How brands are taking up social media 'challenges'

As the #faceappchallenge took over Twitter and Instagram, we spoke to industry experts to decode how brands and marketers are making the most of such social media phenomenon

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Updated: Jul 18, 2019 8:30 AM

The social media world is on fire with the buzz created by the #faceappchallenge. On Wednesday, Twitter and Instagram were flooded with sagging images of celebrities and stars from Hollywood and Bollywood. 

While some were sporting enough to post their own sagging images, Hotstar Premium took to Twitter and posted a creative advert with a picture of Melisandre, the character from ‘Game of Thrones’. The creative was released on Tuesday night by Mumbai-based digital agency Kinnect. Rohan Mehta, CEO, Kinnect, said, “The Face App filter is so much fun, but beyond that it is another way for people to use Augmented Reality in their daily lives. It shows the power of interactive content to capture the interest of millennial consumers rapidly. Our brands have created content using this filter and this has resonated deeply with their target audiences.”


The recent #BottleCapChallenge, #IceBucketChallenge or the #KikiChallenge all led to a similar phenomenon. 

Social media or digital platforms have always been the most sought after anchor for marketers, brands and advertisers to engage with the consumers. Moment marketing with the help of technology like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and AI-powered apps have been used as a brand strategy to garner attention with consumers on a daily basis, say experts.

Moment marketing has become a quick means to gain consumer attention, say many. Marketers, brand experts, creative agencies alike believe advertisers and brands are cashing in on such opportunities to increase brand recall.


Can these opportunities prove beneficial for a brand or an advertiser in the long run? Prashant Puri, CEO and Co-founder, Adlift, said: “These challenges have become a quick means to gain user engagement. I don’t see these opportunities dying out anytime soon. In fact, new challenges will be created and leveraged by brands.”

The Augmented Reality-powered FaceApp was launched in 2017 but wasn’t a hit until yesterday. It created a stir globally after the company worked on the technicalities, giving improved results of people augmenting their photos with the help of Artificial Intelligence. 

FaceApp got instant results with over 10 million downloads. The #faceappchallenge has recorded over 28.1k impressions on Twitter.

According to Gopa Kumar, COO, Isobar, brands use these apps or such social media phenomenon to be part of that moment and be part of the conversation. “It’s a good way to garner a share of voice or get into social conversations among people. I believe it’s a good moment marketing approach if it fits in with the overall brand voice on digital or social platforms, and gives the brand a talking point. But it’s very short term as these apps may come and go. It’s important to remember what the brand stands for and the narrative, and if these tactics are actually in line with the overall brand matrix it operates in.”

Brand marketer Rama K says from a ‘brand behaviour’ and ‘psychology perspective’ AR and VR are great tools to create a buzz in the market.
The Prisma Challenge or #10-yearChallenge, have been instances of brands, marketers and advertisers proactively leveraging from the campaigns. Although short-lived, advertisers still utilise them as tools to capture the moment. 



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