Is your brand in the #LeagueofTrends, asks Shradha Agarwal, Grapes Digital

Guest Column: COO, Grapes Digital talks about some of the trends marketers would want to spend money on

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Updated: Jan 8, 2019 8:08 AM
Shradha Agarwal

With the booming Indian economy, the spends in digital will increase from 15 per cent to 26 per cent approximately in 2019. That’s a lot! The growth in digital spends are exponential and every brand marketer is interested in spending more in digital marketing and technology today. So where will all this money go? Let’s see a few trends where marketers would happily spend their money. 


Everyone believes in the power of data collection and digital tracking. A recent study has indicated that 60 per cent of the Indian marketers are interested in increasing the spends on technology in 2019.  Digital has helped marketers explore and segment their primary data unlike earlier where dependency on secondary data was higher. Indian marketers need to be really careful in strategising, collecting, integrating and using consumer data to improve the ROI.

Video Content 

Social Experiments, Real Life Stories and On-ground campaign Case Studies will be the next three big formats implemented by Indian marketers to integrate their brands in 2019. This has already seen a rise in 2018 and will continue to increase in 2019. Marketers will also combine all mediums (Print, Outdoor, TV and Digital) to create a complete impact and 360-degree campaign for their consumers. One of the best examples was the Hugerithm by Snickers where conversations online impacted the price of Snickers offline in 24x7 stores.

Social Platform Features 

Every year Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat launch a lot of cool features like Twitter Thread, Animojis, Edit Facebook comment, Name Tag etc. Brand marketers jump on these trending features and topics to create unique stuff for their campaign and showcase their innovative and creative capabilities.

Here are a few examples from the past: 

World’s first Twitter sex using Twitter Auto Responder –

It’s exciting. It’s bold. It’s the #ManforcePowerplay
Have you experienced this action? Begin by choosing a pitch.

India’s First Animoji Campaign by VLCC:

Voice, Bots, AI and IOT:

Last but not the least, India is opening up to voice search, especially because we are a country of multiple languages and prefer speaking over texting. Research says that by 2020, at least half the search queries would be voice-based. With Alexa, Google Home and IOTs, India is gaining momentum towards adoption of smart technology. While it has been talked about and used by a few marketers till now, one can expect a huge rise in demand and usage of these by marketers. Apart from brands, content marketers too have jumped on it; for eg: RED FM introduced its newest RJ - Robot Rashmi or World’s first AI News Anchor in China. 

If you have not started working towards the above four, till now, then it’s the right time to get started. Apart from the above listed ones, every marketer should keep their eyes on the next big thing because the world, its consumers and technology, all of them, are changing rapidly and you never know what’s there in the future. 

(The author is COO, Grapes Digital)

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