DSP launches millennial-focused campaign ahead of tax season

The campaign targets the digital audience who only understand saving in terms of discounts, offers and cashback

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Published: Feb 8, 2020 7:55 AM  | 2 min read

As the tax season comes to an end with the last two months left in the financial year, millennials are scrambling to figure out their taxation.

 While the average percentage of people who fear tax-season is astoundingly high, millennials seem to fear it even more. Maybe they are just overreacting! Maybe not?

 The general assumption is that the youth are not financially prudent and are not well versed with savings and investments. However, when it comes to seeking out sales & discounts, everyone is on top of it. All the energy invested in these carefully curated purchase decisions don’t translate when it comes to saving their tax. So how do we talk to this digital audience who only relates to savings when spoken to in discounts, offers and cashbacks?

 “Getting into the complex mind-set of today’s first-jobber millennial is not easy. On top of that, communicating to them about tax planning and saving in a manner that would interest them, is even more challenging. After having long chats with colleagues and potential customers, we decided to ‘speak-the-speak’ a millennial is used to i.e. discounts, cashbacks & rewards and hence introduced the DSP Maha Tax Bachat Festival campaign, promoting DSP’s Tax Saver Fund. The aim was to simplify the concept of Tax Saving and give the audience a realization that the biggest savings they can get is actually by reducing the tax burden on their salary itself," said Akshay Gurnani, Co-Founder of Schbang

 DSP Mutual Fund and Schbang came together to execute this idea that bought together the faces of the biggest saving campaigns in advertising. As each of these sales campaign mascots tried to out-do each other to ascertain who the biggest saver of them all was, they finally reached the conclusion that, “Baaki savings toh khoob karoge, tax ki saving kab karoge”.

 The film through its hilarious comedic treatment tried to address a very serious financial issue in the most engaging and relatable way that is sure to make tax saving a considerable point for the millennials.

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