‘Gaming is providing engagement at scale’

At the e4m GameOn summit, a panel of brand leaders and marketers took part in a virtual chat to discuss how gaming works for brands

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Published: Mar 12, 2022 9:18 AM  | 3 min read
Game On

e4m GameOn 2022 - an online gaming summit hosted by the exchange4media group on March 11 - witnessed an eclectic panel coming together to discuss ‘Making Gaming Work For Brands’. Brand leaders across sectors participated in the discussion to share their insights on how brands were tapping into the passion of online gamers by seeking to engage them within the gaming environments they inhabit.

On the panel were Alakshit Tripathi, Industry Head - Consumer Packaged Goods, InMobi; Shreya Sachdev, Head, Marketing, PUMA; Santosh Iyer, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Mercedes Benz, and Anurag Khurana, CEO & Founder, Newgen Gaming. The panel was moderated by Subhamoy Das, Sr. Business Director at ESP Properties.

Das opened the session by asking Tripathi to sum up how InMobi was helping brands to leverage the gaming space. “A 2020 report said 3.5 billion users are available through social channels and 2.5 billion are gamers. About 74% of the social universe is at gaming, but the ad spends here are only 5%. The queue is large but it is bridging and that’s exactly where InMobi plays a role.” He further said that the role of InMobi is therefore in helping brands discover an audience pool that excites the brand and plugs audience segments to help brands reach the right sector.

Taking the conversation further, Iyer said, brands of today want to be present where the consumers are and they don’t want to be missed out. Therefore, Mercedez spends more on experiential and product placement as compared to Ad Spends on gaming. “Through our partnerships in esports, we find is that there is less tangibility. We don’t measure it by clicks/leads/form fills as it’s not the way to measure brand presence. We measure it in terms of engagement.”

Building along similar lines, Khurana shared his belief that the most optimal usage of esports is as an awareness funnel. “We are in the process of developing a grassroots for esports. Everyone today is working at the top of the funnel, so we are looking at the bottom of the pyramid and therefore the engagement with the community is phenomenal,” he added.

Given that esports very much fits in the definition of performance sports, sports brands Puma will look at it in the same way as any other sport, Sachdev pointed out. The brand finds the balance across the funnel as opposed to concentrating on one part of it. “It is at the end about the whole gamut of how any sports brand would look at investing in and performance sports. We would invest across the board both in terms of high performance and reaching out to the amateur ecosystem and engaging with them as well,” she noted.

Concluding the session, Das said, “The key takeaway from today’s session is that gaming is providing engagement at scale, be it in terms of community, esports, in-game integration opportunities or another plethora of options.”

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