Madbury and the many flavours of customer engagement

Anil Viswanathan, Senior Director- Marketing, Mondelez India, talks about the Madbury campaign on the sidelines of the launch of its third edition

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Updated: Oct 14, 2021 10:47 AM
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All thanks to technology and growth of digital domains for marketing, brands no longer have to choose between scale and customer intimacy. In fact, customer-centricity across marketing channels has become a source of achieving higher KPIs and even more importantly, first-party data that could help the business grow in a robust manner.

And in this world of cut-throat competition and ever-increasing volumes of brands, no brand can afford to skip this important aspect of marketing. And one brand that has possibly got it right is Cadbury. Through campaigns like 'Purple Heart' to fight cyberbullying, the brand has been engaging its consumers well. And with its Madbury campaign, which is running its third season this year, the company has made co-creation exciting. 

What is Madbury?

First launched in 2019, Madbury enables consumers to invent new flavours of Cadbury through a dedicated website. The consumers can access the website to mix and match up to two ingredients to create their own Cadbury, two of which will be launched into the market with a limited editions pack. 

Speaking about the core idea behind the platform, Anil Viswanathan, Senior Director- Marketing, Mondelez India says, “Consumers are more trusting of brands that are contextual and can tweak their messaging. Co-creation allows consumers to feel more connected to the brand. So, the objective is to get better ROI in a much more engaging way with an activity that doesn’t feel tactical.” 

He adds that Madbury is also a strategic platform to collect first-party data. “It’s not just an innovative approach to brand activation but also serves us with relevant first-party data into what our consumers like or would love to have, which is very important from a digital growth standpoint.” 

How has Madbury been performing 

If numbers are to go by, Madbury is delivering great performance for the past two years for the brand. As per data shared by the company, Madbury garnered more than 823 million impressions across platforms, and 205 million views. It engaged with 1.7 crore consumers in the first year, posted 1200+Mn impressions, and engaged with 2.3 mn consumers, welcoming entries from 5000+ locations in 2020. 

“When we were launching Madbury in 2019, we were expecting more of urban and GenZ participation, but the results surprised us. Because we marketed the platform to a universal audience, we got entries from across age groups and from locations across the country, right from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh, to Andamans, you name it! And the trend continued in the second year as well, with volumes of entries increasing. When we talk about gender ratio, it is a little bit skewed towards the women at 55:45,” Vishwanathan highlights. 

The Winning Flavours 

Vishwanathan takes deep pride in the sort of flavours that have won in the past two years. “I am so amazed and enthusiastic about the kind of flavours that the participants create every year. Yes, the flavours from the heartland might get a little more participation, but unique tastes from across the country are reflected in the entries that we get. Be it Chilli Orange or Paan, the contestants have been very creative with their entries.” 

In 2019, Cadbury Dairy Milk Hint O’Mint made with Cadbury Bournville flavour and Mint crystals, and Cadbury Dairy Milk Paanjeer, a combination of Paan flavour and Anjeer bites created by Apoorva Rajan from Bengaluru and Prabhjot Anand from Punjab, respectively were declared as winners. In 2020, Cadbury launched limited edition bars of the 2 winning flavours – Gulab Ae Khaas, a mix of rose and almond, and Chilly Orange, a fruity and spicy mix – created by Susan Saldanha from Mangalore and Sakshi Srivastava from Lucknow respectively. 

What’s Up for Madbury 3.0?

Vishwanathan is expecting to double the results for this season of Madbury and shares that the platform will get an extension just beyond the competition. “We are planning to extend the Madbury platform beyond the challenge as well because, as I said, it is very important for us from a digital growth perspective as well. You will see more activity happening on it. We will pair it up with our digital activities to get more eyeballs and results.” 

For the promotions, the brand is relying completely on digital platforms, “Madbury 3.0’s marketing is led by digital. Like every year, we will have some on-ground activations at supermarkets and retail stores as well, but primarily the focus will be on digital.” 

As the campaign is launched in the festive season, it will be supported by a robust television marketing campaign for the overall Cadbury portfolio. “We are cautiously optimistic about the festive season and you will see us active across media and platforms to promote our festive range of packs. We will be using all multimedia channels, influencers, and digital channels to promote the overall Mondelez portfolio but for Madbury, it’s going to be digital-first,” Vishwanathan concludes.

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