For advertising to work on TV, even TV has to work harder for advertising: Sagar Kapoor

At the TV First conference in Mumbai, Kapoor, Chief Creative Officer, Lowe Lintas shares his insights on the lessons learnt from Digital, that are applied to Television advertising

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Published: Feb 1, 2019 2:32 PM  | 3 min read
Sagar Kapoor

The convergence of TV and Digital in the past few years has meant the Television content is now viewed on the mobile screen and the so called Digital and OTT content is often used on the small screen. In this scenario, how do you create an advertisement for an audience that consumes content on both platforms? Giving his insights on the topic ‘The 6 seconds impact on the 30 seconds storytelling’ was Sagar Kapoor, Chief Creative Officer, Lowe Lintas at the TV First conference in Mumbai. 

“As story tellers, we realised it might be a unique opportunity to unlearn a little bit of TV and to learn a little bit of digital in terms of crafting and getting that craft to Television as well. The reality is that the same message is on Television and Digital as well and we need to understand the audience that is consuming the content and what they want,” says Kapoor.

Sharing his insights, Kapoor added that the stories should be “shorter, sharper and smarter” as the audience today is short of time and well-informed. Talking about the learnings from Digital, he says, “The points that we borrowed from the Digital world and brought to Television was the snack-able quality of content. The other insight was that people love consuming serialised content on the Digital platform. Advertising should also keep the consumer engaged with regular snack-able content and keep refreshing the content as much as possible, even on Television.” Another insight picked from Digital, was the pitch of the humour and references also taken from stand-up comedy popular on the Digital platform.

Talking about the very popular Swiggy campaign that went viral during the Indian Premier League (IPL). Kapoor revealed that the campaign was only created with the IPL in mind, however, its life went beyond IPL. The principle idea for the ad was to keep it crisp, snack-able, to the point, one feature at a time and duration of each ad varying between 10 seconds and 20 seconds. The other highlight of the campaign was the actor who played “the gulab jamun uncle.” Another learning from digital was “how do we style and cast better.” Kapoor says that the casting for Television advertising has to change as there exists a lot of stereotypes on Television advertising. 

On a final note he says, “We have to be smarter both in terms of frequency, messaging, styling and in the casting for the ad. The piece of communication should be smarter, cheekier, with the humour having its own tone, with one feature.” He continues, “For advertising to work on Television, even Television has to work a bit harder for advertising. If the original content on the medium is not strong enough to pull people, then the ad will not pull people. There might be a little dark cloud about Television. Each ad that used to be created for Television earlier, had a long life and was highly repetitive. On Digital, it is pushed onto you all the time and you might touch it once or twice. The ad has to be charming, engaging and even if your see it repetitively, you should still be in love with it.”

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