The best stories are created when we bring data into them: Global CDO, MediaCom (watch the video)

Deirdre McGlashan, Global Chief Digital Officer, MediaCom speaks on the use of data, intuition and effectiveness in digital marketing at exchange4media Group’s TechManch in Mumbai

e4m by Christina Moniz
Updated: Jun 28, 2018 8:52 AM

Speaking on the use of data, intuition and effectiveness in digital marketing at exchange4media Group’s TechManch in Mumbai, Deirdre McGlashan, Global Chief Digital Officer, MediaCom focused on one important question – are marketers forsaking good, old intuition even as advertising and communication becomes more data-driven?

Watch the full session here:

She insisted that while technology and data have made it truly exciting to be a marketer in today’s times, there really is no point in using technology for technology’s sake. Ultimately, the marketer must not lose sight of the end goal of each communication campaign – to drive a bigger impact for the business and for the consumer.

Pointing out the need for diversity and personalisation, McGlashan explained, “Everybody’s view of data and messaging is different, so diversity must play a big role in creating campaigns. Ultimately, we are all working with information, and given today’s diverse consumer sets, the access to data and technology, this is definitely the most exciting time for us marketers.” "Mediacom therefore uses data creatively to craft stories", she said, adding that the consumer is always at the heart of every digital marketing campaign the agency creates. “Digital marketing is the only place where data can be used creatively. In other mediums, we can use data and create beautiful things, but in digital marketing, there is an extra element of interactivity,” she said.

Showcasing Mediacom’s Grand Prix winning campaign for Tesco - Food Love Stories, McGlashan elaborated, “The best stories are created when we bring data into them. The Tesco Food Love Stories campaign put shoppers in the heart of their communication and focused on their love for food. There is nothing more personal than your relationship with food. What data added to it was an extra level of personalisation.”

What helped the campaign succeed was their use of intuition and a higher degree of personalisation that was made possible by data. McGlashan showcased a range of other campaigns across the globe executed by Mediacom where data was used to create personalised messaging. These included the ‘Hungerithm’ campaign by Snickers and 7-Eleven in Australia, which used a person’s mood to create personalised messaging.

She further added that technology must add that X Factor to any work a brand or agency does. A marketer must think beyond doing something different and unique. McGlashan added, “It’s great to do good work and create something unique and bold, but effectiveness scores are important. How do we bring benefit to the consumer and add to the business. How do we make something more powerful, towards a more powerful cause? The tools of digital marketing and technology today enable us to do more, creating more powerful messaging and impactful outcomes.”

Citing the acclaimed Pantene campaign in Israel ‘Beautiful Lengths’, a campaign that was launched to empower and enrich the lives of cancer afflicted patients, she demonstrated how communication has the potential to be a powerful tool in driving awareness about bigger causes, while also ensuring effectiveness in terms of sales and customer connect.

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