web designers, CRM experts, market researchers, PR consultants, sales and content specialists collaborate together. Markus Noder, Managing Partner, Serviceplan International, in an interview with exchange4media, shared innovative tools, ideas and methodologies to generate tangible business values. Excerpts:

Digital is shining bright in India. Being a marketing and advertising agency, how important do you think is the online space in India?

I think it’s super important. There was a discussion about online and offline, as everything is digital these days, so there is no way out. What we see in India is sometimes two steps ahead than what we see in Europe. It’s about how you use these possibilities in mobile and the digital spectrum on the whole. It’s not just the Europeans bringing all the assets to India, we are also learning a lot from India.

Will e-commerce be the death of shopping malls?

No. I don’t really think so. Shopping malls may now have other utilities. E-commerce will definitely be there to create an experience and bring ease in consumer’s life alongside offline commerce. Or appropriately called, seamless commerce. So, let’s hope for the best and see where and how it goes.

How is Serviceplan different from competitors when it comes to work approach?

I think what really differentiates us from the rest is the 'house of communication' concept which is 25 years old. It’s not just a trend for us because we were born integrated. That’s because we have always strongly believed in synthesis or matching. If you combine media with creativity and also technology/digital, you can create some great deals. It’s about getting them in sync and if you can do so, you can find solutions which will have a great impact on the branding site to raise awareness and also impact product sales. The house of communication is not just a concept, it’s a space. It’s one house, so all the agencies and experts are in one space. Talking about integration, we sit around the table and then talk to each other and that’s how you integrate. Then you can talk about something different.

How will Virtual Reality help marketers?
Well it’s a trial and error platform. We have to better understand how we can use it and integrate into business. At the moment, it’s not for every business. Honestly, I wouldn’t bet everything on VR. It’s a development we will see over time.

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