Having emotional connect is an essential strategy for a brand: Sagar Boke, Tata Chemicals

Boke, Head-Marketing, Consumer Product Business, Tata Chemicals Ltd, talks about Tata Salt’s ‘Kumbh kay shravaan’ campaign, future plans and more

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Updated: Mar 14, 2019 8:21 AM

Over the years, Kumbh Mela has become a paradise for brands as it offers them a huge opportunity to connect with thousands of consumers. In the past, some of the top brands from different categories have done innovations to stand out at the religious gathering.

This year, Tata Salt brought their A game. The brand decided to help the elderly and differently abled devotees with their ‘Kumbh kay shravaan’ campaign. Volunteers stepped in to help and provide comfort to all such devotees. The campaign was a huge success and won many hearts, both online as well as offline.

We spoke to Sagar Boke, Head-Marketing, Consumer Product Business, Tata Chemicals Ltd., about it, the love they received and what's in the pipeline going ahead. 



Tell us about the rationale behind Tata Salt’s campaign at Kumbh. Also, tell us about its success. 


Kumbh Mela is hugely crowded because of which the elderly and differently-abled devotees find it challenging to walk to the banks of the river for their holy dip. Further, with no public transportation allowed on this stretch, this section of devotees are left with no choice but to walk the path, causing them a lot of discomfort. Tata Salt, being empathetic to the problem, decided to address it through an innovative yet simple solution by sending its ‘Kumbh kay shravan’. The response has been positive as it reminded people of ‘Shravan Kumar’ who was a dutiful son. The video has over a lakh views and many encouraging comments.


How important is it for a brand to conduct campaigns with a message? How does engagement helps in boosting the overall revenue of the brands? 


Having an emotional connect is a very essential strategy for any brand. At Tata Salt, we believe in connecting with our consumers in a meaningful way, thereby becoming a quintessential part of their lives. The idea is to delight the customer with solution for a problem that they are facing. The impact of such campaigns can only be seen over a period of time. One of the metrics that we look at is the kind of conversations that take place about the brand. And we have noticed that there is always a positive sentiment for the brand, and this constitutes almost 95% of the conversations. The tonality of the sentiment is a major component of today’s day and age. Social media definitely plays an important role and it definitely helps in the long run.

What is your prime focus for retaining customers? 

In a year’s time, we have touched the lives of around 65 crore customers in India, which is half of our country’s population. This only happens because of the good performance of the product and customers’ affinity for the brand. I think it will not happen if only one lever is strong and other is not strong.


What will be the brand’s focus for this year? 

For a long time, our positioning has been ‘Desh ka namak’. For the past 2-3 years, we have repositioned ourselves as ‘Desh ki sehat, desh ka namak’. So, we intend to connect the brand with health and have communication that talks about health.

Tata Salt is a vacuum evaporated salt that has the right amount of iodine. Iodine deficiency is one of the biggest health issues that the country faces. Tata Salt was born out of that. We also have other products such as Tata Salt Plus and Tata Salt Lite. All these products are aimed at solving some kind of health problem. We are providing solution to a health problem through as basic a solution as salt. On Republic Day and Independence Day, we created salt art videos. So how do we bring ‘Desh ki sehat, desh ka namak’ to the fore is the focal point of our strategy.


Will we witness any more campaigns? What’s in the store?  

Yes, definitely. Our main focus for future will be on four levers of marketing strategies: 1) Conversion: How do we upgrade the customers from using local brands or unbranded salt to Tata Salt. 2) Upgrade customers from basic salt to low-sodium salt, rock salt etc. 3) Conversations that can create brand love. 4) Thought leadership on salt as it is an essential health carrier. So, all of our campaigns will evaluate these four strategic pillars in the future as well.

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