Animal Planet and The Dodo launch new series- Dodo Heroes showcasing the powerful bond between animals and humans

Celebrities Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kapoor joins hands to raise funds for animal welfare as a part of ‘Be Kind to All Kind’ campaign

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Published: Jun 11, 2018 5:38 PM  | 6 min read
Animal Planet Dodo Heroes

Animal Planet and DODO, the #1 animal brand on digital, will premiere a new series ‘DODO HEROES’ which will feature inspiring stories of animals in need from around the world, and the compassionate humans who go to unimaginable lengths to give them hope. With each episode focusing on one inspiring and moving story of people who go to any lengths to help animals, the series will explore the personalities and emotions of both humans and animals, while highlighting their unique connection. DODO HEROES marks Animal Planet’s first-ever global series launch which will premiere on Friday, June 15 at 9 PM in India and in over 220 countries and territories worldwide.

In India, Animal Planet is launching a campaign ‘Be Kind to All Kind’ in its endeavour to raise support for select NGOs dedicated to the welfare of stray animals. The channel has roped in celebrities Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kapoor to create awareness about this sensitive issue.

“The situation of stray animals in India is a matter of concern, and we will all have to come together to help these lovely beings. I have personally met many people who would like to support stray animals but can’t because they don’t know how to. The campaign ‘Be Kind to All Kind’ aims to reach out to people, and provide access so that they can support the cause they believe in,” said, Soha Ali Khan. “Animals are surprisingly human in the way they emote, they express. In fact, I don’t pamper my dogs (3 pets), they pamper me with unending selfless love. I enjoy each moment that I spend with them. It is amazing how much satisfaction one can gain by just being ‘natural’ with the most adorable creatures God has created.”

Kunal Kapoor, added, “It is our responsibility to stand up for all living beings especially animals. We can’t just look the other way when the situation demands help…in fact we need to take a decisive action. There are NGOs who work towards the rescue and rehabilitation of needy animals who run shelters, ambulance services, sterilisation programs, treatment camps and disaster rescue missions. If we cannot personally go and help these animals then least we can do is support the NGOs dedicated to animal welfare. I hope more and more people joins hands contribute to this genuine cause, and help make India a better place to live for all animals.”

As a part of Be Kind to All Kind campaign, Animal Planet will urge people to directly support NGOs including ‘World For All’ to raise funds to run their monthly rescue and treatment programme and fostering first aid to the needy strays, ‘The Feline Foundation’ to help control the population of stray cats and dogs in Mumbai and ‘Wild Life Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre’ to help them feed and care for 5 elephants rescued from a life in chains. To donate, visit and lend a helping hand!

Dodo Heroes episodes will include:

Derrick’s Elephant Challenge- Derrick Campana runs Animal OrthoCare and is one of only a handful of people in the world who specialise in designing prosthetics and orthotic braces for animals. Jabu, a 30-year-old bull elephant living in Botswana, has a life-threatening leg injury. His caretakers, Doug and Sandi Groves who run Living with Elephants Foundation, have reached out to Derrick in the hopes that he can help. Chi Chi is a quadriplegic dog rescued from the meat trade in South Korean who now lives with her loving owners in Phoenix. After having all four of her legs amputated, Derrick built four prosthetic legs so Chi Chi can walk and run again. Derrick meets with Chi Chi to adjust her prosthetics and check her progress before flying to Botswana to fit Jabu with the world’s first elephant orthotic leg brace – which he hopes can save his life.

Izzy the Koala Whisperer- Crikey the koala was just a baby when he was found all alone and very sick on Australia’s Magnetic Island. But luckily for Crikey there’s a remarkable family there who spend their time rescuing koalas and rehabilitating them in their home so that they can eventually go back to the wild. Ali Bee, a veterinarian with Magnetic Island Koala Hospital, and her family are fighting to save Australia’s rapidly declining koala population. And she, her husband Tim, and their 10-year-old daughter Izzy, took Crikey in a year ago. Izzy became Crikey’s surrogate mother and helped nurse him back to health. Now, the Bee family is preparing for the emotionally difficult but important and inspiring task of releasing Crickey back to his natural habitat. Saying goodbye won’t be easy, for both Izzy and Crikey.

