Facebook unveils poll, playable and Augmented Reality ad formats

With the ‘Advertising You Can Play With’ offering, Facebook aims to let advertisers use more interactive and playful ways to connect with audiences and communities

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Updated: Sep 20, 2019 6:06 PM



Facebook has announced three new commercial products – poll, playable and augmented reality ads to enable advertisers to playfully interact with consumers without complex software development.

The new features, under the banner of ‘Advertising You Can Play With’, will only be available on News Feed as of now. With poll ads, brands will be able to ask users to vote on issues ranging  from trivial questions to serious customer research. In playable ads, advertisers will be able to create gamified content and distribute it as advertising. AR ads will enable consumers  to interact with brands through their smartphones.

"Advertising needs to work harder than ever to be more relevant and rewarding for the people we're making it for," Mark D’Arcy, VP of Global Business Marketing and Chief Creative Officer at Facebook, was quoted as saying at a press event in New York City. "Creativity, as always, is the key and our new polling, AR, and Playable Ads are great examples of more interactive and playful ways to surprise, delight, inform, and connect with the audiences and communities we all serve."

All three offerings are expansions of existing capabilities.  D’Arcy said the updates to Facebook’s advertiser offering represented an acknowledgement that its “audience are creators too. There’s been a shift from this monologue of marketing at people ... it has to be now approached fundamentally with a humility that the audience is in power as well,” he added.

With the festive season just round the corner in India, this suite of interactive ads can help advertisers engage with their consumers in new and interesting ways.

"At Facebook, we build for people first. This means our products, services, and ad solutions have evolved to meet people’s growing desire to engage and participate in ideas. This is also a key reason why they have delivered consistent business results for our advertisers, large and small. In the age of reducing attention spans, Interactive ads are one of the most effective ways of holding the attention of the consumer. They are also easy to execute - a poll ad can be created in just five seconds. The new ad bundle will especially add value to brands looking at high-engagement festive campaigns,” said Sandeep Bhushan, Director and Head of Global Marketing Solutions (GMS), at Facebook India.

Increasingly people want to participate in a brand’s big idea and they’re using innovative ways of doing so - less words, more GIFs, Lives, Reactions, emojis, face filters, and stickers.  In turn, brands and people are becoming more intertwined and it’s changing digital advertising from a one-way push communication to an ongoing dialogue powered by creativity. “This behavior is unfolding across our family of apps. Already, 60% of businesses on Instagram use an interactive element such as @mention, hashtag or poll sticker, in Stories every month. What started with exploring new things on mobile has morphed into vast and varied conversations that welcome people’s participation and will eventually immerse them into shared experiences. To help brands further embrace this trend, we are announcing new ad solutions that encourage a playful experience between people and businesses, and deliver results,” said May Seow, APAC Creative Strategy Lead, The Creative Shop at Facebook.



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