Cipla introduces ‘Tuffies’ to promote better respiratory care in children

The campaign has been supported by Sonali Bendre

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Published: May 24, 2023 12:15 PM  | 4 min read
Sonali Bendre

This World Asthma Awareness month, Cipla launched its general patient & public awareness initiative – ‘Tuffies’ – directing more targeted awareness on improving respiratory care amongst children, especially those living with asthma. Overcoming myths and stigma associated with chronic respiratory diseases like asthma and its treatment, the Tuffies campaign is targeted at engaging children between the ages 5 through 10 yrs of age and their caregivers. Sonali Bendre launched the campaign by unveiling the Tuffies Comic Book and introducing the Tuffies Team, a group of relatable, young, adventurous characters.

A widespread non-communicable disease, asthma is the most common chronic condition among children affecting nearly 7.9% of Indian children, with about 80% of asthmatics experiencing symptoms during the first 6 years of their life. Insufficient awareness about the disease, misconceptions and perceived myths associated with its cornerstone treatment i.e. inhalation therapy, have resulted in many cases of asthma going undiagnosed and even untreated. All this ultimately results in poor control of asthma, leading to a significantly impacted quality of life that includes frequent hospitalizations and missed school days.

The Tuffies Comic Book features - Vicky, an aspiring detective who lives with asthma but does not let it hold him back, along with his sister Mini, best friend Gullu and Vicky’s trusted companion Mr. Puffy. These characters will remain central to the Tuffies campaign. The comic book will showcase the Tuffies team as they tackle challenging situations and solve mysteries in their hometown with Mr. Puffy providing guidance and motivation through his mantra ‘Breathe in and count to ten, breathe out and let go of doubt’. Through their adventures, the campaign aims to spread the message that asthma should not limit a child's potential, as long as they take the right treatment and adhere to it. While the campaign launches with the comic book, an animated video series is to follow.

Speaking on the launch of the campaign, Dr. Vikas Gupta, India Rx Head, Cipla Ltd. said, “Patients are at the heart of everything we do at Cipla, and this ethos is reflected in the efforts we have made to transform the lives of those living with asthma. Through our public awareness campaigns, we have made significant strides in raising awareness about the condition and trying to set the record straight on one of its recommended treatments i.e. inhalation therapy. Broadening our focus and for the effective management of this condition in the country, we’re excited to launch the ‘Tuffies’ campaign. With this campaign we aim to inspire children to overcome limitations and help create more open channels of communication for caregivers to make informed decisions in consultation with their child’s physician. This further deepens our efforts to bring about a positive change in people’s perception towards asthma and its treatment”.

Adding her thoughts actor Sonali Bendre said, “Cipla’s work in the asthma awareness space has over the years sparked a social movement that has served as inspiration for asthmatics across the country. And now, with the Tuffies campaign, the company extends its focus toward helping children with asthma and their parents by; combating misinformation related to the condition, enabling informed decision-making, and encouraging children to overcome their limitations. Launching the campaign with a comic book, which can entertain and inform is truly a smart way of spreading awareness about a health condition, especially amongst little ones. And as a mother, it gives me immense delight to be able to lend my voice and platform to a campaign, that has such a strong message and cause.”

Prasad Ajgaonkar, CEO of animation studio iRealities who along with his team conceptualised the Tuffies campaign characters and storyline said, “We’re happy to have been able to contribute to Cipla's efforts to promote better respiratory care in the country. Our expertise in children's animation and engaging storytelling has allowed us to spread a message of positivity and hope to children living with asthma, through this campaign. Tuffies is a great example of how creative storytelling can be used to effectively reach out and connect to an audience.”

Over the years Cipla has championed awareness around asthma through its #BerokZindagi campaign, using a multitude of creative formats and platforms to spark social conversation, engage the public and inspire change for asthmatics across the country. With the Tuffies campaign, Cipla dives deeper into specific patient cohorts urging children with asthma to unlock their true potential and empowering their parents to help them do so.


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Teads and Ipsos partner on global AI-driven analysis

Findings reveal crucial factors that include streamlined messaging, brand clarity, wide shots and human connection to convey successful storytelling

By e4m Staff | Sep 29, 2023 4:15 PM   |   3 min read


Teads has announced the results of its collaborative research with Ipsos, which focused on unraveling the key creative elements that ignite the engine of success in the omnichannel automotive campaign landscape. By leveraging Ipsos' cutting-edge AI capabilities and advanced statistical modeling techniques, Teads gained profound insights that will revolutionize the way automotive advertisements are crafted and optimized for maximum impact.

