Brands embracing mobile and in-app advertising in a big way

Brands are increasingly adopting mobile and in-app advertising as it helps them get access to better data and targeting, with more transparency

e4m by Ruhail Amin
Updated: Oct 6, 2017 8:26 AM

With the rise in smartphone growth, the consumption patterns are fast moving from desktop to mobile. The growth of apps is targeting every conceivable sector which has further made the mobile screen the go-to destination for brands.

So is mobile advertising gaining currency faster than expected? Explaining this shift in consumer preference and thereby the rise in mobile ad spends, Rohit Sharma, CEO & Founder, POKKT, which is one of the leading smartphone advertising platforms, says, “Mobile advertising is on the rise. It is growing because of the proliferation of smartphones and increasing usage of apps. One of the key trends happening in mobile advertising is that video as an ad format is becoming more popular. In the app ecosystem, video ads perform really well and in the next few years there is going to be a huge growth of the same on mobile, especially in app types because that is something very favourable for the advertisers.”

According to Sharma, the biggest driver for growth in mobile advertising is the fact that the entire ecosystem is based on app ids and device ids, while the web ecosystem was based on cookies. This, in turn, helps brands have access to better data, better targeting, and more transparency.
“People are now consuming music and OTT, games and most of the content on the mobile app ecosystem. Which means that in-app advertising will grow," he states.

Sharma also believes that India is fast moving towards a mobile-first country as the desktop and the PC growth has been significantly lower in comparison to mobile. “It goes without saying that the way people are embracing and adopting mobile, m-commerce in the next few years will have a much larger share as compared to e-commerce and the desktop. As smartphone penetration becomes bigger and with data prices going lower, all these are becoming growth drivers for m-commerce," states Sharma.

While in-app advertising is proving to be more effective in targeting potential customers, the critical question is--how are brands looking at this platform? Explaining how brands are actively looking at opportunities to get into the mobile ecosystem, Sharma adds, “The fact is that millions of apps are being installed in a single day across all genres. So brands actually are finding more and more value in advertising within the app as it is more measurable and there are increasingly more third party tools which are coming for in-app advertising, which also helps the brand to get better KPIs in advertising. So brands are embracing mobile and in-app advertising in a big way.”

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