We design our cars with the element of humanity: Pratap Bose at BW Design Awards

Bose, Vice President, Global Design, Tata Motors, shared insights on blending business with design and how their designs build better consumer connect

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Updated: Oct 18, 2019 9:31 AM
Pratap Bose Tata Motors

During the speaker session at BW Future of Design Awards 2019, Pratap Bose, Vice President, Global Design, Tata Motors spoke about how their designs build better consumer connect and how one needs to blend business and design.

Bose started off saying, "With our products, we need to show people that what we are doing is meaningful and important and deeply rooted in design."

Bose shared that business and design are two words that Tata Motors has been trying to put together for at least 20 years.

AtTata Motors, the design is a very integral part of the business. A new car model will cost 700 to 1000 crores to bring it from a sheet of paper to a sheet of metal which is a huge responsibility for a designer.

"When you talk about the future, you talk about aspiration. Everyone wants to be better and faster. It is key where we come in as Tata Motors design. We have a history of creating new segments", shared Bose.

Bose shared that they had an extremely difficult market situation. Bose advised, "People always talk about market share but what gets you market share is mindshare. Mindshare is that space in the customer's mind that your product or service actually occupies. There are 2-3 products that you will discuss while sitting on the dining table. If you as a brand are not in those 2 at a dinner table conversation or mind space, no one will turn up in your showroom."

"In the first 20 seconds, consumers decide if they are interested in that product or service. As a design team, our product should look good at the mobile phone level. It is an impact design", shared Bose on how to connect with a mobile-led consumer.

Bose says the primary motivation for their brand has always been respecting the person who drives the car.

"There should be a balance between business and the softer elements. A designer can do a lot like curating a product to connect with the customer and it should be accessible", stated Bose.

Signing off, Bose said, "We design our cars with the element of humanity. There is aggression on the road already. We need to add something strong and powerful to our cars but it should be less aggressive."

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