Can the Internet predict Bollywood box office numbers?

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Updated: Jan 22, 2019 9:01 AM
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Who doesn’t love a good old Bollywood film? We all do, but it turns out, the internet loves it the most. And what’s even more interesting is that social media can help give an accurate indication of the box office performance.

Talkwalker, did some digging and discovered a correlation between box office performance and the buzz around the top three highest grossing movies in the box office last year and found that the internet could be very useful indeed if you’re an industry analyst or a digital marketer trying to understand what the internet has to say about your brand. Use this free template to analyse social media conversations and take your next campaigns from good to great. 

Here’s a look at the numbers. The film ‘Sanju’ broke 2018 and was the highest grosser with 341.22 crore followed closely by ‘Padmaavat’, which earned 300.26 crore, and finally ‘Simmba’ with 212.64 crore (source It’s important to note that ‘Simmba’ is still running and these numbers are just for the year 2018. According to our tool, here are the number of mentions for each movie in 2018. ‘Sanju’ leads with 86.3k followed by ‘Padmaavat’ with 75.6k and ‘Simmba’ with 29.1k. 


Do we see a pattern there? We’d like to think so!

It’s also interesting to take a look at the hashtags associated with these movies on the internet (the size of the circle is proportional to the buzz generated by each movie online). And again, the largest circle corresponds to ‘Sanju’ followed by ‘Padmaavat’ and ‘Simmba’. 


So, is the Bollywood box office going to be determined by the internet in the future? We may not know, but the main question here is how can marketers benefit from this?

Simple, looking at the buzz generated brands can choose the kind of movies they’d like to be associated with. 

Social media can be a factor in determining the kind of movies/projects that big brands choose to sponsor and invest in. Brands can use the buzz generated on the internet as an indicator of sorts before making a decision or at least use it as a major factor when it comes to doing their research. Additionally, they can also look at the kind of audience talking about the movies and if it matches their demographics, there could be a real opportunity to invest right there.

Talkwalker provides software to protect, measure and promote your brand online.

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