Pen and the Dogs of War- Sebastian Fluieras, a U.S. soldier deployed in Afghanistan, finds a litter of six puppies and wants to rescue them – but it’s against military rules for him to care for them on the base. Sebastian turns to British Marine Pen Farthing and his girlfriend Hannah Surowinski for help. Pen and Hannah run Nowzad, Afghanistan’s first and only official animal sanctuary which houses over 150 animals rescued from the streets of Kabul. Pen and Hannah’s goal is to rescue and transport the puppies from Afghanistan to Texas, where they’ll be reunited with the U.S. soldier who saved them.

Jan and Tim’s Greatest Show on Earth- Pepe the spider monkey has lived his entire life on a short chain in a Peruvian circus. At the same circus, six lions, including a female lion named Kiara and her two cubs, are kept in cages and forced to perform. Animal Defenders International (ADI), led by Jan Creamer and Tim Phillips, arrives in Peru to rescue the animals. Their organisation has already helped ban the animal circus industry in over 40 countries – and they are determined for Pepe, Kiara and her cubs to live a life free of chains and cages.

Katherine’s Big Animal Eden- Katherine Connor and her five children run and live within a one-of-a-kind elephant sanctuary, Boon Lott Elephant Sanctuary, which rescues and rehabilitates elephants from Thailand’s tourism and logging industries. Katherine’s latest project is to rescue the majestic Pang Fai, an elephant who has spent her lifetime logging and in chains. She desperately wants to retire Pang Fai and bring her live out her life with other elephants and her family at the sanctuary, but her owner depends on Pang Fai for income and isn’t sure that he’s willing to give her up.

Estelle’s Favorite Chimp- Ponso lives alone on an island in the Ivory Coast and has been dubbed the loneliest chimp in the world. In 2015, chimpanzee expert Estelle Raballand met Ponso and the two now share an incredible bond. Estelle’s long-term goal is to set up a chimp sanctuary in the Ivory Coast where Ponso and other chimps can live freely with each other – but in the meantime, she’s determined to find a companion for Ponso. Estelle thinks Nikla, a chimp recently rescued, might be the perfect match.

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Radio Mango is now on WhatsApp Channels

According to the company, it is the first regional FM network to mark its presence on WhatsApp Channels

By e4m Staff | Sep 29, 2023 10:33 AM   |   1 min read


Radio Mango is now the first regional FM network to mark its presence on WhatsApp Channels.

This new feature from WhatsApp, now available in India and over 150 other countries, enables global followers of Radio Mango to receive important updates that matter right within the platform.

By following the channel you can be the first to know about upcoming shows, watch exclusive celebrity interviews and listen to podcasts, get the latest music and movie updates, receive alerts about contests, and giveaways, and know about events hosted by Radio Mango in your city.

To follow Radio Mango, simply click this link

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Meme Chat ropes in Vivek Satya Mitram as Head of Brand Strategy & PR

Mitram is a journalist-turned Brand Communication Strategist and an independent PR Consultant

By e4m Staff | Sep 28, 2023 7:07 PM   |   3 min read

Vivek Satya

Gurgaon-based meme marketing platform Meme Chat has roped in renowned brand communication and PR strategist Vivek Satya Mitram as Head Of Brand Strategy and PR.

“Vivek is a key hire and will be part of the leadership team at Meme Chat. As Head Of Brand Strategy and PR, he will be spearheading the brand marketing, consumer connect, investor relations and public relations (PR) initiatives for the startup that is redefining the digital marketing space by channelising the proven virality quotient and humor connect of memes, to secure unimaginable awareness and unique recall for brands organically,” the company said in a press release.  

Speaking on the appointment, Kyle Fernandes, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Meme Chat, said, "We are truly elated to work with Vivek. His decades of experience in the media and brand communication space, along with a proven track record of shaping multiple successful startups into trustworthy brands, will surely be a value addition at Meme Chat. He will be working on crafting strategies for brand communication, marketing, PR and investor communications. Vivek’s association with the company also reiterates our commitment to build a great team at Meme Chat roping in veterans from industry that can help us accelerate our growth plans and achieve our goals.”

