How AI-driven tool Kappa instantly converts consumer attention to brand actions

Prashanto Das & Shubham Chauhan, Founders of Hyperstate Technologies, elaborate on their AI-driven interaction technology 'Kappa' and the factors that differentiate it from other tech tools

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Updated: Jan 27, 2020 2:38 PM


Founders of Hyperstate Technologies

These days most brands are falling short in effectively engaging with their customers because they bombard them with one-way messages. This is leading to poor ROI’s for brands in achieving either business or communication goals. Kappa from Hyperstate is fulfilling this need gap. It converts consumer attention to commerce and effective brand actions. Kappa lets a brand tailor an experience, by combining multiple media files and rich media elements, and turning them into smart, 2-way, intelligent videos that even enables video-commerce. It empowers businesses to create funnels that convert consumers to customers instantly. All of this is achieved in minutes and hours and not days. Kappa also enables the brand to create direct relationships with consumers, this lets them create, manage and predict the demand for their product.

In conversation with exchange4media, Prashanto Das & Shubham Chauhan, Founders of Hyperstate Technologies, elaborate more on their brand new AI-driven interaction technology 'Kappa' and the factors that differentiate Kappa from other tech & tools.

On Hyperstate

In late 2018, Das, a media professional and Chauhan, an IIT-B alumni setup Hyperstate to fix the broken pipeline of attention in digital systems. They first trimmed the multi-platform, multi clicks, 6 step content dissemination and interaction process down to an effective, single click, single-window tailored experience. The simple problem they set out to solve was to convert attention to interest and instant commerce, especially in today’s, always distracted, attention-deficient environment.

Hyperstate builds simple and powerful collaboration SaaS tools for innovators. Currently, we are changing how videos are created and shipped for end-users to consume. Our proprietary AI-driven pipelines let brands publish smart videos that are intuitive, interactive and sensitive to a user’s behaviour and their environment. Our customers are also able to customize, scale and deepen engagement from 1 to 1 million users overnight and now also use them as vehicles for video-commerce says Shubham.

Elaborating further on how Kappa helps its clients to maximize ROI’s Prashanto mentions, “By enabling interactive content, which is disseminated quickly through multiplatform experiences, on mobile, web apps, email, SMS and ad campaigns. This when combined with our deep, real-time analytics & analysis of user behaviour, helps our clients to take real-time data-backed decisions on the fly, thus maximizing their ROI’s and getting a bigger bang for their marketing buck.”

Speaking about Kappa’s features, Chauhan says, “Kappa has a super intuitive drag & drop, no- code editor built for non-tech teams. Our general-purpose logic writer coupled with data models is unique, it turns even existing dumb assets into smart ones. Our tech is ready to fulfil all sorts of business needs, at scale and speed. “An ordinary linear video as disseminated currently is unable to cater to any of these, nor does it enable video-commerce instantly. Hence Kappa Video is a big disruption,” asserts Das.

Case Study

Elaborating on a case study done by Hyperstate using Kappa, they mention, We completed our first project for Vivo V 17 pro in the month of December 2019. The Kappa experience was delivered via programmatic advertising and was executed by a team of less than 3 creative people in 4 hours. Kappa excelled on parameters of speed, efficiency, and delivery. The video- creative made consumers choose what they wanted to see and in the order, they wanted to see. It didn't entail the creation of a multitude of time-consuming multiple videos normally done by very large teams.”

The Kappa experience was delivered via Google DV 360

They further add, “The combination of 4 videos into 1 meant that marketing spends were more focused, which resulted in a better ROI. 42 per cent of interacted sessions resulted in conversion to goals. Kappa delivered an engagement of about 4.3% on impressions served against an industry average of 0.1%-0.2% on traditional video. The average time spent on a session was also 65 seconds with a 6-sec intro/target video.”

“The campaign witnessed a jump of 600 per cent against an industry average of 30 per cent of audience retention on a traditional, single short-form video. 42 per cent of all interactions were focused and led to buying actions. Websites with an uncluttered interface where the Kappa Creative was served provided an engagement rate of up to 12 per cent. Kappa provided a richer, more engaging experience when compared to a one-way traditional video. On costs too, Kappa delivered more for less,” Das added.

“Kappa is not just a marketing or advertising product, it is a horizontal product that has implications across various sectors of the industry. It will even allow for existing content assets and libraries to be converted into two-way monetizable or interactive experiences. In the near future, we see Hyperstate powering Advertising & Marketing, BFSI, Healthcare, Entertainment and Education sectors with the full force of Intuitiveness, Interactivity and Data Analytics. With 80% of all internet slated to be video. Kappa will dramatically alter how video is created, served, consumed & even used to create new monetisation streams” With Kappa, we are indeed building the future of video concluded Das.

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