Akshay Kumar starrer Housefull 4 opts for train wrapping strategy to woo audiences

Akshay Kumar starrer Housefull 4 team is going all out, painting coaches of trains in and around Mumbai to promote the film, grab maximum eyeballs, and clock in huge revenues at the box office

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Updated: Oct 22, 2019 9:22 AM


Housefull 4

There is marketing, then there is film marketing. Akshay Kumar starrer Housefull 4 is all set to release on Diwali and the film producers are leaving no stone unturned to stay ahead in the marketing game. First came, the Bala challenge and then the team is going all out by wrapping the trains in and around Mumbai. We look at the kind of investments into such movie promotions and expert's views on the same.

According to the DMRC data, the painting and mounting charges for an 8 coaches train costs around Rs. 12 lakh and the display charges for a month are Rs 46 lakh, which translates into Rs 58 lakh per month for a train having 8 bogies. This is an initiative by the government of India and Indian railways in collaboration with the Housefull 4 team.

This indicates that the makers of Housefull 4 are spending huge on their unique marketing strategies. Let's understand what experts have to say about it -

According to Jagdeep Kapoor, metro/train wrap is a unique way of marketing to woo the audience. It's like a giant billboard moving from one place to another which cannot be ignored. This marketing strategy is effective in creating awareness and generating trials."

While spending such huge amount of money, the makers are not targeting just one segment. They are appealing to all segments, from the classes to the masses, from the young to the old, from individuals to families, he explained. This excitement leads to good openings and trials, leading to huge revenues at the box office in the first weekend itself.

When asked how much this new marketing strategy help film makers earn, Kapoor said, “Metro/train wraps is a modern and new medium that can make heads turn. It results in an immediate and noticeable response, generates fast and effective brand awareness. I expect this movie to make around Rs 300 crore plus in the domestic market and Rs 400 crore globally."

"I feel this new gimmick of promotion via Indian Railways is very different to the people and an excellent idea," stated Neha Misri social media evangelist and marketing expert. It's a brilliant concept featuring an entire train being dedicated to movie marketing and promotion gimmicks. This is a great initiative from the government of India and railways in collaboration with the Housefull 4 team."

"Train journeys give us a sense of roller coaster nostalgia. I am sure the movie - Housefull 4 also promises its viewers a journey of similar views with a mixed turmoil of emotions", she said.

However, this concept is not new and has been widely used in Thailand for various ad promotions. Neha Misri thinks, this partnership will surely bring a lot of revenue to the Indian Railways and help the condition of government employees.

“Train wrapping is a unique strategy and has been successfully implemented in the past but what I have learnt that it is a little expensive,” said Atul Mohan, the film trade analyst. “It has been done in the past and is being done now also by GEC channels and FMCG products on Mumbai locals.”

According to Mohan, “Housefull 4 team did this successfully with Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani express as it became a talking point for everybody all over and that's what makers wanted, right? 80% of the Indian population lives in villages or smaller towns and when the train passes this route it attracts eyeballs. Right now the marketing team of Housefull 4 has rightly pitched the product, be it with its Bala challenge or train wrapping campaign.”

“I expect the film to take the biggest opening amongst the other releases of the week. The ensemble of cast, a successful franchise and comedy is what will attract more footfalls,” Mohan added.

Explaining how experiential marketing works, Mohan said, “Any kind of marketing is welcome but at the same time, care must be taken that you don't overkill the product by over-marketing it.”

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