Isobar India spearheaded Visa's integrated campaign, a first for the agency

Isobar India, a digital agency belonging to the Dentsu Aegis Network, conceptualised and created the TVC for Visa’s Tap to Pay campaign for contactless cards

e4m by Rasika Kiran Upasani
Published: Mar 14, 2019 8:50 AM  | 3 min read

Isobar India, a digital agency belonging to the Dentsu Aegis Network in India, is working with clients to go beyond the digital medium to conceptualise TVCs, a domain that is typically led by mainline creative agencies. 

Recently, Isobar launched its first such project - Visa’s Tap to Pay campaign for contactless cards. “The Visa campaign was the first such project where Isobar conceptualised and created the TVC. We are now working with multiple clients to do similar work where Isobar will spearhead the campaign,” said Shamsuddin Jasani, Group MD, Isobar South Asia said. 

Jasani has been a strong advocate of letting digital agencies lead the charge for a campaign, and Visa became the first such client to work with Isobar on a pioneering project. “Isobar proactively brought us a simple yet powerful idea of linking the everyday habit of tapping to the product feature of Tap to Pay, and also suggested the creative platform of ‘Just like that.’ To convey the simplicity behind the action of tapping. As we started fleshing out the idea, it turned into an integrated 360˚ campaign that could drive the message home effectively across various media and to all our stakeholders – consumers, issuers & merchants – and even to other markets in the APAC region. With this potential in mind, we decided to give the mandate to Isobar to ensure consolidated and focused campaign ideation and execution,” said Anita Kanal, Vice President Consumer Marketing APAC, Visa, explaining how the campaign came to life. 

Anish Varghese, NCD, Isobar, said that the agency’s approach was heavily data science driven. “We wrote script basis data points. Most of the scenarios were crafted basis the data we collected from our target audience.” In addition, the agency worked backward with regard to cutting the film for the various digital platforms. “For films, new age advertising medium(s) need various renditions of the same film. To be precise, your script needs to be tight, tighter, and a little more tighter for the 15 sec, 10 sec & 5 sec respectively. In most cases the TVC is chopped to match the duration, this may result in losing the essence of the concept. What we’d done differently is we’d written multiple scripts to make the film tighter in terms of duration, so that we can serve the needs of various publishers without losing the essence of the concept,” he said. 

With clients like Visa backing a digital agency’s idea to conceptualise and execute an integrated 360-degree campaign, digital agencies can hope that marketers will be more open to an idea coming from them. “Most agencies today recognize the need for integrated campaigns and have the wherewithal to execute them. A good idea can come from anywhere, be it a mainline or a digital agency. In today’s complex and evolving media environment, with blurring demarcations between traditional & digital, agencies should think holistically about what they are asked to achieve, and should always anchor back to the customer journey,” said Kanal. 

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