IPL ad series- Part IV: Coca Cola's new ad beautifully builds on its long-standing legacy

Today, we take look at Coca Cola India’s ‘Share A Coke’ TVC, which is an extension of its global campaign

e4m by Misbaah Mansuri
Updated: Apr 19, 2018 8:58 AM

To acknowledge some of the most interesting ad creatives rolled out for IPL, the following is the fourth part of a five-day IPL ad series in which will take a look at an impactful ad campaign and why we are ‘clean-bowled’ by it. Today, we take a look at Coca Cola India’s ‘Share A Coke’ which is an extension of its global campaign.
The creative

The new TVC begins in a train with a father and son on a journey together. With his son sitting across, the father takes out a Coca-Cola bottle from his bag. The son goes forward to pick up the bottle but his father stops him. The son is astonished and his father keeps looking at him. The father then turns the bottle. The word ‘FRIEND’ is written on the label of the bottle which he gestures to his son. The son then types something on his mobile phone quickly and grabs the Coca-Cola bottle. The son gestures him to look at the mobile phone which reads ‘FRIEND REQUEST ACCEPTED’ and it leads to a humorous and endearing exchange between the father and son.

Our take

With the theme ‘Har Rishta Bola, Mere Naam Ki Coca-Cola’, the narrative draws upon the significance of relationships for Indians. Mirroring how sharing a chilled coke can be one of life’s biggest joys, the ad with its overall execution establishes a personal connect with consumers. The humorous approach also hits the right spot while highlighting the brand’s universal appeal. Breaking free from the dialogue route to just letting the music amuse its audiences and leveraging the visual device of conveying the message through the bottle- there is a certain stickiness to all of it. The tone of the spot builds on Coca Cola’s longstanding legacy and takes on the changed nuances of relationships, which is conveyed brilliantly.

Hits and misses?

There are scant things which are as refreshing as sipping on an ice-cold Coca Cola on a sweltering summer day and for this, you have to hand it to Coca Cola as to how it triggers purchase with some of its captivating ads. This ad again is layered in Coca Cola’s philosophy of sharing and so are the newly-designed bottles that further accentuate the appeal. It’s no secret that the cola giant has spent big money this IPL and it’s good to note that the creative route doesn’t disappoint. Because if there is one brand that knows how to seamlessly fit its product in endearingly captivating moments, it is Coca Cola.

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