In its pursuit of unlocking the secrets to success, Teads carefully curated a vast collection of 500 videos spanning from 2019 to 2022, representing 18 different automotive brands across 23 countries. This comprehensive assortment embraced a wide array of video formats, spanning the entire spectrum of the digital marketing funnel. Within this collection, certain videos underwent meticulous cutting-edge optimization by  Teads Studio, while others served as pivotal benchmarks, allowing  for discovery into the profound impact of these enhancements.

Teads and Ipsos aimed to cast a wider net and gain a comprehensive understanding of the strategies employed within the automotive industry as a whole. By immersing in various successes and shortcomings, Teads was able to extract invaluable insights that inspired its own optimization endeavors.

To provide Ipsos with a holistic view, Teads shared a carefully curated selection of key performance indicators (KPIs) and corresponding percentages of in-view time. Leveraging their expertise, Ipsos employed artificial intelligence algorithms to cluster and organize the data, revealing hidden patterns and trends.

The culmination of this research lies in the identification, categorization, and quantification of the key elements present in successful omnichannel automotive campaigns. Statistical analysis, utilizing the innovative Shapley values technique derived from game theory, was employed to establish the influence of each visual characteristic on the output, specifically the in-view time. This step connected all the information, shedding light on the significant factors that contribute to campaign success.

Collaborating closely with Ipsos, Teads conducted a meticulous manual review of sample videos, delving deep into the insights conveyed by the data points. This qualitative analysis allowed for the translation of raw information into actionable findings, paving the way for groundbreaking discoveries.


Here are some of the top insights of the research:


Beyond the Vehicle: Videos that focus less on the vehicle, and instead integrate it into a larger storyline, tend to have higher in-view times.

Revealing the Interior: Showcasing interior features can be as engaging as telling a complete story, particularly in consideration-focused ads.

Brand Clarity: Prominently featuring the brand logo and name captures audience attention and provides a strong hook.

Wide and Simple Perspectives: Wide shots that convey a sense of freedom and movement tend to engage viewers. Additionally, videos with fewer scenes tend to have higher in-view times, as they require less cognitive effort to comprehend.

Color Contrasts: Chromatic contrasts, such as blue and orange, make videos more appealing and increase in-view time. Dark-colored videos have lower in-view time due to lack of contrast, but adding a lighter element can make a significant impact.


Henner Blömer VP Global Client Partnerships: “Creativity is the crucial component of successful digital car campaigns. In previous Teads research, we found significantly higher levels of attention (+49%) and brand lift (+31%) with creatively optimized campaigns. In order to provide clients and agencies with further insights into the optimal design of advertising media, we have collaborated with IPSOS to develop best practice to significantly increase the view time of campaigns.“

Jessica Sleep, Brand Communications and Social Media Manager, MINI said: “There have been some great insights presented as a result of this study, particularly around the use of people, colour contrasts and text. We’ve implemented Teads’ recommendations in our upcoming campaigns and I look forward to seeing the results!”


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Rahul Shivshankar to host CNN-News18’s new show The Hard Facts

The one-hour show is scheduled for launch on 2nd October, 2023, and will air on weeknights at 7 p.m. on CNN-News18 and its YouTube platform

By e4m Staff | Sep 29, 2023 3:52 PM   |   2 min read

The hard facts

CNN-News18 has announced the launch of ‘The Hard Facts,’ a news show anchored by Network18’s Consulting Editor Rahul Shivshankar.

“Starting from 2nd October at 7 p.m., ‘The Hard Facts’ stands as a testament to the channel’s unwavering dedication to deliver meticulously researched, unbiased news. At a time when noise and sensationalism have taken center stage in media, this show will offer presentation that is composed, well-researched and purely based on hard facts,” stated a press release.

The upcoming show aims to set itself apart through a singular commitment to objective reporting. Spearheaded by Rahul Shivshankar and supported by a team of seasoned researchers, the show embarks on a quest to unearth the stories that matter to the public. It will focus on presenting viewers with a point of view based on well-researched facts, free from any hint of bias, spin and sensationalism, the release mentioned.

‘The Hard Facts’ will be divided into two segments: the first segment will delve into the top story of the day in conversation with guest speakers, where the anchor will present an argument keeping the well-researched facts at the core and engage in a meaningful conversation. The second section will provide a concise overview of other key stories of the day.

The show will cover a wide spectrum of topics, including politics, economics, science, and culture to empower viewers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions by presenting facts and enabling them to form their own well-informed perspectives.