For over a decade, former journalist, serial entrepreneur and independent brand consultant Vivek has been instrumental in shaping the unique brand identity and hyper-growth for scores of fast-paced startups including WittyFeed, MyOperator, Bobble AI, Winni, Vitto, and Oye! Rickshaw by crafting compelling brand communication strategies. He is known for building impeccable communication strategies that align business goals, the founder’s vision and the growth plans to ensure 360-degree visibility, the right brand positioning, consistent key messaging and the tangible measurable impact on business growth and the brand value.

Commenting on his latest role Vivek said, “I am thrilled to be part of Meme Chat & its super talented team that has envisioned an innovative brand marketing solution for ensuring massive organic visibility, awareness & connect for the brands among GenZies & millennials by using the enormous creative potential of memes. I am truly moved by the amazing work they have done for so many marquee brands, including Prime Video, Share Chat, McDonald's, OnePlus, PVR Cinemas, Marvel etc.“

He adds, “I have always been excited to work with passionate young founders who want to translate their crazy ideas into reality and build something that can redefine the existing norms of the industry. Meme Chat is one such idea that has the potential to bring a paradigm shift in the digital marketing industry. I am looking forward to adding value in their growth journey as a brand custodian, mentor and co-learner.”



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Times Internet gets BCCI Broadcast Rights for US, Canada, Middle East/N Africa, SE Asia

Willow, Cricbuzz to distribute 88 bilateral cricket matches between India and other countries

By e4m Staff | Sep 28, 2023 11:33 AM   |   2 min read


Times Internet has expanded its leading cricket distribution positions in North America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia regions, by acquiring the exclusive rights to broadcast India’s home bilateral series from September 2023 through March 2028.

In North America, Willow TV’s position across the United States and Canada will be further strengthened. Alongside the BCCI rights, Willow also distributes more than 10 other boards and tournaments, making Willow the leading cricket destination in North America.

In the Middle East, Times Internet has developed a strong position, now holding the rights to distribute the IPL alongside the BCCI rights, giving any cricket fan a year-round calendar of the highest quality cricket offerings in the region. Times partnered with Noon, Etisalat, and Cricbuzz to distribute the IPL in 2023, and will look to establish its distribution partnerships in the Middle East region further.

In Southeast Asia, this is Cricbuzz’s first rights package in the market, and the rights will be distributed on its own platforms as well as other distribution partnerships.

Commenting on the occasion, Satyan Gajwani, Vice Chairman of Times Internet: “We are proud to partner with [PITCH or VIACOM], as well as the BCCI again. Willow TV has a longstanding position as the home of cricket in the U.S.. With our foray into the Middle East, I’m confident that Cricbuzz and The Times of India Group will be able to bring a best-in-class consumer viewing experience to more cricket fans around the world.”

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Study unveils festive buying plans of consumers

The research covers readers across HT Media print and digital platforms

By e4m Staff | Sep 28, 2023 9:09 AM   |   2 min read

HT study

Unlocking the pulse of the Indian consumer, comprehensive consumer research study was recently conducted by Aroscop & Toluna, gathering insights from readers across HT Media print and digital platforms. The survey uncovers intriguing findings about the festive season shopping preferences of HT Media readers. The research delves into consumer shopping patterns and provides valuable insights on Hindustan Times print & digital channels, LiveMint, and LiveHindustan.

In the research, Aroscop & Toluna analyzed consumers' brand preferences and the factors influencing their shopping choices across various categories, considering their budgets. The insights gathered from this study offer businesses a valuable resource to navigate the dynamic landscape of Indian consumer preferences, particularly during the festive season.

