e4m MarTech Bridge1: 'Agility a catalyst in transforming businesses on the digital front'

On day 4 of the series, experts Scott Brinker, Sharat Dhall, Manu Lavanya, Paranth Thiruvengadam, Yash Dayal and Sandeep Komaravelly shared insights on digital strategies for a post-COVID ecosystem

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Updated: Jun 27, 2020 10:25 AM
Martech bridge 1

The 4th Day of e4m’s week-long virtual series MarTech Bridge1 took place yesterday with sessions, presentations, and a panel discussion on commerce and digital strategies in a post-COVID ecosystem. 

To decode new strategies in commerce and technology in a post-COVID environment, the virtual conference had MarTech leaders like Sharat Dhall, COO, Policybazaar, Manu Lavanya, Director & COO, Max Life Insurance; Scott Brinker, VP Platform Ecosystem, HubSpot, Editor, chiefmartec.com; Paranth Thiruvengadam, CTO, Medlife; Yash Dayal, CTO, Zivame; and Sandeep Komaravelly, Director of International Growth, Shopify. 

The event started off with an Expert Talk by Sharat Dhall on ‘E-Commerce in India: Marketing Gamut & Brand Building in Current Times’. While sharing his insights on the topic, he said, "The need and relevance of insurance in a person’s life have come to the fore for many. It started out with people searching for Life Insurance but over the last couple of months, it has been more about the Health Insurance space. From a business perspective, it has been a good time in this period and we have grown about 70-80%.” 

Speaking on the MarTech journey during this period, Dhall remarked, “We quickly realized on the online side the consumption of digital, mobile, and app was going through the roof. So, we had to reorganize how we spent our money focusing primarily on TV, which typically would advertise only in peak hours in the evening slots. We moved our media spends across daypacks so as to reach a wider audience. On the digital side, it was about expanding our reach with a lot of programmatic buying which we implemented fairly effectively and quickly.” 

Dhall shared that customers want messages that are far more personalized and he thinks that it is very important for a brand to ensure that they are able to understand where their customers are coming from and what stage of life they are in. That is the only way to offer suitable solutions which is very important he commented. 

Dhall’s Expert Talk session was followed by a presentation by Manu Lavanya who highlighted the topic: ‘Digital Transformation: The New Muscle Post COVID’. Lavanya says that it is less about technology being new as a concept and more about why it is the permanent muscle post COVID. 

Lavanya explained why existing businesses need to convert into digital: “Customer digital Maturity is seeing a change. There has been a 40% increase in time spent on news and social networking apps. Customer behaviour and expectations also are going to change in the post COVID world and they have become more digitally active.” 

Lavanya noted four key factors that are new muscles which will drive the process: Acceleration of digital sales, End to End Digital enablement, Innovation, and Process Digitalization. 

Scott Brinker, often known as the Godfather of MarTech, presented the keynote session, sharing his viewpoints on ‘The New Rules of Marketing Technology & Operations’. 

“There is so much change in marketing over the years. The MarTech landscape growth from 2011- 2020 is exponential. CX & ROI has seen 28% accelerate revenue growth across the organization”, shared Brinker. 

Brinker remarked that this period is the golden age of marketing. He pointed out the new rules of marketing technology and operations: "Centralize everything you can, Automate everything you can, Decentralize everything you can, Humanize everything you can and lastly, Embrace continuous change." 

Brinker went on to share saying, “In this scenario, we see that technology changes quickly rather than organizational changes. So we really need to be agile. SAAS companies are doing better during COVID times. It has become a catalyst in transforming the business and organization on the digital front. You need to have a digital presence. At the end of the day, what motivates business is survival.” 

Ending the virtual session with three thought leaders was a panel discussion along with Paranth Thiruvengadam, Yash Dayal, and Sandeep Komaravelly. The topic for the point of discussion was on ‘The road ahead for Indian Ecommerce Industry post-COVID-19’. 

Komaravelly pointed out that they have seen two trends: “One is a lot of surge in the demand for the retailers to go online, and second is the importance of selling and delivering locally.” 

Dayal went on to share his viewpoint, saying the amount of unpredictability is very high. “It has given us the opportunity to go back and rework on our strategy and work on new technology”, commented Dayal.

Speaking about what has changed from the perspective of a consumer Thiruvengadam says, “E- Consultation demands have increased drastically during these COVID times. There is a need for contactless experience and delivery. People who are not adept at prepaid prefer COD. So now there is no choice but to adapt and embrace the change. In the aspects of the offline and online platforms, we should know what customer needs and experience should be the same." 

Dayal concluded saying, “One core improvement we have done is we tried to Optimize the infrastructure and relook the server improvement and end up in cost-saving. Customer’s behaviour has changed, now safety and hygiene are paramount and customers are looking for value."

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