Speaking on his upcoming show, Rahul Shivshankar said, "In 'The Hard Facts,' I will be the viewer’s guide through the chaos of misinformation. I draw from my 30 years of journalistic experience to deliver only well-researched, verified, and attributed facts.  In a world where unverified news and empty rhetoric thrive in abundance, I refuse to compromise credibility. This show is unique – it's not just news, but a perspective built on irrefutable hard facts. Facts are the foundation of every compelling argument, and here, you'll find them. I’m looking forward to this journey of navigating the news with clarity and conviction."

The one-hour show is scheduled for launch on 2nd October, 2023, and will air on weeknights at 7 p.m. on CNN-News18 and its YouTube platform.

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Radio Mango is now on WhatsApp Channels

According to the company, it is the first regional FM network to mark its presence on WhatsApp Channels

By e4m Staff | Sep 29, 2023 10:33 AM   |   1 min read


Radio Mango is now the first regional FM network to mark its presence on WhatsApp Channels.

This new feature from WhatsApp, now available in India and over 150 other countries, enables global followers of Radio Mango to receive important updates that matter right within the platform.

By following the channel you can be the first to know about upcoming shows, watch exclusive celebrity interviews and listen to podcasts, get the latest music and movie updates, receive alerts about contests, and giveaways, and know about events hosted by Radio Mango in your city.

To follow Radio Mango, simply click this link

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Meme Chat ropes in Vivek Satya Mitram as Head of Brand Strategy & PR

Mitram is a journalist-turned Brand Communication Strategist and an independent PR Consultant

By e4m Staff | Sep 28, 2023 7:07 PM   |   3 min read

Vivek Satya

Gurgaon-based meme marketing platform Meme Chat has roped in renowned brand communication and PR strategist Vivek Satya Mitram as Head Of Brand Strategy and PR.

“Vivek is a key hire and will be part of the leadership team at Meme Chat. As Head Of Brand Strategy and PR, he will be spearheading the brand marketing, consumer connect, investor relations and public relations (PR) initiatives for the startup that is redefining the digital marketing space by channelising the proven virality quotient and humor connect of memes, to secure unimaginable awareness and unique recall for brands organically,” the company said in a press release.  

Speaking on the appointment, Kyle Fernandes, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Meme Chat, said, "We are truly elated to work with Vivek. His decades of experience in the media and brand communication space, along with a proven track record of shaping multiple successful startups into trustworthy brands, will surely be a value addition at Meme Chat. He will be working on crafting strategies for brand communication, marketing, PR and investor communications. Vivek’s association with the company also reiterates our commitment to build a great team at Meme Chat roping in veterans from industry that can help us accelerate our growth plans and achieve our goals.”

For over a decade, former journalist, serial entrepreneur and independent brand consultant Vivek has been instrumental in shaping the unique brand identity and hyper-growth for scores of fast-paced startups including WittyFeed, MyOperator, Bobble AI, Winni, Vitto, and Oye! Rickshaw by crafting compelling brand communication strategies. He is known for building impeccable communication strategies that align business goals, the founder’s vision and the growth plans to ensure 360-degree visibility, the right brand positioning, consistent key messaging and the tangible measurable impact on business growth and the brand value.

Commenting on his latest role Vivek said, “I am thrilled to be part of Meme Chat & its super talented team that has envisioned an innovative brand marketing solution for ensuring massive organic visibility, awareness & connect for the brands among GenZies & millennials by using the enormous creative potential of memes. I am truly moved by the amazing work they have done for so many marquee brands, including Prime Video, Share Chat, McDonald's, OnePlus, PVR Cinemas, Marvel etc.“

He adds, “I have always been excited to work with passionate young founders who want to translate their crazy ideas into reality and build something that can redefine the existing norms of the industry. Meme Chat is one such idea that has the potential to bring a paradigm shift in the digital marketing industry. I am looking forward to adding value in their growth journey as a brand custodian, mentor and co-learner.”



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Times Internet gets BCCI Broadcast Rights for US, Canada, Middle East/N Africa, SE Asia

Willow, Cricbuzz to distribute 88 bilateral cricket matches between India and other countries

By e4m Staff | Sep 28, 2023 11:33 AM   |   2 min read


Times Internet has expanded its leading cricket distribution positions in North America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia regions, by acquiring the exclusive rights to broadcast India’s home bilateral series from September 2023 through March 2028.

In North America, Willow TV’s position across the United States and Canada will be further strengthened. Alongside the BCCI rights, Willow also distributes more than 10 other boards and tournaments, making Willow the leading cricket destination in North America.

