Looking to improve digital presence? Here’s what marketing experts suggest

At TechManch 2019, experts from the industry share key marketing trends that brands should keep in mind to garner better consumer interaction and improve ROI

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Published: Jul 2, 2019 8:40 AM  | 4 min read
Digital Marketing

exchange4media initiative TechManch 2019 saw marketing, digital and technology mavens speak about the latest digital marketing trends. Many of the esteemed speakers shared insights and case studies on how brands can leverage from these latest digital marketing trends and collect impactful insights through AI and Machine Learning. 

We spoke to some of the speakers and panellist at the event about the key marketing trends that brands should keep in mind to garner better consumer interaction and develop better ROI for their product/service.


From an Indian context, Ramakrishnan Ramamurthi, CEO, Polycab, said the amount of click-throughs in terms of advertising is not just about digital media advertising.

“It is about creating unique one-on-one relationships with consumers. It is about how brands can embed themselves in the digital lives of the consumers. At the same time, brands need to be conscious of a few faults. Are we invading too much privacy of the consumers? Are we really getting after data and numbers without losing the feel and the emotions in terms of our brand? Are we doing enough in terms of respecting our consumers? And the final question that marketers should keep in mind is: Are we being too obtrusive in terms of our interaction at various touch points? The easier we make our brands slip into the consumer's mind and create a good feeling without being too pokey, too intrusive and too disrespectful, the more will be the achievement,” Ramamurthi shared.

Suhail Sameer, CEO, RP Sanjiv Goenka group, advised marketers to use AI for insights. “The ability to merge insights from AI with vernacular content and influencer-based content is the key. Data has become so cheap and fast that I think this is a trend which will be very big in the next four years,” said Sameer. 

Clyde Nunes, Director, Sales, Truecaller, thinks marketers should know where consumers are going for consumption. “Video consumption is at its peak, thanks to accessible and economical mobile data and smartphones. But to know what consumers are consuming is extremely important for marketers. Are the consumers paying for premium memberships and subscriptions? It is an extremely important metric for marketers to look at. A lot of marketers are looking at videos being consumed for free, which is not a healthy metric. If it is free, you never know the quality of consumption that is actually coming in. But if the user is paying for it, you will know what content they are consuming and there is a lot of value there,” explained Nunes. 

For marketers, digital is ever evolving. AI and Machine Learning are something marketers need to focus on in order to predict what the next big thing is.

Nunes added, “In terms of servicing, marketers really need to live by the promises they are making. The Flipkarts and Amazons today know that the consumer is at the centre of the organisation. That shouldn’t be just for e-commerce, but it should be there with every other organisation. The marketer should live by the promises they make.”

According to Vivek Sharma, CMO, Pidilite, digital media is no longer a separate medium for the consumer. It is a part of their life. “Marketers have to use customisation, automation and AI to make sure that the message reaches the consumer in a seamless fashion. It has to be used intelligently. More use of video has to be made by marketers by not in a TVC sense but in a formal intelligent way where the video medium is used to increase awareness, education and provide information about the product. Different video messages should be given to consumers and influencers at different stages in their lives. The plus point of digital marketing is analytics,” stated Sharma. 

Marketers are sitting on a load of data which can be intelligently diced, sliced and used to really achieve marketing ROI on their investments.

“Marketers have to spend time collecting data intelligently for the future and invest in some CRI and analytics platforms so that the future can be far more exciting from a digital marketer’s point of view,” said Sharma. 


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