“A whooping 50% of Hindustan Times print readers & digital visitors and LiveMint visitors intend to buy a car this festive season, with more than 45% of Hindustan Times digital visitors and LiveMint visitors aiming to buy an SUV in the next six months. 36% of Hindustan Times print readers own an SUV. The two-wheeler segment is revving up as well with more than 40% of Hindustan Times print readers, LiveHindustan and LiveMint visitors planning to buy a two-wheeler this festive season,” stated a press release.

“More than 40% of readers across Hindustan Times print and digital, LiveMint & LiveHindustan intend to buy a smartphone this festive season, with many planning to allocate a substantial budget of over Rs 50,000. This is closely followed by a strong purchase intent for upgrading personal gadgets like laptops, smartwatches, as well as upgrading their homes by using smart home devices such as TV, audio accessories and lastly the ever-green gaming consoles.”

More than 40% of Hindustan Times print and digital readers already own luxury goods, such as perfumes, watches, bags, apparel and electronics, while more than 50% of LiveMint visitors proudly own a slice of luxury.

“Festive shopping is not just limited to buying assets like cars and gadgets but also drives Indians to consider long-term investments like real estate and gold. At least 42% of Hindustan Times print readers & digital visitors are planning to invest in real estate, whereas a third of LiveHindustan visitors plan to invest in real estate this festive season with significant budgets allocated for the same. Almost half of Hindustan Times print readers intend to buy jewelry in the next 6 months, and a whopping 87% of them plan on buying gold jewellery,” according to the release.



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The Sadin-Pratidin Group hosts ‘The Conclave 2023’ in New Delhi

The Conclave was inaugurated by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

By e4m Staff | Sep 27, 2023 3:19 PM   |   1 min read

The Sadin-Pratidin Group 

The Sadin-Pratidin Group  hosted its highly anticipated 'The Conclave 2023' in New Delhi.

The two-day program was filled with insightful discussions and eminent guests, presented by Dalmia Cements, and powered by SBI, DIPR, and NRL. 

The Conclave was inaugurated by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. The event witnessed the presence of several renowned personalities from diverse fields, contributing to its rich and dynamic discourse. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also spoke at the event.

One of the key highlights of the Conclave was a seminar titled 'Future of Regional Entertainment Industry,' featuring prominent figures such as celebrated film director Jahnu Barua and acclaimed actress Seema Biswas. This segment provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of regional cinema.

The event also featured exclusive interviews with notable personalities, including an interview with the talented artist Angaraag Mahanta and a conversation with renowned Bollywood director Imtiaz Ali, offering audiences a glimpse into the minds of these creative visionaries. 

There was also a crucial discussion on 'Climate Change and Sustainable Development in the North East,' shedding light on vital environmental concerns and sustainable development practices specific to the region.

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Imtiaz Ali joins Raghu Rai to judge National Geographic India photography reality show

Premiering on National Geographic on 30th September, the show will feature nine contestants

By e4m Staff | Sep 27, 2023 1:04 PM   |   3 min read

Nat geo

With an aim to empower the photography community and display their talent on a grand scale, IndiGo, in collaboration with National Geographic India, announces nine finalists out of 90,000+ participants for a photography reality show, #nofilter by IndiGo.

Fronted by judges Imtiaz Ali, an acclaimed film director, and Raghu Rai, a celebrated photographer, nine participants will capture the essence of India through their lenses, evoking emotions, and weaving captivating stories with each unfiltered shot. The show will premiere on September 30 at 8 pm on National Geographic platforms, including television and YouTube.

Set against the backdrop of Delhi's vibrant streets, the participants will face various challenges that showcase the city's rich tapestry of life. In their quest to claim the coveted title of the show's best photographer, judges Imtiaz Ali and Raghu Rai will challenge each one of them to explore the iconic locations of Delhi under specific themes, capturing the most powerful, unfiltered photo essays. In each episode, the participants will immerse themselves in the city's true emotions, turning their lenses towards Old Delhi's bustling streets, traditional kitchens, women in uniform after work, and the captivating charm and chaos of the bazaars that offer a window into the spirit of the city itself. As the judges determine the fate of each participant, they will be seen engaging in an in-depth discussion about every entry and will reveal the episodic winner.

