Brands take a stand, but do so with caution!

YouGov India has prepared a whitepaper ‘The Social Voice of Brands’ to understand what Indian consumers feel about brands expressing their opinion on societal issues

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Updated: Jul 8, 2019 7:37 AM

Today brands are increasingly expressing opinions on social and political issues. To that end, they’re attempting to bring about positive changes by taking initiative to address such issues. But, to what extent do consumers believe brands should associate themselves with certain issues? Does the reward outweigh the risk of losing customers when it comes to brands nailing their colours to a particular issue’s mast?


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The Social Voice of Brands is a research study conducted by YouGov India to understand what do Indian consumers feel about brands expressing their opinion on societal issues. Data in this survey has been compiled using YouGov Omnibus. It is a fast and cost-effective service for obtaining answers to research questions from both national and selected samples.


Brands’ involvement in social issues is certainly something that marketers and managers should be interested in. However, getting involved is not without its pitfalls. The findings in the study indicate that consumers don't want brands to just stand on the sidelines. Those with a clear understanding of their brand’s values and an ability to convey them authentically can forge loyal customers.


Download YouGov’s whitepaper here to find out:


•    Indian consumer’s opinions around whether brands should comment on social issues
•    Weigh the risks versus rewards of brands expressing opinions on social and political matters
•    Discover how Indian consumers are different from American and British consumers

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