In the Middle East, Times Internet has developed a strong position, now holding the rights to distribute the IPL alongside the BCCI rights, giving any cricket fan a year-round calendar of the highest quality cricket offerings in the region. Times partnered with Noon, Etisalat, and Cricbuzz to distribute the IPL in 2023, and will look to establish its distribution partnerships in the Middle East region further.

In Southeast Asia, this is Cricbuzz’s first rights package in the market, and the rights will be distributed on its own platforms as well as other distribution partnerships.

Commenting on the occasion, Satyan Gajwani, Vice Chairman of Times Internet: “We are proud to partner with [PITCH or VIACOM], as well as the BCCI again. Willow TV has a longstanding position as the home of cricket in the U.S.. With our foray into the Middle East, I’m confident that Cricbuzz and The Times of India Group will be able to bring a best-in-class consumer viewing experience to more cricket fans around the world.”

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Study unveils festive buying plans of consumers

The research covers readers across HT Media print and digital platforms

By e4m Staff | Sep 28, 2023 9:09 AM   |   2 min read

HT study

Unlocking the pulse of the Indian consumer, comprehensive consumer research study was recently conducted by Aroscop & Toluna, gathering insights from readers across HT Media print and digital platforms. The survey uncovers intriguing findings about the festive season shopping preferences of HT Media readers. The research delves into consumer shopping patterns and provides valuable insights on Hindustan Times print & digital channels, LiveMint, and LiveHindustan.

In the research, Aroscop & Toluna analyzed consumers' brand preferences and the factors influencing their shopping choices across various categories, considering their budgets. The insights gathered from this study offer businesses a valuable resource to navigate the dynamic landscape of Indian consumer preferences, particularly during the festive season.

“A whooping 50% of Hindustan Times print readers & digital visitors and LiveMint visitors intend to buy a car this festive season, with more than 45% of Hindustan Times digital visitors and LiveMint visitors aiming to buy an SUV in the next six months. 36% of Hindustan Times print readers own an SUV. The two-wheeler segment is revving up as well with more than 40% of Hindustan Times print readers, LiveHindustan and LiveMint visitors planning to buy a two-wheeler this festive season,” stated a press release.

“More than 40% of readers across Hindustan Times print and digital, LiveMint & LiveHindustan intend to buy a smartphone this festive season, with many planning to allocate a substantial budget of over Rs 50,000. This is closely followed by a strong purchase intent for upgrading personal gadgets like laptops, smartwatches, as well as upgrading their homes by using smart home devices such as TV, audio accessories and lastly the ever-green gaming consoles.”

More than 40% of Hindustan Times print and digital readers already own luxury goods, such as perfumes, watches, bags, apparel and electronics, while more than 50% of LiveMint visitors proudly own a slice of luxury.

“Festive shopping is not just limited to buying assets like cars and gadgets but also drives Indians to consider long-term investments like real estate and gold. At least 42% of Hindustan Times print readers & digital visitors are planning to invest in real estate, whereas a third of LiveHindustan visitors plan to invest in real estate this festive season with significant budgets allocated for the same. Almost half of Hindustan Times print readers intend to buy jewelry in the next 6 months, and a whopping 87% of them plan on buying gold jewellery,” according to the release.



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The Sadin-Pratidin Group hosts ‘The Conclave 2023’ in New Delhi

The Conclave was inaugurated by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

By e4m Staff | Sep 27, 2023 3:19 PM   |   1 min read

The Sadin-Pratidin Group 

The Sadin-Pratidin Group  hosted its highly anticipated 'The Conclave 2023' in New Delhi.

The two-day program was filled with insightful discussions and eminent guests, presented by Dalmia Cements, and powered by SBI, DIPR, and NRL. 

The Conclave was inaugurated by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. The event witnessed the presence of several renowned personalities from diverse fields, contributing to its rich and dynamic discourse. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also spoke at the event.

One of the key highlights of the Conclave was a seminar titled 'Future of Regional Entertainment Industry,' featuring prominent figures such as celebrated film director Jahnu Barua and acclaimed actress Seema Biswas. This segment provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of regional cinema.

The event also featured exclusive interviews with notable personalities, including an interview with the talented artist Angaraag Mahanta and a conversation with renowned Bollywood director Imtiaz Ali, offering audiences a glimpse into the minds of these creative visionaries. 

There was also a crucial discussion on 'Climate Change and Sustainable Development in the North East,' shedding light on vital environmental concerns and sustainable development practices specific to the region.

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