“National Geographic has always held a distinctive and revered position in the world of photography. Our innovative visual storytelling with iconic imagery has been a source of inspiration for our audience for 135 years. Through #nofilterbyIndiGo, we are excited to empower the photographers’ community to share their unadulterated, inspiring, yet beautiful stories. In addition to that, having two renowned personalities from the realms of photography and filmmaking as judges, we anticipate this show will raise the bar for photography excellence,” said a National Geographic spokesperson.

“As a filmmaker, I share a deep passion for the camera, and I believe that photography is a powerful means of storytelling. I'm thrilled to witness these talented photographers come together and compete with unfiltered creativity. Serving as a judge alongside the prolific Raghu Rai, we shoulder the responsibility of handpicking the most exceptional shots. My gratitude goes out to National Geographic and IndiGo for providing a platform that not only celebrates the art of photography but also fosters the growth of emerging talent,” said Imtiaz Ali.

“India is a country of diverse cultures and landscapes, and photography is perhaps the best way to share the beauty of the country with everyone. As part of our #IndiaByIndiGo initiative, the #nofilter partnership between IndiGo and Nat Geo celebrates the diversity of India and the passion of the photographers who bring it to life. We look forward to the episodes with our 9 finalists and wish them great success," said Neetan Chopra, CDIO, IndiGo.

A community-building initiative for passionate photographers, #nofilter by IndiGo began in May 2023. Below are the nine entrants who have been shortlisted for the four-part series.
• Riya David, Fashion Photographer
• Madhur Nangia, Landscape & Travel Photographer
• Pubarun Basu, Documentary Photographer
• Anju Mishra, Engineer & Photography Enthusiast
• Smita Goyal, IT Professional & Photography Enthusiast
• Harsh Kharwar, Wedding Photographer
• Ayshi Roy, Street & Documentary Photographer
• Rayan Hussain, Tour Guide & Travel Photographer
• Shyam Madhavan, Businessman, Content Creator & Photographer

#nofilter by IndiGo will premiere on National Geographic in India at 8PM on 30th September 2023 and the episodes will air every Saturday thereafter.

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DNINE Sports collaborates with TZS Digital to launch Deepak Chahar’s signature sportsline

TZS Digital will work closely with DNINE to establish its digital presence

By e4m Staff | Sep 21, 2023 3:52 PM   |   2 min read


Ace Cricketing All-Rounder and Chennai Super King’s Player, Deepak Chahar’s signature sportsline, DNINE announced its digital marketing partnership with Delhi Delhi-based digital marketing company,TZS Digital. TZS Digital will work closely with DNINE to establish its digital presence, acquire new consumers, build a credible brand image, and market various products of DNINE.

Lokendra Chahar, Managing Director, DNINE Sports said, “More than himself, Deepak trusts his equipment, that's what he relies on. And so, with that in mind, he launched his new brand DNINE because he did not want the new generation to settle for anything less than the best. Today he is in the fortunate position to positively impact many sports professionals’ lives and the sporting equipment industry as a whole.

On the occasion Mr. Deepak Chahar, an Indian international cricketer said, I am very excited, nervous, happy, anxious all at the same time as the brand goes on the floors. Team TZS Digital has been like an extended arm working round the clock with us and bouncing off some really great ideas for the brand. We are all working round the clock to make this a huge success. Let’s GO ALL IN!”

“We are excited to partner with DNINE. This project brings a lot of adrenaline in the team and we have all sorts of fiery ideas to break on the digital channels. India desperately needs world-class products at competitive prices to unleash its true athletic potential. We think that this partnership will create a positive impact on the sports industry. We are all ready with our digital ammunition to conquer the platforms,” said Tauquir Zaidi, Managing Director at TZS Digital.

Pavan Jain, Executive Director, TZS Digital said: “We understood the purpose of the brand and Deepak’s vision since their initial talks. A young team full of cricket lovers, TZS Digital was the right team to work with for DNINE. Our team will not only create ground-breaking content but also help in mirroring Deepak’s vision with the right tone of voice on all digital Platforms.”

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