For Ferrero Rocher as a strategy, digital works better than TV: Emanuele Fiordalisi

“While Ferrero Rocher and Nutella focus more on the digital platform, Kinder Joy and Tic Tac engage with the audience through television as well,” says Emanuele Fiordalisi, Marketing Head, Ferrero Rocher India

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Updated: Sep 18, 2015 8:02 AM
For Ferrero Rocher as a strategy, digital works better than TV: Emanuele Fiordalisi

The festive season activity for Ferrero Rocher India has already kick-started with the Raksha Bandhan campaign, where along with a digital contest there was also on-ground activations in several stores and malls.

Be it Diwali or Raksha Bandhan, Ferrero Rocher always engages with its consumers through either digital or in-store activity. Emanuele Fiordalisi, Marketing Head, Ferrero India said, “Ferrero Rocher is a premium and luxury brand for the chocolate segment and we are covering occasions. However, it is not only for occasions, it is also meant for daily moments of celebrations-it can be anniversary, birthdays or a simple Thank You to your loved ones, Ferrero Rocher plays the vital role for all the events.”

Under their portfolio,  there is Ferrero Rocher, Kinder Joy, Tic Tac and Nutella and their consumer engagement strategy also varies. While Ferrero Rocher and Nutella focus more on the digital platform, Kinder Joy and Tic Tac engages with the audience through television as well.

Excerpts of the interview:

For Rocher you are more into digital, is there any specific reason behind it?

We did some TV campaigns in the past, but this year our focus is mainly on digital. The reason we are not using TV now is because we have found that as a strategy-digital is working better for us. Also since it is very important to be closer to your TG who is primarily always on all the digital devices, we have chosen to take the digital route. However, going ahead, we will decide, if we need to do TV, and as per our requirement we will decide on our media plan.

Since it is a premium product, what is the response from the tier ii and the tier iii areas?

The response is good, Ferrero Rocher is a very strong brand in the world and at the same time, it has a strong equity in India as well. Even though our focus is mainly in tier I cities, but we have been receiving a lot of positive response on social media from the other smaller towns as well.

What is the primary target audience for Ferrero Rocher?

Our target audience is mainly the young audience and adults, from 25 to 45 years old, both male and female.

For Tic Tac, you have been experimenting with a lot of local flavours. What kind of research goes behind it?

It is very important to stay in touch with the consumers, so not only for Tic Tac, but for our other brands as well, we always keep on doing researches before coming up with any new innovation. We are trying to accommodate and satisfy local needs and local insights. Few months back, we introduced the Elaichi flavour because it is a flavour which Indians use and is very close to our positioning of a mouth freshener.

Before launching any product, we first do a CPT- Concept Product Testing and then we develop the different flavours. We understand the likability, appreciation of the taste and then we do a group testing, before launching it in the markets.

What is the overall marketing strategy for all your Ferrero brands?

As a strategy, we will be renovating in order to stay close to the consumers. Be it in the form of innovating flavours, toys for Kinder Joy or any kind of consumer activity, we will be refreshing our offers across the months. The main intention is to create sub-brands which will be loved by our consumers.

With other fake brands replicating your product, does it kind of eat into your profit margin?

It has always happened, not only with Ferrero Rocher, but for our other brands-like Kinder Joy or Tic Tac, there are smaller companies who are trying to replicate our product. It is a common phenomenon in the luxury and the electronic segment. No it doesn’t eat into our profit share, because our products have a Unique Selling Proposition. We didn’t have any big issues so far, but if there is any, we will try to ensure and take the appropriate legal action.

What kind of marketing challenges do you face in India?

India market is very dynamic and the consumer is always evolving. The best way to interact with the consumers is to be honest to them and to always keep communicating the USP of each product to the consumers. However, there are some challenges in the form of distribution, which we are sure will go away as the market evolves. Being in the mind and heart of the consumers today is very important. 

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