Asian Paints 'Where the Heart is' gives us a peek into actress Huma Qureshi's Mumbai home

This episode of Asian Paints 'Where the Heart is' takes us through the chic home of Huma Qureshi and her brother Saqib Saleem

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Published: Sep 23, 2019 1:55 PM  | 4 min read
Huma Qureshi Asian Paints

Huma Qureshi has never allowed herself to be seen as a stereotypical movie star — whether it’s her unconventional roles in movies like Gangs of Wasseypur and Dedh Ishqiya or her unabashed love for food or even her strong message around body positivity.

Huma’s brother Saqib Saleem has also found himself walking down a less-trodden path. Despite having a huge family business in Delhi (Huma and Saqib’s parents own a chain of 10 restaurants), Saqib chose to come to Mumbai to struggle and build a career on his own terms — first as a cricketer (he played for the state of Jammu and Kashmir), then as a model and finally as an actor. And Asian Paints’ Where the Heart Is Season 3 gives us a glimpse into the home that Huma and Saqib have built with such love.

With a sibling duo that’s so unconventional, it’s only fair to assume that their house will be as unique they are. In fact, most people are really surprised by the fact that the two actually choose to stay together in Mumbai. As Huma says at the very beginning of the episode, they stay together because family means everything to them— and even as they’re away from their roots making a life for themselves in Mumbai, they really want to be there for each other in every way possible. As the episode proceeds it becomes obvious that beneath all the fun banter and breezy camaraderie, the siblings actually share a deep bond of love and protectiveness.

In fact, the Huma and Saqib episode is a testament to the fact that adult siblings can actually build a home together without driving each other absolutely crazy! The way they’ve done this is by having clear divisions around who’s responsible for what and how they use spaces. So, for instance, the entire aesthetic of the house is Huma’s. The colour of the walls, the vintage distressed furniture that the house is peppered with, the mismatched dining table chairs, and even the ‘family wall’ in the hallway with black-and-white photos of all the family members — everything has Huma’s artistic touch. Saqib, on the other hand, doesn’t interfere too much in the planning stage but is the one who helps Huma execute her vision and transform it into a reality. When it comes to space, the siblings have made it a point to ensure that they each have a space within the home that is just their own— where they feel the most comfortable and one that reflects their personalities. Huma, for instance, has her reading corner where she houses a collection of her favourite books and has a comfortable chair with quirky cushions where she can just unwind.

Saqib, on the other hand, like most men his age, is addicted to his PlayStation. So his favourite area in the house is the TV room with an L-shaped couch and his beloved PS. The room is designed in a way that allows the sunlight to stream in and Saqib spends hours at a time here.

Another interesting area of the house is the terrace. A slice of greenery amidst the concrete of Mumbai, this space is a haven for both siblings. Yet, interestingly, they’ve both adapted the space in a way that suits them. For Huma, the terrace is where she spends her downtime— starting the day with a cup of coffee as she listens to the birds chirping. For Saqib, a fitness enthusiast, the terrace is sacred because it’s a fitness space within the house. He keeps his punching bag there, which not only helps him stay fit but also vent his frustrations and even celebrate his joys.

Through the episode, there’s one thing that shines through; and that’s the importance of family. Every corner of the Huma-Saqib home reflects this familial love and comfort. It’s no wonder that for Huma and Saqib, “Family is where the heart is,” — everything about their home speaks volumes about the love they have for each other.

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