Changes in tech will influence marketing in 2019 in a big way: Report

'Marketers need to keep reinventing to capture their target audience'

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Updated: Jan 7, 2019 5:59 PM

The fourth industrial revolution has brought rapid changes in the world of marketing and it is the right time for marketers to adapt to these changes to stay relevant for consumers. 

In 2019, the influx of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Big Data and Automation will bring about a massive change in the way brands connect with the consumers, says a report released by 4 Marketing Technology Venture. Artificial Intelligence will empower brands through automation, chatbots, predicting behaviour and content. 

Power of voice
Voice is the new norm in marketing due to the advent of Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and Bixby as they have changed the way web searches are being carried out in today’s world. The revenue generated by voice searches is likely to hit $19 billion by 2022 since most of these searches have been happening through mobile handsets.  

Keep it personal
Meanwhile, the demand for unique and personalized communication will be greater than ever before in 2019. Customers prefer when there’s a deeper connect with the content that is relational to their tastes, preferences and needs. 

Safety first
In the wake of the Facebook crisis, there is also an increasing demand for the need to keep private data safe so that none of it is misused by fraudsters. Hence, brands that are going to offer a safe business experience will be the ones to stand out. 

Videos rule
In 2019, nearly 80% of the consumer internet traffic will be in the form of videos. Brands will also focus on clutter-breaking live videos, enabling real-time interaction with the audiences. A majority of marketers say having a video brings the best ROI and with technologies rapidly evolving making a video has become easier, faster and less costly than ever before. 

Influence of faster internet  
OTT platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar and JioCinema and the demand for quality content will rise due to faster internet and upcoming 5G revolution. Another trend changing the video landscape has been the rise of vertical videos and 2019 will see more innovative ways of storytelling through this format. 

Power of 5G 

India already has 395 million mobile internet users and with the upcoming 5G-enabled technology the demand for mobile-first experiential services is set to rise. Audiences no longer want to trust what they see and hear and are shifting loyalties to more immersive experiences. 5G will help data-intensive technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality to become more mainstream, thus bringing the product or service closer to the audiences. 

Micro-marketing to be key 

In today's marketing scenario, it's not enough to only reach the right audience with targeted communication, but it has become essential to approach them with more personalized messages. With the boom of Al, it will become easier to reach the customer at the right time and place with the most impactful messaging. 

Knowing Gen Z

The rise of Gen Z has also been impossible to ignore from the marketing perspective. They seek the brands to be authentic and be socially responsible too. The generation wants brands to be able to bring a positive change in the society. 

Keep it local

Finally, marketers will go for a more localised approach and cater to the regional audience. Al will make linguistic understanding and translation of content into regional languages simpler and more accurate. 

Good Times Ahead

  • Now, with the upcoming general elections the Indian media is expected to see growth and lot of developments. 
  • The television industry in India will continue to score in terms of penetration and growth with advertising revenues set to maintain a steady course. 
  • Amongst all traditional media, OOH will continue to show the strongest growth with increasing focus on innovations. 
  • There is also an attempt to build more meaningful connect with the consumers and there will be a rapid shift from celebrity influencers to micro-influencers, whose numbers are also on the rise.   

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