Multi-channel is the future of marketing: Amisha Jain, CEO, Zivame

In conversation with exchange4media, Amisha Jain spoke about her journey as CEO of Zivame, promoting brand sales through personalised customer experiences, strength of data and technology, and more

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Published: Dec 2, 2019 8:47 AM  | 5 min read
Amisha Jain, CEO, Zivame

Zivame facilitates women to shop uninhibitedly for intimate wear by making lingerie shopping personalised and convenient. Zivame has 35+ retail stores and a presence in 800+ partner stores across India. As the CEO of Zivame, Amisha Jain has always been passionate about building innovation-led consumer-centric brands. She is a firm believer of ‘One Team, One Voice’.

In conversation with exchange4media, Jain spoke about her journey as CEO of Zivame, marketing strategies, the future of marketing, harnessing strengths of data and technology, etc. 

Speaking about her journey as the CEO of Zivame, Jain said, "I joined Zivame in May 2018, and the journey has been a terrific one. Zivame has gone through a significant turnaround and transformation. We have not only seen 2X plus growth but also expanded a lot of our fundamentals and through that, we have seen 60 percent-plus growth in 2019.  If you see the performance of last year, you will see that the overall P&L has improved from a growth point of view. Our expenses have remained flat and our losses have come down significantly. What is great about the business is that we are probably one of the only brands from the digital space who can claim about the digital channel that contributes to the margin positively,  which means within a very short period of time you should see overall profitability as well. The company is tracking really well now, since the beginning of the fiscal year to now it's already six months, and we have clocked Rs 340 crore gross sales, annual run rate for the Zivame brand. So, this has been the primary source of success on one end. If you look at Zivame in the last 18 to 24 months, we have shown strength in  providing a fantastic platform for women, in terms of allowing her to explore, discover, and shop in the comfort of her home.”

Narrating about how the brand offers personalised experience to customers, Jain said, “We are catering to everybody profile. So, it's not about having the perfect body or having the perfect body type. It is more about making sure that she's comfortable in the products that are right for her. We have been on this journey of improving our platform. We have done a bunch of things in improving customer experience. One primary thing is that we have redesigned and rebuilt our fit code. The idea of the fit code was to enable her to be in a comfortable space and at the same time, be able to figure out what the right fit is.”

Elaborating on the strength of data and technology, Jain said, "We have built a large database of what we have learned from different profiles. Zivame has been able to build 300+ body profiles, where every woman has to take a set of questions, through the visual aids sheet. The fit experience in Zivame stores takes a woman through identifying the overall profile of a breast (from a firmness point of view to the fullness point of view to the overall shape perspective, etc), based on that we will determine which product is right for her. The fit code allows personalising the platform for her. Once you take the fit code, the site can then completely morph into something relevant to her. We are actually showing her what is right for the profiles. It's not about a size-centric rendering that we do. That's quite unique about us. We are building or improving customer experience, and it is powered by machine learning and data science.”

Today, 90 percent-plus of Zivame’s business comes from its own brand. 80 percent of their business is online. “Whether it is online or offline, our brand basically contributes the largest in terms of revenue. And the biggest reason is, the innovation that we put behind it,” Jain added. 

"We have a good chunk of revenue coming from Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. About 55 percent of our business comes from Tier-1, and the rest is coming from Tier-2, Tier-3, and beyond. The beauty of Zivame is that we have products for everyone. And our mission is to be in every Indian wardrobe,” Jain said. 

Jain said that multi-channel is the future of marketing.

“Omni probably is already a term of the past. I believe that the channels will evolve beyond online and offline thinking. What is important for Zivame is to be with the consumer and that is the next level of our journey, which is where we will pursue the multi-channel experience in a big way. We will continue to drive our online presence through our app and website etc, and to all the other channels that she wants to shop from. Marketplaces are equally important for us as a brand. As new channels of communication and trade come up, we will ensure that as a brand, we will embrace it,” Jain added. 

Revealing the marketing and expansion plans of Zivame, Jain said, “We are a digital-native brand and because of that, digital will be at the core of our strategy. We will continue to drive and lead within the digital platform. We will look to expand within the space of intimate wear. We are also planning for category expansion.”

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