IRS reinforces print as a strong medium of marketing: Veejay Nakra, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd

Veejay Nakra, Chief of Sales & Marketing – Automotive Division, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. feels print will continue to be one of the largest medium on which money is being spent

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Published: Feb 6, 2018 8:58 AM  | 2 min read

The findings of Indian Readership Survey (IRS) reinstated the importance of print and busted the myth of it dying. Marketers feel the same way. Veejay Nakra, Chief of Sales & Marketing - Automotive Division, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. goes on to add that it will continue to be one of the largest mediums on which money is being spent.


What's your take on print medium with IRS coming out?

If you look at the industry, our category or industry in terms of marketing spends print still happens to be the largest media spent by far. Although if you look at the proportion of print and television, the gap is reducing but it's still the largest. It will continue to be.

Is there a change in sentiment towards print advertising?

All decisions are not based on data. Most matured marketers, while they keep that at the back, they still understand the largest sentiment when they take a decision. It's not just data driven. When you bring that into play, I think the decision works very much and that you cannot ignore print as a medium, be it national or regional. It will continue to be an integral part of our marketing strategy.

Is there an increase in spending towards this medium?

If proportions are anyway so hugely skewed towards print, I don't see that. Just because this data has come out suddenly, you will see a drop of spends in television and shift towards print, I don't see anything like that. I just think it reinforces the fact that print is a strong medium of marketing and communication. That's how it's going to be.

With regional showing significant growth, will spending in regional media accelerate?

Absolutely. Even for us it happens. With a lot of our brands skewed towards semi-urban and rural, most of our advertising and communication happens in local print dailies. It doesn't happen in national dailies. A large section of people are in rural India. For them, we use rural publications that we need to.

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