Digital is not niche any more, say experts

Marketers need to dream digital so they can connect with consumers on a daily basis, say experts, who also stress on personalisation of content

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Updated: Feb 16, 2013 10:09 PM
Digital is not niche any more, say experts

Digital is not niche any more, especially in a country where 600 million phones, 240 million data enabled handsets, 50 million smartphones and two million tablets are available.

However, despite the familiarity with the digital platform, there are various issues that consumers are struggling to figure out, which pose an even bigger challenge for marketers.

Commenting on consumer behaviour, Anisha Motwani, Director and Chief Marketing Officer, Max Life Insurance said, “While consumers are willing to indulge themselves, at the same time they are also cautious about every rupee spent. These are the contradictions that make consumers very interesting and also very challenging.”

In such an environment, marketers and brands need to connect with consumers on an everyday basis, and today’s technology has made us very rich in data.

Commenting on the digital consumer, MV Natarajan, India Sub-continent Head, Mars Chocolates said, “There is need for dialogue between customer and the company. Customers today are comfortable with both traditional and new media. The new age consumer is different from the earlier generation of consumers.”

According to Natarajan, India is not about selling cheap, but selling value. “There is not one India, but several Indias in terms of brands, communication, and identity. The product should have sustainability in terms of product, packaging and pricing.”

Market experts agree that money consumption will be significant. In today’s market scenario, two industries that have done extremely well are mobile and automobile.

Need to dream digital
Highlighting the power of digital, Mick Gordon, CEO, Ipsos said, “Customers and marketers both need to dream digital. While traditional medium continues to be significant, we are accelerating towards a new singularity were consumers are constantly connected. We should have personalisation where content is generated.”

Commenting that screens have changed in the two decades from TV to computer to mobile and tablet, Gordon remarked that it is a society of multi-taskers and multi-screens today and stressed on the need to understand both customers and devices.

Anisha Motwani, MV Natarajan, and Mick Gordon were expressing their views on the topic ‘The new age customer - catch her if you can’ at the third World Marketing Congress, organised by the All India Management Association (AIMA) in New Delhi on February 14 and 15, 2013.

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