Britannia has increased digital spends by 10-15 per cent this year: Ali Harris Shere, VP – Marketing

The group released the Little Hearts online-only campaign, #BreakSomeHearts, early this year and is on the path to make many more of its brands available on the digital platform

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Updated: Oct 20, 2017 7:39 AM

Britannia, an iconic brand that has touched the daily life of many a generations and continues its journey, has made its popular brand Little Hearts, an online-only brand. Ali Harris Shere, VP – Marketing, Britannia, who has increased spends on digital by 10-15 per cent this year, spoke about their new campaign for Little Hearts and digital being the way forward. Excerpts:
Little Hearts is a brand that many of us associated with as kids and now it has become an all-digital brand. Of all the brands under Britannia, why did you choose Little Hearts to go digital?

This is a brand that enjoys immense love from our consumers. It has a lot of nostalgic value because a generation has grown up eating it. Though the brand has not been communicating now, it has still been a strong brand. But the present generation does not connect strongly to the brand compared to how the previous generation used to, simply because of the numerous options available to them today. Therefore, the objective of this campaign was to reach out to this new generation by talking in their language, on their platform. Little Hearts is a large brand in terms of equity and stature for Britannia so we thought that it is a great idea to begin with.

Tell us more about this campaign.
We started this campaign on Valentine’s Day. If you look at today’s consumers, heartbreaks are a big part of their lives. So, the brand decided to make an edgy video of heartbreaks. And by breaking some hearts, we literally mean breaking Little Hearts biscuits. Also, this was launched on a very relevant day, which is Valentine’s Day. We launched an on-ground activity at Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru during the launch of this campaign and also, a video about a regular day in the life of a guy attached to a girl. This ends with our twist to the concept of breaking some hearts. So, this not only adopts a language that is more relevant to the consumer but also uses a platform that is more relevant to the consumer, which is digital and social media. 
What is your marketing strategy for the other Britannia brands?
We have strong and large brands which require reach including Tiger, Marie, Good Day and others. Television remains the strongest medium which provides these brands the largest reach. The complementary reach is what digital provides. Thus, most of our brands have now gone digital. Good Day, 50-50, Treat or a brand like Milk Bikis, are all on digital but the role that digital plays supplements the role that television plays. But again, we have premium brands for which digital plays a pivotal role, more than it plays for our other brands. Premium brands like Chunkies, which is a part of our Good Day portfolio and is a premium cookie brand, are possibilities where we will make these digital only products, because we have only premium consumers to target. Also, there is a lot of wastage of media now. So, we plan to have a sharp target for these brands and cater to consumers in the top metros and so on. 
How important is it for FMCG products to go digital?
Digital as a medium is growing. The growth of digital is very significant and this is a medium which now reaches a significant number of consumers. Digital cannot be ignored by any brand. Over time, this will become even more important. We are going to take small steps. We are now exceeding our spends on digital. It was about 5 per cent till last year. This year it is about 10-15 per cent. It is a new medium so we are all learning now. We plan to have a robust understanding of the medium soon.

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