Himalaya gets new sonic identity

The new identity has been created by BrandMusiq

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Published: Jun 20, 2022 3:31 PM  | 4 min read

Branding agency BrandMusiq has developed a new sonic identity for the Himalaya Wellness Company. BrandMusiq created the MOGO® (‘musical logo’) and the MOGOSCAPE® (sonic palette) of the Himalaya brand.

Himalaya’s sonic identity is aimed at connecting with the consumer at a fundamental emotional level and engaging them more deeply with the brand, the agency said.

Himalaya Wellness Company has launched a new equity campaign that inspires consumers across age groups to prioritize health and wellness. The campaign brings to life Himalaya’s vision of “Wellness in Every Home, Happiness in Every Heart.”


Over the past nine decades, Himalaya has been championing health and wellness, which consumers across the globe want to embrace. Himalaya believes that the world will be a happier place if each of us prioritize our health and wellness. The new campaign aims at drawing attention to the shift in our lifestyles and the importance of preventive health care for good health and well-being.


Speaking on the campaign, Rajesh Krishnamurthy, Business Director - Consumer Products Division, Himalaya Wellness Company, said, At Himalaya, we believe that wellness is the real happiness. This brand film reiterates our commitment to creating awareness on the role of wellness for healthy and happy living. Himalaya has pioneered and developed a range of head-to-heel consumer products, reinforcing our vision of Wellness in Every Home, Happiness in Every Heart. The sonic identity beautifully captures and blends the core emotions that the brand evokes; happiness, care, love and a sense of calm and well-being”.


Shedding light on the strategic framework for the sonic identity creation, Dipak Marwah, Director- BrandMusiq said: “BrandMusiq used its proprietary 3-stage process to create the brand’s sonic identity. In the 1st stage – the Brand Discovery process- the Himalaya Client and BrandMusiq zeroed on to a few key strategic brand decisions. One, that it had a strong heritage in Ayurveda and the products were completely natural and pure. Second, that it was research-based, safe and efficacious. And third, it was an innovative and progressive brand, blending the best of tradition and modernity.

It was essential that consumers perceived it as a Caring yet Innovative brand. In terms of emotions, the brand was to convey a sense of happiness, love, peace/calm and feel-good because of the product usage and sensorials. The brand essence was distilled sharply into Wellness equalling Happiness.”

Speaking on the sonic approach for the identity, Rajeev Raja, Founder & Soundsmith, BrandMusiq said, “Basis the strategic framework we used the science of sound and music to evoke the brand’s desired persona and emotions. The composition used a scale which instantly evoked a feeling of caring and wellness. The careful choice of organic instruments such as the acoustic guitar and piano to express the melodic structure and the fusion of western rhythms with the Indian tabla, underlined the brand’s blend of Indian heritage and global quality.”

Over the years, BrandMusiq has successfully unlocked sound opportunities for consumer brands to create a long-lasting emotional association with their audiences across a multitude of ‘earpoints or ‘audio touchpoints’.

By applying their time-tested process, the company has developed sonic identities that connect with consumers at a deeper, more subliminal level. BrandMusiq has created and managed sonic identities for several other renowned Global and Indian brands including MasterCard Global, Unilever, HDFC Bank, Vistara Airlines, Zomato, Raymond, Kraft, Nestle, Blue Band, MG Motors, Reliance Petroleum, and many other brands.

BrandMusiq has recently launched BrandMusiq Labs, to study the fundamental nature of sound and its effect on human beings at an emotional, physiological and neurological level. It will conduct sonic experiments, create sonic experiences, and engage in conversation with leading practitioners in marketing, sonic branding, behavioural sciences, and musicologists.


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